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Giveaway: Booooooom x ALLYOU

This week’s giveaway comes courtesy of ALLYOU, they provide a quick and easy way to create an online portfolio. I’ve included a few examples of people who are using the site, below.

I have 3 titanium accounts to give away (each valued: $180/year) so if you’re in need of a portfolio leave a comment below describing your work, and include an image of it. We’ll pick 3 winners on May 16th.



Florence Tétier



Katja Alissa Mueller



Nicolas Coulomb



Philipp Groth




CONGRATULATIONS TO: Diego Mallo, Karol Banach & Jesse Hunniford!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Different, macabre, grotesque, ironic, bizarre and cheerful. I transform found objects who are not acceptable in our society into acceptable sculptures.
    I also experiment with mono-type and illustrations.

    In the past I studied Graphic Design in Rotterdam and now I’m studying Fine Arts at Minerva In Groningen, The Netherlands.

    • marf


  • Niv

    I make all sorts of things – paintings, drawings, comics, editorial illustration, patterns and graphics for clothing, and music. You’ve shared my work on Booooooom a couple of times now. I post work here all the time : http://nivbavarsky.tumblr.com/ but would really love to revamp my portfolio site!!

  • Paul Tuller

    Brooklyn based editorial illustrator. Portraits, dapper men, and live event sketching :) Work can be viewed here:

  • levlevlev

    I try to take a different approach to street photography in the sense that subjects and surroundings are not merely coincidences but rather that both play a role in a larger composition.

  • Karol Banach

    I’m into illustration, posters, and graphic design. I LOVE patterns and bold colors. My folio is there ( http://salon.io/karol ) , but I can’t do it my way. This would be really helpful! :) cheers to everyone!

  • renatotamaoki

    Artist: Renato Tamaoki (21, Brazil)
    Portfolio: http://rtamaoki.com
    My work is moved by a constant, primary concerning on my own figure and being. It is intended to be a reflection in the visual plan on being human in today’s world, which must also include city, society and human manifestation in the urban environment as themes.
    My processes submit all kind of image to visual reorganization through digital medias, resulting on visualities which are shown, modificated and reordenated as the result of the dialetic confrontation of the artist’s motivations and automated answers.

  • Nick Lawler

    My names Nick Lawler. I’m 13 years old. Art has been such a great thing for me, a way to express my self and to make people think. Some of my stuff is funny, and to make people happy. Some of my work is thought provoking. For a while now I’ve tried to find the meaning of art and to try to make something “mean something” in the end however it’s not even my perspective that matters but the viewers. I want this to bless people to encourage people to make someone laugh or cry or..something!
    Thank you for the oppurtunity.
    God Bless.

  • Karol Banach

    I’m into illustration, patterns, typography and posters. I have already but it’s not quite right. It would be great build one on allyou :)

  • Guest

    I’ll simply present a description. I am 20 years old, actively working on music, animation, comics, illustration, etc. I’m currently studying under Brian Wilson, Moebius, Miyazaki, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Otomo Katsuhiro, Akira Kurosawa and others who have devoted their lives to the translation of ideas through the medium of art. Personally I am very interested in traditional animation and producing animated works shot entirely on film (Though this is only an aesthetic choice, I believe digital methods cannot achieve a certain fluidity that in turn adds greater depth to a piece). Its actually tough to present work online as a website or blog will always color it’s content to a degree (thinking about layout/design). Here is a still from a soon to be released animation (16mm color-pencil spectacular)…

    • Ian Grandjean

      I kind of botched up the image upload….

      -Ian Grandjean

  • daxopus

    Our experience of life depends on water. Civilizations are built near bodies of water to sustain industry and population. Millennia of human effort have been dedicated to collecting, managing, and transporting water. It composes the majority of our planet’s surface and the majority of us as humans. All known life depends on water for survival; it is the medium of our very existence.

    I use pigment to document water. These paintings are composed of powder pigments distributed by water and laid down on a clay bed. As the water evaporates it leaves a tangible view of its history. This process of saturation and evaporation creates a natural topography on the clay surface; with the pigment left only as tracking marks, mapping the water’s path through the canyons and valleys of a composition.

    The opera series paintings explore this material. They help me understand the behaviors of these pigments individually and in interaction with each other. Since I use no binding medium in composition (oil, acrylic, watercolor, etc.) the pigments never truly mix together. When settled on their clay bed they reveal their individual attributes. Some pigments sink to the bottom of the their mix while other, lighter pigments float to the top, leaving a slight dusting on their heavier counterparts.

    Each piece develops in a manner similar to a sand mandala, easily brushed away by the swipe of a hand. Once a painting is complete, I seal it in a transparent acrylic coating to preserve the work and make it fully archival.

  • Guest

    “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” ― Albert Einstein

    365 project

    • Denis Cherim


  • Denis Cherim

    “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” ― Albert Einstein

    365 project /// http://www.denischerim.info

  • Abi_Stevens

    I’m an illustrator and creative workshop leader living in Cambridge, UK. My work is primarily digital, often mythology inspired and incorporates bright colours and strange creatures. I currently use cargocollective for my portfolio but have gotten to a point where I desperately need something more versatile, that can showcase my editorial, personal and workshop work with a professional, steam-lined look and easy navigation.
    My current portfolio: http://www.abistevens.com.

  • Austin Chaston

    i am just finishing my degree in fine art so a website to show my work would be really helpful! my works seek to question representational values of image and reality through painting.

  • Taylor Johnston

    Hey everybody, I’m Taylor Johnston and suppose that I make art that pokes at the whimsy of solitude and the ambiguities of human relationships. I’ve got half of a term until I’ll be graduating with an art degree and then popping out into the big wide world… wwwooooaaahhhh

  • Esme jarrell

    I make a drawing every day that describes what happened the day before using visual objects from my memory. I’ve been doing this project since September 2013 and you can see more here: esmejarrell.com

  • Max Shuster

    I have always been fascinated by the modification of objects and continue to photograph the process.

  • Hi, I’m an Italian artist, based in Turin.

    I mostly work with photography and live performance. I usually transform everyday life and thoughts into a dark and introspective imaginary, like it was a stage!

    I have a crush on drama! :)

    At the moment I’m into a seven year long project that wants to record my research trough the meaning and metaphors of Chakras (1 per year) .
    I’ve just started and i have no idea where this work will bring me :)

    I often fight with my portfolio on line, I definitely need a more professional one!
    This is a good opportunity..

    Keep the great work!

  • Great site! Don’t need a robust portfolio enough to put my hat in the competition ring, but thanks for the heads up on the service :)

  • I used to do photo realistic multiple layer stencils of tattoo machines and tattoo culture. Now I am in school full time in an Atelier art program and focusing on the human figure. I’ve included an image of an oil painting from earlier this year but my current projects are 6ft x 3ft multiple exposure symmetrical nude portraits in charcoal. I am hoping to some day combine the stenciled images with oil painting, having the focus drift in and out of the two separate mediums.

    Thanks for your consideration.


    Ive just painted a body of work of paintings on the same vibe as this one.

    when you swim you don’t grab hold of the water because if you do you will drown.Instead you relax and float

    om shanti

  • Britt Flood

    The human body is sensuous in all its form. I aim to capture that and a bit of nostalgia through intuitive processes, energetic painting, and large scale mark making. “Staring As She Called My Name” Oil + Charcoal on wood panel. 8′ x 8′. (Thank you, this is a wonderful opportunity!)

  • I am part of Berlin/Munich based photography and directing duo. I also do the postproduction work. We specialize in portrait and celebrity photography.
    The photo below is one of our darker photographic portraits. View the rest of our work here: http://www.krausperino.com

  • Ira Shepel

    I am a graphic designer from Minsk, Belarus.
    I love working on infographics and brand identity/logo design.
    Recently I found new hobby which is daily lettering. I have my online p-folio on behance https://www.behance.net/ishepel, but it would be cool to have separate web-page to display my typography/lettering works ! :)

  • vibezscience

    I use a multitude of mediums in my work. My art deals with symmetry, symbolism, geometry, and the struggles/beauty of mankind’s search for self in nature.
    My work has very organic roots. I want my art to represent the human experience and connection. Through ambiguity and conceptualism I can bring everyone together for a split second by touching on themes that may seem obscure but speak to our subconscious and innermost truths, taking even the most stubborn minds out of frame and leaving them to question how the message got in.

  • Randall C.

    I have a hard time explaining my drawings. I draw because I need to and it feels good. That’s about it. I use mainly pencil and oil pastel.

  • Jesse Hunniford

    Hello! I’m a photographer based in Tasmania, Australia and i have been working on a really fun series titled Juice Box. It just so happens that i this body of work needs a portfolio to call home. Along with all my other work :)

    “Juice box is an unintentional celebration of painting. Juice box’s filled with paint have been left out for the general public (who have no idea they are filled with paint) to pop like I did as a kid. Almost entirely left to chance the only factors that have been governed are the colour and site”

  • Guest

    Hello! I’m a photographer based in Tasmania, Australia and i have been working on a really fun series titled Juice Box. It just so happens that i this body of work needs a portfolio to call home. Along with all my other work :)

    “Juice box is an unintentional celebration of painting. Juice box’s filled with paint have been left out for the general public (who have no idea they are filled with paint) to pop like I did as a kid. Almost entirely left to chance the only factors that have been governed are the colour and site”.

  • Jesse Hunniford

    Hello! I’m a photographer based in Tasmania, Australia and i have been working on a really fun series titled Juice Box. It just so happens that i this body of work needs a portfolio to call home. Along with all my other work :)

    “Juice box is an unintentional celebration of painting. Juice box’s filled with paint have been left out for the general public (who have no idea they are filled with paint) to pop like I did as a kid. Almost entirely left to chance the only factors that have been governed are the colour and site”..

  • Kelci McIntosh

    I am a photographer working in Reno, NV. I photograph and document the casino culture of Reno; gamblers, waitresses, locals etc.

    People automatically think of Las Vegas or of the vast desert landscape to represent Nevada culture. My goal is to document Reno, a scene of its own, that is extremely underrated and economically dying but is entertaining as hell!

  • CONGRATULATIONS TO: Diego Mallo, Karol Banach & Jesse Hunniford!

23.05.17 by Jeff

Akira Epic Comic Covers

Came across this great archive of Katsuhiro Otomo’s art and put together a little selection of my favourite Epic Comics Akira covers. More images below.

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23.05.17 by Jeff

LG Partners With Parsons School for Design

LG is partnering with leading design institutions to provide their new 34″ UltraWide monitors to help students studying architecture and design work more efficiently. The dimensions are eye-catching at 21:9 and the design actually curves around the user, offering as much real estate for visual information as possible.

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23.05.17 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre

A selection of images from “Theaters” by photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre. More images below.

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23.05.17 by Jeff

Kutcorners for OURO Collective

OURO Collective – photo by Teppei Tanabe


This week Vancouver-based dance collective OURO is debuting their first full-length show “Tangent” at the Orpheum’s Annex theatre (May 25th/26th), and we are proud to be a media partner for the event. If you’re looking for some creative inspiration come check this out, we’ll be at both shows! Tickets are going quick, so if you’re interested get tickets HERE!

Yesterday we shared a clip of OURO’s rehearsal footage (watch here) and today we have an interview with Kutcorners, who created three original tracks for “Tangent”. The New Zealand-born, Vancouver-based producer is one half of LIVE EVIL, the guys that made all those amazing live mixes we featured over the years (watch one here). You can stream or download the music Kutcorners created for OURO on Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp.


Vancouver producer, Kutcorners – photo by Hana Pesut


Jeff Hamada: How would you describe the music you make?

Kutcorners: This is always a hard question, because I actually like to make many different types of music. But ultimately things under “Kutcorners” usually are a derivative of R&B music, old or new, with a twist.

I sometimes say I make “pop” music, but my music isn’t really that popular in the traditional sense. More like “pop art” really.

Jeff Hamada: I like the idea that it’s pop art. Who are some of the artists influencing you right now?

Kutcorners: Mura Masa, Toro Y Moi or Les Sins, Caribou, Dj Dahi, Knxwledge, Pomo, Kaytranada, U-Tern (Oliver), Nosaj Thing, Prince and MJ will inspire me forever.


If you don’t have Spotify you can listen to the tracks here.


Jeff Hamada: Had you ever collaborated with dancers prior to this project with OURO?

Kutcorners: No, this is the first time and I hope to do more of it.

Jeff Hamada: That would be cool to see an on-going thing. How would you describe the work that they’re creating?

Kutcorners: I would describe it as a melange of disciplines coming together to form a modern take on traditional dance performance. It’s very refreshing and inspiring work.

Jeff Hamada: Can you talk a little bit about the experience of watching their rehearsals and then turning that into sounds?

Kutcorners: Well, we talked a lot about sounds they like when they rehearse, which gave me inspiration to draw from idea I had started already, and also on some new arrangements.

Getting people to describe sounds they like can be quite hard, because people hear sounds and articulate them differently from person to person. It’s fun to hear how we all describe the sounds we like and how they affect movement.



Jeff Hamada: Did this experience offer any sort of new perspective on your work?

Kutcorners: Yeah, it showed me that I make movements in music too quick! It’s more effective to use little sounds and build things slowly rather than to cram everything in to a 3-minute song.

Dance is very much related to how music works and why it’s made. In retrospect, I would have benefitted from dancing more in my life. It really helps connect you to the physical side of music, which is so important when creating it.

Jeff Hamada: What things are you working on now?

Kutcorners: I’m working on making more original music for my own releases, which I plan to put out on record and online. Working with singers too, to help bring these instrumentals to life.


Kutcorners on Bandcamp

Kutcorners on Soundcloud

Kutcorners on Instagram

OURO Collective Website

OURO Collective on Instagram

23.05.17 by Staff

Los Angeles Warehouse Transformed into a 150,000 Square Foot Art Exhibition

British artist Simon Birch and a team of 20 collaborators have constructed an elaborate series of interconnected installations in a vacant warehouse on the outskirts of downtown Los Angeles. Covering 3 acres of space with a mix of sculpture, video, paintings and performance pieces, the exhibition is a direct response to the current political climate. A celebration of creativity, diversity and unity, Birch explains: “Given the current fragile state of the world, we need unity more than ever… and we need action.”

While encouraging positivity, possibility and a safe space for people to come together, The 14th Factory is exactly that — a call to action that doesn’t shy away from provoking a response (or at least an Instagram photo). One installation is an exact replica of the iconic room from 2001: A Space Odyssey, while another is filled with 300 pitchforks hanging from the ceiling above the guests!

Check out more images from the project below or on display at 440 N. Ave 19 Los Angeles, California until May 31.

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