04.04.14 by Jeff

Anton Vill


Drawings by Estonia-based artist Anton Vill. More below.











Anton Vill’s Website


Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Really cool, but a little too close to james jean’s sketch style maybe?

  • very beautiful, exceptional three dimensionality!

  • chris andrews

    lovely, i hope this is what estonia really looks like

  • Alicia

    These are gorgeous! But its hard to look at them and not compare them to James Jean.

  • Really nice soft pencil work, they to remind me of James Jeans later sketchbook work with the more botanical stuff, Although they’re is a difference in the reference and narrative. It must be really frustrating to get compared to another artist constantly. I know I get frustrated when someone says ” oh that makes me think of/that looks like” but it’s ok as long as the work is just inspired by and not completely stolen :)

  • Ezequiel Blurpenstein

    holy crap, that’s nice. incredibly talented. reminds me a bit of ze pangborne.

  • Patrick Hromas

    Excellent draftsmanship! Congratulations!

  • ninobenito

    lovely. even if very similar to james jean’s style today.

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