13.04.14 by Jeff

Giveaway: Cecilia Camera Straps


This week I’m giving away four camera straps courtesy of Cecilia. A little bit about the straps:

“The full-grain leather is selected from premium Argentinian cowhides. The hides are finished in the USA with surface treatments that give the leather its durability. The alpaca textiles are handwoven by weavers in the Peruvian highlands. The backstrap loom weaving techniques and traditional patterns are a heritage of Andean culture. Sourced from mills in the USA, the reinforced webbing runs through the ends of the straps to ensure strength and reliability. The straps are assembled in León, Mexico. We work with some of the most experienced artisans of leather goods to craft a product of The Americas.”

If you’d like to snag one of these camera straps, leave a comment below and upload a photo you have taken recently. I’ll let the folks at Cecilia pick their four favourite images in two weeks (4 different winners).


CONGRATULATIONS TO: Maria Fernanda G, Matt Skuza, Alex Couture & Guilherme Viñas

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • joostmarcellis

    they have a nice ‘americana’ feel to them, i like it

  • selyfriday

    Look very comfy too!

  • really loving the look of those!

  • Champion straps!

  • Such lovely straps!

  • Jon

    would love one, is this open to UK?

  • brettdnlsn

    Love all of these!

  • Guest

    I’ve been to Serbia recently. I took this pictures with my 80’s film camera (Zenit 11). No editing at all, just scanned image from the film.

  • Victor Ovechkin

    Nice straps! Wanna one of those!

    I’ve been to Serbia recently. I took this picture in a zoo with my 80’s camera (Zenit 11). No filters, no crop, no editing at all – just scanned film.

  • Guest


  • Michael


  • Corina Celeste

    Seriously admire all of these straps! Amazing work!

  • Wow, they’re gorgeous!

  • Gauthier

    I like this giveaway, lot of nice comments in perspective.

  • aubzillatron


  • Oh yes I need a new camera strap please. Check out my art here too: http://www.taliashulze.com

  • the only way i carry my camera is with the strap slung across my back like cupid’s quiver so i can shoot things i love while flying around on my bike. one of these would be truly appreciated!

  • Ali Barry

    Wow these are amazing! I would love to show one off!

  • Thijs de Leeuw

    Beautifull straps. I’ll share the link.

  • Filipa Castro

    oh pretty please…

  • dana_steffe

    So lovely!

  • Yes plz

  • Marc Lemoine

    A Cecilia strap would really compliment my Nikon FM.

  • Jean-Jacques


  • Guest

    Those are real nice!

  • iamdns

    Dear Cecilia

    Love the straps. Hope you like my picture of my naughty cat, Inca.


  • Love all of these!

  • arra

    Def need one of these in my life.

  • Emil Rivera

    I spotted this little guy in a bodega, probably daydreaming about a field with country mice. Or just flowers, lots of them.

  • Guest

    Those are slick!

  • awesome, lovin these!

  • Guest

    nice straps!

  • David Nelson-Hospers


  • M. Gordy

    I would love to strap those purdy straps on my 35mm!

  • Jonathan Morgan

    So nice – I’d love to lose the bright NIKON lettering from every photo that I happen to appear in wearing my camera…

  • Great looking straps!

  • Guest

    Don’t break my heart and let my camera fly away (my apologies for the bad pun)

  • Brent Schoepf

    Yes, please!

  • JMorance

    Don’t break my heart and let my camera fly away (my apologies for the bad pun)

  • These straps are gorgeous

  • nickmickolas

    Awesome straps an pics in the comments!

  • Megan

    Oooh beautiful camera straps! I’ve been wanting to upgrade mine for a while now!

  • oooooh cecilia

  • Guest

    nice straps!

  • Andy J. Scott

    Nice straps

  • yulischeidt

    pretty please! i would love any of these.

  • Henrik Hansen


  • I’d imagine the winner would look something like this.

  • chelseyscheffe

    Thank you Jeff & Cecilia!

  • José Guilherme Marques


  • This is a picture of a horse on a hazy & lazy beach. Although the med format diana+ that was used is not heavy on the neck, it sure would look nice with one of the above.

  • Margaret Roderick

    These straps look awesome! I hope my photography is worthy enough

  • Margaret Roderick

    These straps look awesome! I hope my photography is worthy enough

  • Corey Jordan

    Those are quite strapping.

  • Ana Lobo

    really need one of those!

  • Ana Lobo

    lovely camera straps! ♥

  • Matt Skuza

    haven’t had a camera strap in a really long time, would be nice…

  • These are entirely lovely! I’m not sure if posting more than one photo will get me disqualified…but I’d like to share a few, I hope that’s okay :)

  • ..

  • Guest

  • Jeff Kanelos


    • Jo Grisaffi

      Awesome!! do you have more? would love to see your website

      • Jeff Kanelos

        Thanks for the interest Jo. jeffkanelosphotography.com

  • Nico Glaude

    Frozen Falls.

  • Guest

    Gimme dat strap!!

    • David Victor Smith

      I also don’t how to post things, apparently.

      • David Victor Smith

        I tried to delete the one without my name and now there are three? No idea what happened.

  • Guest

    I want one!!!

  • David Victor Smith

    I want OOOOONNNNE!!!

  • Guest

    These straps are beautiful

  • Guest

    These straps are beautiful!

  • Guest

    These straps are beautiful!!

  • Steven Ketchum

    I like ’em straps.

  • Apneet Kaur

    Whoops, photo attached

  • Apneet Kaur

    Love the simple black leather (http://ceciliagallery.com/collections/camera-straps/products/6785) here’s a recent photo

  • ross

    The straps look great!

  • Guest


  • Aaron

    yes please?!

  • Joey

    These straps are so rad! :)

  • Unworthy213

    Yo, I want any one of these. My camera strap broke over a year ago but Matt Skuza deserves the whole lot for that bandana shot. DOPE SHIT man.

  • spencer harding


    • ross

      Awesome double exposure!

  • Brendon Quinn

    Please and thank you!

  • Andrew Jarman


  • Guest

    Would love one :)

  • Jaime Snyder

    Would love one!

  • Lana Adams
  • Guest

    Booootiful straps!

  • Tom Roche


  • Georgi Clark

    loovely :)

  • Manu Galindo

    I want one! :)

  • Sean Diaz

    Would of loved to of had a nice sturdy strap like this on my last trip to Joshua Tree!

  • skudra


  • Nikki Brand

    Strap me up and shoot.

  • Erin Mueller

    Loving everyones photo comments. These straps look lovely, quite pricy so a free one would be more than amazing!

  • puiyannn

    Those straps are oh so lovely.
    Taken with Olympus 35RD with Kodak Ultramax 400.

  • Guest

    Strap up and shoot!


    Lovely straps :) We took this when we was away in Cambodia

  • Maria Fernanda G

    These are beautiful! Hi there, I need a strap for my film pentax :D

  • Melanie F

    Oh… LOVE these rad straps! Thanks for the sweet chance ya’ll.

  • I need a strap, these look beautiful.

  • Guillaume Baeriswyl

    strap me, oh, beauty.

  • Bianca Unnasch

    Like like :)

  • Zachary Domes

    Cut out the waste. Carry only essentials. These camera straps are amazing.

  • ineserra

    i wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields

  • Maria Louceiro

    (: Cecilia <3

  • Aude

    I don’t own a strap :)

  • mary allen

    i have an ancient canon. here are the lake superior ice caves. aka a quasi religious experience to survive the tundra of minnesota.

  • Oh boy, yes please! So beautiful.
    Here is a photo from my recent series Collective Isolation.

  • Ernst Alex

    since I can remember I wanted a strap like these…

  • Johan Lind

    This isn’t some kind of (s)trap?

  • Justin Eisfeller

    I could use a vintage strap for my old Canon FTbn…

  • Steve Reneker

    These are awesome

  • clif

    A lot of great photos from everyone.

  • Peter

    I recently inherited my great grandfather’s Leica IIIg…no strap.

  • Emil Fabio Steinhov

    I need some beautiful straps!

  • Hugh Whitaker

    I’d love one of these pretty things

  • Elly Godman


  • One of those would probably make my girlfriend’s day.

  • Benjamin Garrett Davis

    These straps look great!

  • Yes!

  • stmsb02

    I almost posted a selfie

  • Luke Hahn

    Need a good camera strap

  • Cameron Christopher

    Gorgeous straps!

  • Cameron Christopher

    Fantastic straps — great texture.

  • Lela Wulsin

    my analogue olympus would be so SOOO happy!

  • Nikola Jelenkovic

    Oh, wow, would look nice on my new trip to Paris. >D

  • Nate


  • 滢 冯

    just got my very new camera! very impressed:)

  • Guest

    gotta try my luck

  • khairolfahmiroslan
  • Kavin

    camera straps and camera bags. we seem to always look for the perfect ones….

  • Ian_C

    So many good photos in these comments.

  • Gabriel Young

    It’d be really sweet if I won of these! My camera is strapless right now so this prize would be really cool. https://www.flickr.com/photos/gabrielyoungphotos/13703145193/

  • Donna Mathis Salter

    very cool straps

  • ryan baker

    I’ll duel you for it..

  • Justyna

    these are just beautiful !!!!

  • leigh


  • thefancyland

    crabby needs a nice strap.

    • ross

      I love the color and expression of the crab, great shot!

      • thefancyland

        Thanks Ross! it was taken with a 50mm lens. Shot in Mexico.

  • Jesse Boyd-Reid

    Oh Cecilia! How I would love a beautiful strap!

  • ross

    This is such a cool venue for showcasing photos and the straps look great!

  • Guest

    cool straps

  • Alex Couture

    Cool straps

  • Guest


  • Guest

    Cool Straps

  • Erik Coutre


  • Jack D. Bradley

    Great idea for a give away Jeff! Loving all the other entries.

  • Ralph Damman

    Stay strapped

    • Vala Kjarval

      love this

  • Oliver Dougherty


  • These are beautiful! So well crafted.

  • These are beautiful! So well crafted.


    Reflected differences

  • Juliet

    yes please

  • Melanie F

    Thanks for the chance… I LOVE these straps.

  • My Nikon needs one of those. It’s got a really sore throat from shouting “NIKON” at everyone.

  • Guest

    I would love a Cecilia strap! It would look so trendy attached to my Canon SLR and I couldn’t think of a more perfect accessory round my neck! Plus it would see the world and explore Australia with me!

  • Hats Crane

    I couldn’t think of a more trendy accessory than a Cecilia strap around my neck! I would love one for my Canon camera, that I could join me on my travels and assist me in University assignments and my travel blog.

  • wonderful straps – I would love to win one!

  • Guest

    Me and my Mamiya would love to have one of those beautiful straps for our next hikings!

  • Guest

    this beautiful camera straps would be great for hiking with my mamiya!

  • would be perfect. Gracias :)

  • Melanie F

    Hello there. Is there a reason my photo keeps on getting deleted or why I can’t see my comment? I thought the first time it may have been the watermark so I added one w/out? Thank you, just curious)

  • ross

    This is such a cool venue for showcasing photos and the straps look great! Great entries!

  • They’re just glorious

  • Hats Crane

    I couldn’t think of a more trendy accessory than a Cecilia strap around my neck! I would love one for my Canon camera, that I could join me on my travels and assist me in University assignments and my travel blog.

  • Darragh Coyle

    This is a great thread.

  • Digging the Sand Wool and Brown Leather strap!

  • so nice! i would love one

  • Guest

    try not to drown

  • Sammy

    preventable drawing camera strap

  • magnus

    strap strap

  • Luke Mele

    yeah !

  • zesk

    niiice straps!!

    • zesk

      arrgh the pic…

  • Lauren

    Double exposure on my holga. Those starps are beauts!

  • Matthijs

    Hope I’m not too late yet, the straps are beautiful!

    • Vala Kjarval

      awesome shot!

      • Matthijs

        Thank you! :)

  • Guest

    love the pics, love the straps!

  • lajaca

    love the pics, love the straps

  • viktor

    Count me in !

  • primoz

    Can’t resist not to try, these look amazing. Thanks for the opportunity.

    • primoz

      …i was referring to the Cecilia camera straps and giveaway. :)

  • beautiful!!

  • Andrew Witty

    damn these are cool!

  • Samantha Walden

    The Cecilia straps are beautiful, I’d love to have one <3

  • Javier Castán

    I’d love to use this strap with my Contax .

  • Oleg Pulemjotov

    i want one. just one. thank you.

  • oooh, oooh, YES, I just got a new camera, Olympus, for my birthday and would LOVE a chance to get one of these. Cheers

  • Ollie

    Pick me! Pick me! (and also this lovely picture that I shot of Katy Harper in her studio!)

  • Véronique Ellul

    Those straps are beautiful! Here’s a photo I took on the road in Laos. It reminds me that things can be simple. Also, it makes me grin every time I see it. This kid was awesome, kept asking his mum questions about corn. So yeah, simplicity, curiosity.

  • Maren Winkler

    These are fantastic – thank you for the opportunity to win!

  • Pedro Ferro

    Nice straps ;)

  • Maren Winkler

    These are fantastic – thank you for the opportunity to win!

  • Nepzie

    Would love to have a camera strap that screams less BRAND! and more ART!

  • would be lovely to have my camera attached to my neck

  • i’m always switching camera straps around.. love these!

  • I’d love one!

  • Guest

    What a F* good idea. Nice job.

  • sarah

    Really nice you’re doing this, love the strap in the top right corner.

  • Eddy de Azevedo


  • i accidentally posted twice

  • Guest

    Greetings from Belgium!

  • Elena Dørn
  • Evíta Dögg Liljudóttir

    Yes, please and thank you <3

  • Guest

    greetings from Belgium! :)

  • Adriaan Hauwaert

    greetings from Belgium!

  • Guest

    wonderful photos and beautiful straps

  • Guest

    wonderful photos and beautiful straps. good luck to all!

  • Yes, please and thank you. <3 https://www.facebook.com/evitaphoto

  • wonderful photos and beautiful straps, good luck to all!

  • Taken visiting northern Australia

  • Lauren Maccabee

    now they are some good looking straps.

  • Shawn Graziano

    Need this so bad

  • Aoieau

    Want one :)

  • Marissa Burns

    A new strap would be so cool!

  • Victoria May Roper

    I would like a chance to win one of these!

  • Caitlin


  • Andrew Hodgson

    oh baby!

  • Justin Warrick

    por favor

  • Justin Warrick

    por favor

  • Guest

    My current strap is a pain in the neck.

  • Mike Chioran

    My current strap is a pain in the neck. That Argentinian leather though…

  • Charlotte Fuentes

    I need a strap for my adventurer camera! i’m always hiking inside the forrest and few times my camera fell on the ground, so it would be so lovely to have more security for my old camera to go in wilder places! :)

  • Jenn Russell

    Juicy Fruit.
    I hope the contest is still on? No start or end date that I could see.

  • Guest

    Hey! Here in Argentina! Gracias!

  • Guest

    Hey! Here in Argentina! Gracias!!

  • Daniela Valdez

    Hope its not too late…

  • Cool.

  • heather baker

    These are pretty tidy!

  • Mariano Spaletra

    One for Argentina! Gracias!

  • Nice shots posted.

  • Matt Wardlaw

    could use one of those!

  • jd

    Jim and Phylis need a camera strap for all their plums

  • Catho de rore

    Cecilia Cecilia Cecilia

  • cool

  • Shonie Joy Kuykendall

    In camera double exposure. Those straps are beautiful! I’ve actually never had a nice camera strap before.

  • Guest


  • Daniela Valdez

    want want want

  • i def want it

  • Mark Vargo

    love these camera straps

  • Kelly Machande

    Maybe now I’ll stop dropping my camera!

  • Guest

    I adore the entries I’ve seen. Here is my entry… in the running for some wicked awesome straps////

  • Heck yes!

  • Guest

    Always important to be properly strapped… Now here’s a film photograph for your viewing pleasure. Shot on a Nikon F3 loaded with Fuji Velvia 100f

  • Julian Lopez

    Always important to be properly strapped… Now here’s a film photograph for your viewing pleasure. Shot on a Nikon F3 loaded with Fuji Velvia 100f.

  • Those straps are really something.

  • Nicole Crittenden

    beauts, these are. steezy straps are helpful!

  • juliebella

    Strap up!

  • Allison Baker

    everything about this is brilliant, good luck everyone!

  • David Alexander Tiehen

    lovin’ the camera straps

  • Samuel Napleton


  • Nicole Crittenden

    beauts, these are. Steezy straps are helpful!

  • Ian Kammer

    would love one.

  • Brent Akhurst

    I snapped this photo in Halfmoon Bay up BC’s Sunshine Coast. I dig Cecilia!

  • jane

    Pretty bird..

  • Photo from a hiking trip in the Lake District (England) two weeks ago. Big fan of these straps, if anyone is remotely interested please take a look at my other pictures here… https://www.flickr.com/photos/liam_merrigan/with/13925771775

  • Very nice straps!

  • Wen Zeng


  • Emile

    Strap music!

  • Guest

    The camera straps would be for the beautiful girl on the photo.

  • Emile

    Strap music!!

  • Christian Pitschl

    The camera strap would be for the beautiful girl and talented photographer on this photo.

  • Jeff Downer

    Drive-Thru, New Mexico.

  • Rhonda

    I would love a lovely strap.

  • Nichole

    Hey! My name is Nic and i love to take pics! Im in dire need of a new strap!

  • Nadja Langer

    One of those straps would fit my old analogue camera perfectly, and me, fot that matter ;-)

  • Jo Grisaffi

    A self portrait, in Lincolnshire, UK. Loving all the images!

  • Yes please!! :D

  • Robert Cartright

    Didn’t have my slr with me as I saw this dramatic sunset here in Oregon a couple of days ago through a screen door. Had to use the phone.

  • Max Parr


  • Valerie Arsenault

    Some new straps would be nice!

  • Valerie Arsenault

    Some new straps would be nice!

  • Guest

    Watering Holes

  • Bobscratch Goldfarb

    Walker Arts Center _ Endless Bridge

  • Hope I’m not too late on the draw – This is a photo that I took in New York last October.

    • Guilherme Trojã

      great! What camera/lens/film did you use?

      • Thanks! @guilhermetroj:disqus Shot it with a Canon AE1 and Kodak Ektar 100.

      • Guilherme Trojã

        Great combo! do you have a website or flickr/500px/etc?

      • Thanks so much! Yeah, my site has some older content on it http://www.tomnugent.ca but a lot of my updated stuff is on instagram: @tomnugentphoto or on facebook https://www.facebook.com/TomNugentPhotography. I was just checking out the photo that you posted on this thread, I love the warmth and the sense of intimacy it has; really like the work you have on your flickr too!

      • Yeah! My site is a little out of date, but it’s http://www.tomnugent.ca – I have more updated content on my instagram ( @tomnugentphoto) and facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TomNugentPhotography – I just checked out the photo that you posted on this thread too, I really holds a lot of warmth and intimacy. I really like it! And I’m enjoying a lot of your content on flickr too!

      • I replied to this earlier, but it’s still not visible – Weird!
        Yeah! http://www.tomnugent.ca or http://tinyurl.com/msohw34 for more updated stuff!

      • Guilherme Trojã

        awesome! your work is great! :)

  • Magda Mierzejewska

    a new strap would be truly useful :D

  • Zac Benloulou


  • Ricardo Voss Rossi

    loving them and all the pictures in this post

  • Ted Lynch

    Amazing photos being submitted! Those straps are great. Demi – shot yesterday. :)

  • Robin Leevel

    ”Without the idea of time everything would be forever”.

  • Photo from a hiking trip in the Lake District (England) two weeks ago. If any one is interested please take a look at my other pictures here – https://www.flickr.com/photos/liam_merrigan/ big fan of these straps!

  • Alex Corbi

    Beautiful straps. The leather belongs to the same mountains where circular rainbows find their origin

  • Brilliant!

  • Curtis Pickell

    Having a strap would help me blend in with the tourists I like to photograph.

  • Cristina

    cecilia is my moms name!

  • Happy Earth Day!

  • Francis Laguna-Driscoll

    Great pics! Hope you guys like mine too!

  • Guest

    Hi Cecilia, living your straps so much :)

  • Florence

    Hi Cecilia :) loving your straps so much!

  • Louise Bates

    Would LOVE one !

  • Wow!

  • Angela Domi

    These are rad. Great contest!

  • YES

  • rlarson

    Love these things!

  • Kyle Johnson

    Two separate images

  • Nicole Rivieccio Quarles

    A honeymoon trip!

  • Vala Kjarval

    I’d love one for my yashica (this photo was taken on it) So impressed by everyone else’s photos, boooom has such a talented community!

    • Guilherme Trojã


  • Maïté Buns

    Love a straptease!

  • Jon Salazar

    Those look hype!

  • Maïté Buns

    Love a straptease!

  • wesshelley

    I’m coveting those straps…

  • Wow, neat!

  • Bobscratch Goldfarb

    Walker Arts Center_Endless Bridge

  • hayley trone

    Albuquerque, NM.

  • Guest

    Down town Vancouver.

  • Arnel Dumalig


  • Mitzi Lacsamana

    Love these straps!!! Hope you like my photo too

  • Guest

    I’m new to photography but let’s give it a try!

  • Mee-So Chung

    I’m new to the photography world but let’s give it a try!

  • Guest

    Here is my daughter Eva.
    Montreal – 2013

  • Shana

    Here is my daughter Eva
    Montreal – 2013

  • Gordon Nicholas

    Strap In

  • Guest


  • Guest

    sundance, ut

  • …Argentinian cowhides, Peruvian weavers, assembled in Mexico? I say perfect for a Colombian photographer :) La quiero!!!

  • Alex Nendza

    those straps tho..

  • Guest

    holi moli

  • I would love to win one of Cecilia’s straps.

  • Guilherme Trojã

    my room and a broken camera

  • Guilherme Trojã


  • Cassandra Sims

    worth a “shot” I guess :)

  • Shosh Turner

    Love these!

  • Shosh Turner

    A new strap would be fantastic!!

  • krishna sunglieng

    help a brother out.

  • Carrying with style in Lagos.

  • rad straps, love to own one.


  • Turtle for tea. More at littlebrickbox.com

  • Elshaneo Grande

    week to the day

  • Amy Lawrence

    Stunning straps! Would love x

  • Robert Kaczynski


  • Tom


  • Guest


  • Guest


  • Guest


  • Zane Hall


  • sarah Carpenter

    Amazing straps! Thanks for the opportunity. Here’s the lovely Linda Telek.

  • Davit Zurebiani


  • Guest

    Amazing straps! <3

  • Guest

    Really beautiful straps! <3

  • Guest

    Really beautiful straps!! <3

  • Guest

    Really amazing straps! <3 sorry i left this twice, but had some technical problems..

  • TeeaMS

    Really amazing straps! <3 sorry i left this twice, had some problems with posting..

  • elle

    on the hunt for a new camera strap…

  • rebekka


  • Brandon Brookbank

    Swimming Pool, January 2014
    From series entitled Explorations of Recreation
    Brandon Brookbank

  • Brandon Brookbank

    Stairway, December 2013
    From series entitled Explorations of Recreation
    Brandon Brookbank

  • Jan McCullough

  • BrookeNR

    Beautiful and they look comfy! I’d like one :)

  • from my “My House” series (http://www.katarinakaneff.com/my-house-2013)

  • marcusround.com :)

  • Benj Funk


  • Charles Mclaughlin

    These Straps are exactly what I need for my work!….love the details!
    Photo below was taken in Hyannis, Mass

  • skymalll

    Oh man, so many awesome pictures.

  • Luke Miller

    Might be little late, but oh well. Enjoy.

  • Guest

    Fly High
    Loving everyone’s images

  • Kristin Carroll

    Fly High

  • Nicole Rivieccio Quarles

    I know it is already late, but it’s not too late to share

  • Greetings from finland!

  • cristian oyharcabal

    its a good times for this, some peace and love from caracas!

  • Khan Ashik

    Boom Boom

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