26.03.14 by Jeff

An Inspiring Visit to Dublin, Ireland


Last week I was invited out to Dublin, Ireland, by Jameson to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (aka drink lots of whiskey) and more importantly meet some of the local designers out there.

Thanks to Greg and Russell from This Greedy Pig for taking us around the city and introducing us to illustrator Dermot Flynn, as well as designers Ronan and Peter of me&him&you. Thank you also to Jarrod from The Social House, and Jenny from Google, for taking us out of the city to see a bit more of Ireland!

More photos from me and my friend Jennifer Latour below!



















Peter O’Gara and Ronan Dillon operate a little studio in Dublin called me&him&you and they’ve been producing a great series of screen prints. The series features three recognizable buildings, or monuments, and the drink of choice from cities all over the world. I was trying to convince them to do a Vancouver one but I wasn’t sure what our drink would be? I would have said a Caesar, but apparently that was invented in Calgary.
























I had a great time in Dublin, even if it was quite short. I didn’t even get to visit all the free galleries in the city (thanks to @lucy_mckenna for the recommendations). I’ll have to return. If you’d like to point me to more creative talent from Ireland, or perhaps your opinion on the Vancouver drink of choice, let me know in the comments.


Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Susan Schmieding

    Love the photos, esp. number 1

    • :-)

    • Greg Spring

      Twas a pleasure meeting you both Jeff. Till the next time

  • michaelwithpaws

    Love the prints by me&him&you. Maybe Ireland is no longer the depressing grey void my ancestors warned me about.

  • NabeelM

    Great photos! Ireland is definitely on my bucket list. Those sandwiches look amazing by the way. I know what I’m doing when I get home.

    • they call them toasties, pretty much grill cheese with ham in them – they are the best

  • Russell Simmons

    Great meeting you guys Jeff, hopefully see you again soon

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