15.05.14 by Jeff

Giveaway: YES Ring by Open House





Open House is a New York-based jewelry project by my friend Monika Wyndham. She’s been making these great YES Rings and asked if she could give one away to you guys. She says, “It’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever made, because of the actual positivity it stirs up in people by just seeing the word.” I love that.

So if you wanna snag a ring (it will be sized for the winner) all ya gotta do is leave a comment below and let me know in what ways you’re a YES person! I’ll let Monika pick a winner on Monday.

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Charley Barley

    I’m a yes person because I never say no to food.

  • Hansy Art

    Because I can never no to rings. RINGS RINGS RINGS, dem blingz.

  • Abbey Bennett

    Great giveaway as always! I am a yes person in many ways, as an artist completing my bfa in Victoria B.C. I like to say yes to any opportunity given to me! This is such a beautiful city with so many amazing adventures to go on. I most recently said yes to moving across the country to Toronto with my partner! So many more adventures to be had while we are still on the West Coast.

  • Jon Wetzel

    I whispered “yes” when I saw this.

  • I am a yes person because saying no only closes doors, and saying yes opens them.

  • jxtutorials

    yes. i don’t usually wear rings but yes.

  • Júlia Valdelírio

    I am a yes person because I believe I will walk again soon after my little missfortune even if my doctor says ” three months “!

  • Mer

    Yes! to binge watching shows, sleeping in and eating peanut butter out of the jar but also Yes! to climbing mountains, exploring the city and travelling. Yes! to not feeling guilty about the former.

  • Ellen W

    I am a yes person because I always give everything my best shot from climbing mountains in Nepal to entering competitions to win nice things for myself

  • Ivanka

    Yes to Life. Yes to Love. Yes to believing in something within and above. Yes to an open heart. Yes to seizing the day. I say Yes because it is greater than Maybe, for Yes is to Love what Maybe is to Apathy.

  • Jessica

    Yes- this word opens many doors for me. Everyday I strive to become a person that experiences many things. I say yes to jumping off a plane, I say yes to volunteering at a disabled old home, I say yes to trying Greek food, I say yes to life itself. With this single word, yes, I realize that my fear of change is useful. With fear, I have a pause in life to think about what I’m doing. However, if I don’t say yes due to fear, I face regret. And regret isn’t useful. Therefore for me, I am a yes person, because I say yes everyday- whether it be in small or large decisions. My yes can also be my smile ;)

  • Saori Hirata

    Because saying yes can lead to happiness.

  • lise g

    I need this ring, because I say no to often. Sometimes I don’t even consider saying yes. I think this would be a great start for at least trying to be a more positive YES person. :)

  • taryn

    well, i said yes to my boyfriend/now fiance just last week…it’s an amazing feeling to say yes with your whole heart.

  • Teo Wollrabe

    I yes.

  • daenat

    Yes. Yes, because in this day and age, No’s have become too large a part of me, closing off my heart and head to brighter and better things. So, yes. Yes, with arms wide open.

  • breedloj

    I say yes to more that I can handle! Maybe a yes ring will remind me to say no?

  • beckytee

    i became a yes person and the following happened:
    i quit my crappy job.
    moved to a beautiful town by the ocean.
    i might be in love.
    maybe this will help with the last one.

  • I’ve recently discovered the immense power of focusing on the good stuff, sending out positive vibes into the world and letting go of life’s little frustrations. Yet as a parent, I must still often say no to my kids in order to keep them safe or on the right track. Teaching them to say YES, to remain open to life’s possibilities, to reach for one’s dreams, is equally important. I’d be SO happy to offer this nifty ring to my daughter for her upcoming fifteenth birthday. It could serve as a reminder of the importance of cultivating a positive attitude during this sensitive time in her life. It would really be a great gift. So thanks in advance Monika for considering my comment for this giveaway…

  • Annie Liu

    Yes is a light that shines bright like this yes bling. Without yes my life would be no, and nos are like that of noses, full of snot which contains the word ‘not’ which means let’s not do nos but rather let’s do yes. #iconnectseeminglyunconnectedthings #sewmuchyes

  • Pierina

    i’m willing to be a yes person, yet I’m not one right now, but hoping something or someone can give me the strength… maybe the yes ring.. who knows.

  • thejunglefish

    I got tired of being afraid to do the things that scared me, so I started saying Yes instead.

  • Gareth

    I made an important decision, despite what others said, to follow my passion for snowboarding, and my education in art at the same time. I said YES, i can work hard and i can have both of my passions in my life. I said YES, i can have my cake and I can damn well enjoy eating it! And if I fail, so be it, I will always rather fail having said Yes, than spend the rest of my life wondering ‘what if?’

    I would be a shadow of what i am without that beautiful 3 letter word. YES!

  • Hi!

    First of all excuse me because my english is awful…

    I’m a YES person because I try to improve always, not only as a
    professional (I’m art director in a spanish agency), I try to be better
    person every day, better friend, mate, sister, daughter,… And,
    finally, I try to be better with myself.

    Thanks Jeff by your blog, I read it every day and it’s very inspiring for me!

    Greetings from Spain!


  • Audrey

    I’m a Yes person because my short legs keep me going anywhere I want to go, especially toward nice people who constantly help me to improve my way to say YES!

  • Martim Gepeto

    I´m a Yes person because a yes person is some one who´s open to receive, and by being like that you experience the best things in life.

  • gigi

    I am a Yes person as I am always helping others (mainly because it is my job) and the reaction I get from saying yes and volunteering myself to help out is such a reward. It is such a positive word and when people around you say ‘yes’, you never feel alone.

  • Juliar

    Because while ‘no’ creates walls and gates, ‘yes’ builds bridges and roads. You may need both, but the second is harder, so it would be good to have a reminder to use it more often.

  • Katia E

    all of my best decisions in my life have been ‘yes’ descisions! Yes to switching highschools to go to an arts focused one, Yes to going to art school, Yes to taking an opportunity to study abroad… etc. etc. :)

  • Ana Kaya

    being a ‘yes’ person took me to more beautiful places that I could have ever imagined, and making ‘yes’ decisions helped me do things that make me happy rather than to regret for not doing them at all.

  • Mar Quintana

    I am one of those people that prefer to make a mistake instead of having regrets for not doing things. So, I said YES a lot of times in my life, and sometimes I made mistakes and had bad times… But looking back, now I know those mistakes were not that much, because I learned from them and now I feel more secure about myself, and I don’t have regrets anymore.
    I guess that is what life is about.

  • Yoshi Xylophone

    I am a YES person because I think ‘YES!’ all the time. (Sometimes I also say it aloud).

    For example:

    The other day I did a pretty good reverse parallel park after not doing one since I got my license, and I thought, YES! Later that day I found two unused $5 gift cards on the ground, and I thought, YES! This week I discovered you can watch great old movies for free, legally, on a certain video streaming service and I thought, YES! And in a bundle of vintage scarves I bought, I found a scarf that has 260 red sausage dogs printed on it, and I thought, YES!

  • Suzanne

    I am a yes person because I say yes to optimism and myself. It took years to learn not to wait for others to say it for me and that my word was the only one that matter to my happiness. It took a lifetime to accept that I’m worth that yes.

  • Stephanie

    im a yes person because there’s no other way to learn the most.

  • I am a yes person because one day I will be old, and I don’t want to be looking back on all the stories that I could have told.

  • spunkitydoo

    I’m a yes person almost to a fault, at times. I say YES occasionally when I really mean NO. One of my biggest challenges in life has been – and continues to be – learning the power of my YES and how to use it best. It’s great to say YES! It feels awesome, and has led me to a myriad of amazing experiences! But only when you also know how to say NO. :}

  • Genevieve

    I’m a yes person because I am open to all experiences and have done some pretty crazy things by saying yes but, *MORE IMPORTANTLY*, I’m a yes person because I don’t even wait for the question. My own brain says, “Ah look at this thing I just thought we could do,” And I say “YES!” And I’ve done and seen some even more amazing things by making my own opportunities!

  • Seth Casana

    Wherever I go, whatever I’m doing, I can’t help but think of how to improve things. To a fault, I want it all to be more efficient, more beautiful, more satisfying. I say, yes, there is always another idea to explore.

  • cck1

    Actually, I’m more or a ‘No’ person. I’ve been trying harder to say ‘yes’ before my immediate reaction of ‘no’ these days- and really, this ring could help me remember that!

  • Aileen Bryant

    I’m a yes person because no is too easy… and because Yoko Ono :-)

  • Joy Phua

    I’m a yes person because with Jesus, all things are possible!

  • Gina Lu

    I’m a YES person! Except, it didn’t happen overnight. Sometimes we are so hesitant to say YES, to others for fear of disappointment or commitment, or to ourselves because it often feels like indulging and selfishness. Oh, we grow up and we learn. I’ve learned that YES, possibilities flow when you open your doors to them. YES, it is okay to give more than you’ve got (trust that the return is often so much greater), and YES, we deserve to treat ourselves every once in a while. Most important of all, i’ve learned that YES (positive affirmation) goes best with “PLEASE” (kindness) and “THANKYOU” (gratitude).


  • andrés yeah

    I’m actually a “no” person, but I’m trying to change that, hopefully this ring will help me (:

  • Kelci McIntosh

    I run an elementary school program in Reno, NV for kids who have been emergency suspended from their zone schools for minor to severe behavior who have weapon charges. My job is to take their NO/NEGATIVE attitudes and create a YES/POSITIVE environment.

    Everyday is a challange but everyday they learn to say YES to positive actions and NO to negativity because they know deep down inside they want to live a YES lives!

  • Zoe Andrikidis

    I’m a yes person because there’s no other way to be.

  • I’m a no person to the public during the day, but secretly I’m a yes person at heart during the night.

  • Julia

    I attempted to say no to my life last Wednesday. Fortunately, I have been given a second chance to say YES and to live a life full of love and positivity!

  • Guest

    I saw

  • KC

    I’m pretty shy, so the most conscious way that I’m a “yes” person is that I talk to people even when I feel kind of terrified.

  • lucysun

    yes is a world
    & in this world of
    yes live
    (skilfully curled)
    all worlds

  • Kamran Rowshandel

    Yes is the first step of thought but more importantly meditation

  • Cecile Bec

    Saying YES makes a bubble of energy inside you. Say it a lot and you realise you can do all the exciting things you never believed you could.That’s why Im a YES person :)
    And by the way, your ring is fantastic, what a lovely idea!

  • Ellis

    For my thesis in grad school- a full manuscript of poetry- the first title I proposed was a variation on “say yes” because I think possibility and positivity inhabit the word. I also have shot photographs of sticks spelling out YES in the grass in city parks.
    So YES I would love this ring!

  • marinautina

    I am a YES person
    and this is my story.
    Based on true events,
    with bad rhymes – I’m sorry.
    ‘Dear, could you help me with the groceries?’-Grandma asks me every week.
    ‘Yes, of course grandma’-I smile while she pinches my cheek.
    ‘Could you check my homework?’-my sister has some problems with spelling.
    ‘Yeah, I’ll see what I can do’-I look at the pile of papers, it seems compelling.
    Roommate: ‘I’m going on a date. Could you help me choose the right dress?’.
    There’s nothing else I could say but the word: ‘YES!!!’.
    Friend: ‘I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure…’
    I say: ‘Count me in! I have no fear of danger!’.
    E-mail: ‘Want to help people and work as a volunteer?’.
    ‘YES’ is my answer, I hope that it’s clear.
    YES to helping others, YES to having fun,
    YES to adventures…in result I failed my exams.
    My professor told me:
    ‘Maybe sometimes you should say NO,
    say YES less and study more’.
    Now it’s OK. Actually I’m studying at the moment
    having a short break because of writing this poem.
    As You can see I’m still a YES person,
    I say ‘YES’ to writing silly poems
    whenever I have inspiration.

    Sorry for writing it like this, I just couldn’t resist :)
    Also forgive me my english as it’s not my first language.

  • I am a yes person because i am open to what life has to offer and the joy you see on someone’s face when you say yes.. is exhilarating! Yes is positive and daring and often freeing!

  • Simon

    Cause I’m Jim Carrey (Mr. YES himself)………………..biggest fan.

  • vibezscience

    Yes is not afraid. Yes is self-control. Yes is the spark of a fire.
    I am attentive to the power of yes that comes with each day. The story of the universe is unfolding as it should, our biggest task is just to be ready.

  • scott dye

    Because saying no closes the door before you get a chance to see what’s on the other side.

  • Brian Alexander

    I am Yes.

  • Kara

    I say yes to:

    hard work
    new relationships
    singing (badly)
    laughing (loudly)

    I need a reminder to say yes to:

    talking about my feelings
    letting go of stress
    creating something everyday

  • ficklebeings

    yes is, as cliche as it sounds, an open door. i just realized this and i’m working on opening myself up to new people and new experiences and it’s made all the difference. yes is being receptive to life and allowing yourself to enjoy the things it has to offer

  • evie

    I love to say yes.
    That’s right- alert the press!
    It may cause a little mess.
    But I won’t stress.
    I’ve got a battle dress :)

  • oejit


  • jeanette renault-caragianes

    i say yes to challenges, i say yes to collaborating even if it’s unsure territory, yes to exploring alone and with my son. yes to waking up early and staying up late.

  • Luke Price

    Yes; because, its just better than no.

  • Courtney Gold

    I’m a yes person because the world is too beautiful to say no to, even the heartbreaking parts of it.

  • Brenda Garcia

    Yes is being able to try new things, explore new places, and meet new people constantly. Yes is being open minded about different aspects in the world on a daily basis. Yes is also being able to go on new adventures and not regretting them because we only get 1 shot at life. When was the last time we tried something for the first time.

  • Sascha

    YES! Because I’m about to start building up my life with a big ol pile of yes-es instead of poopy “no’s”.

  • Clara Whittaker

    this is a really funny question to me, only because i’ve actually discovered myself as a yes person very recently. well, actually this entire year was about me blooming from being a little sheltered, shy “no” girl who stayed indoors and only spent time with her boyfriend to an outgoing, independent, “YES” woman who’s always ready to grow and learn… and i absolutely love that about myself now. my dreams have been growing to tremendous sizes and honestly, i have total faith in myself that i’m going to be able to accomplish what I want in the span of my lifetime. whenever or whatever it is! i’ve been able to direct my life from all sorts of forms of depression and abuse to waking up with a big smile every single god-damned day. i’ve come to have great values and know how to respect the earth and it’s people. I have never felt more ready for the real world in my entire life (which granted, is only twenty years, my life hasn’t even really started yet) but i know in my heart that i’m ready for it. i’m a YES person because i’m ready to say yes to a new life, wherever the wind blows. i think this is the cheesiest thing i’ve ever written, but i couldn’t have put it in better words haha. – Clara x

  • stmsb02

    when offered a YES ring, I can’t say no!

  • Genevieve

    Ja! You betcha! Yippidy Yep Yaha Aha Yes.
    Nice ring.

  • phoebe

    After a bad breakup, I spent a month saying YES to everything. Yes to my first dance class ever, yes to awkward dates, yes when I just wanted to stay home and read a book. It was a period of learning, and one of the most surprising takeaways was how and when to be perfectly okay with saying NO. I am able to say both yes and no with much more conviction now!

  • lindsay petrick

    yes is for new experiences and new discoveries. It’s positive! YES!

  • Monika has picked two winners:

    “Aileen Bryant for hitting the Yoko Ono nail on the head & Spunkitydoo for making an excellent point that YES is best when used in balance with its counterpart NO.

    Thanks again for doing this, that was real fun!”


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