10.04.14 by Jeff

“The Dark Side of the Covers” Iconic Album Art Reversed by Artist Harvezt


The Beatles – Abbey Road

Many artists have reimagined famous album covers over the years, but I don’t think there’s been a series as impressive as this. Artist Harvezt has painstakingly created the other side to many iconic album covers, revealing what the reverse shot would look like if a camera had been placed in the background of the original cover. It’s quite remarkable the way the artist matches perspectives, colours, even illustrative styles. Have a look at more famous covers from a completely new perspective below!


Nirvana – Nevermind



Dr. Dre – The Chronic



Metallica – Master of Puppets



Kraftwerk – Computerwelt



Nazareth – No Mean City



Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon



David Bowie – Alladin Sane



Iron Maiden – Killers



Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures



Judas Priest – British Steel


Artist Harvezt on Flickr

via: DesignBoom



Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Adam Amram

    THESE ARE SOOOOO NICE! awesome way to recelebrate great albums!

    • Adam Amram

      They should honestly re release these as a limited stock edition!

    • some of these would take so much work

  • cnice

    supa sik

  • Christen

    Ha! My fav is the Kraftwerk one!

  • Marisol Cabrera

    How were these created? (medium-wise)

    • Photoshop would be my first guess

      • Marisol Cabrera

        That’s what I assumed. Very well executed.

  • jaycie

    this is really cool and interesting to look at. the metallica one had me trippin. i wish every album had a reversed double.

  • Love the red tape on the Kraftwerk one. Great project.

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