21.07.14 by Jeff

Leon Chew


“Sculpture for Hotels”, by photographer Leon Chew. Sculptures made of tape and tinfoil left behind for hotel staff to discover. More below.











Leon Chew’s Website

Via: Flores En Elatico

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  • lilian martinez

    The images are really beautiful and interesting, but I feel really conflicted about the sculptures being left for the hotel staff to find and clean up or discard. Especially the one on the floor under the sink. Maybe it’s not a big deal, but it seems self entitled in a way. It wouldn’t be such an issue for me if I didn’t like the images so much because then I could just dismiss it and forget about it. I think it just bring up a lot of internal conflicts regarding art / creativity in relation to waste / labor / money. Just had to release all the emotions this brought up for me tho.


    Lil :)

    • good points – i do feel like it must be the artist’s intent to question work created in relation to the things you mentioned. the choice of materials, the fact that the staff in this case would be those cleaning.

      • lilian martinez

        Yea I’m sure the project was really well thought out. I think I made a lot of assumptions based on the blurb of info coupled with the images / personal experience. My bad :)

    • harold012

      it’s not like he puked all over the place.. just a bit of foil eh..

    • I can follow your logic here, but it is not paint (graffiti) nor damage to the place, so… and in a way this is very intimate art that perhaps only a few see irl… in any case, if it stirs up conflicting emotions, the job is already well done… (he’s not killing a dog on stage is what i am saying ;) )

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