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Book Giveaway: Jennilee Marigomen “Window Seat”


I’m excited for my friend, photographer Jennilee Marigomen, who is set to release her first book entitled “Window Seat” on Friday, September 26th at Make. The delicate images in the book describe a trip to Mexico in a way that only she could. Her work is understated, and I find the quiet beauty she draws out of each little moment intensely personal.

She has kindly offered to give away two signed copies of “Window Seat” to Booooooom readers. What I propose is that you all hop over to her Instagram @jennileem, have a look around, and then come back here and leave a comment about an image from her feed that really speaks to you.

I’ll let her pick a couple winners on the September 25th, the day before her book is released. Have a look at more images of her book below, and remember to leave a comment for a chance to snag a copy.























You can order the book through New Documents here.

Launch Details:
Window Seat – Jennilee Marigomen
Book launch and Exhibition
Friday, September 26
257 East 7th Avenue, Vancouver

 Jennilee Marigomen on Instagram

Jennilee Marigomen on Tumblr



Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • anda dewanty

    i really love your instagram post with a caption ‘perfect end to a 6 hour mountain hike’ it really reflect how beautiful our earth is, and how it keep the gems safe by hide the great scenery far away. not just to give us a great feeling when we see it but also how the mother earth teach us to be patient, don’t easily give up, be positive and we’ll get the same price (or more) like what we spent at first :) love from indonesia xx

  • Katrine Knauer

    what a delightful looking book ! the images and colors make a smile ;)

  • sean kerr

    the eerie smokey lampshade shadow shot on your instagram feed…its little windows like this that constantly capture, make me stop, look and memorise. Moments that others simply don’t think anything of or don’t notice, it is those i notice the most…

  • Great looking book, congrats on the release Jennilee!

  • That image (in this post) of the kid getting smeared with suncream is the best. It’s one of my (and probably a lot of other people’s) first memories of the beach. When all you want to do is swim but your mom insists on drenching you in suncream before.

  • Tomas Toleikis

    Great snags and book too! I’m a Big Fan Jennilee!!.. Greetz from London..

  • Those pops of colour really get me, good job!

  • Nick Torsell

    The photo with the hands coming out of the heather sweatshirt holding the dog. It’s an incredibly tactile and comforting image, even without seeing the heads of either the dog or the person. I remember seeing it and wanting to take more intimate and focused photos like that one.

  • Earlobe soft.

  • Karolina P

    I would say I love the ones where she’s on a glacier somewhere… makes me want to go through the same experience.

  • Julieta Feresin

    her work is amazing!

  • Will Keats-Osborn

    There’s a photo of a sickly looking palm tree in a tile room with various shapes on the walls. I have nice memories of visiting my family in California where everyone lights their palm trees up from below, and I wanted to emulate that effect in my apartment so I bought a palm tree from Home Depot. Turns out palm trees are difficult to grow indoors–it was too dark, and it was constantly getting infested by various bugs. At one point I put the tree in the bathtub to try washing the bugs off with soapy water, and that photo is sort of a dream-like version of that moment. It didn’t work; I ended up getting rid of the stupid thing.

  • The image of a sunset sky reflected off of the hood of a car – she has a way of capturing moments that are directly personal but contain aspects that we can all relate to.

  • Thilina Bandara

    The frost-in-the-window picture is the best. All her photos are consistent in tone and quality. Big fan.

  • Daniel Dent

    I’ve been following Jennilee’s work for quite some time now, and it becomes more enduring every time I visit her IG feed or blog.
    She has such an incredible gift for seeing a world around her that most can’t envision. The beauty in the mundane, the simple pleasure of catching those moments in between, both familiar and mysterious. Those breathes we don’t realize we’re taking every second of the day are the type of pictures she is able to capture.
    Her work inspires me on many levels, but I’d have to say when I first saw that precocious humming bird photo, I was hooked and realized she never takes for granted what is right in front of her lens.
    Congrats on the new book Jennilee.

  • I’ve always loved how you take the mundane, the small, the forgotten, and the overlooked and draw our attention to it; imbuing it with magic. This is what you have done with two of my favorite recent photos on instagram: the curved pipe in the corner of a painted blue wall and the glowing water bottle within darkness (both from 6 weeks ago). Thanks for your inspiring work. Keep it up!

  • Nicole

    ever since my mom died, i’ve been taking long walks when i’ve been feeling sad, focusing on breathing and letting the air re-vitalize my body, while noticing the small details of beauty in the world around me. jennilee’s photographs really remind me of the moments i notice when i take a step back and focus on the world. not on her instagram, but the photo above of the frost on the windowshield reminds of me the colder days when i’d get into a car around 5am and just watch the dazzling shapes of the ice married to the glass. june 1’st instagram photo speaks to all the shadows i’m entranced by- from the walks in the park, to the morning sun on my kitchen blinds, to how the flowers in my living room create beautiful shadows from the evening sun.

  • Tina Ok

    “keep coming back to you #craigslist #triedtestedandtrue” – 15SEP2014 post

    I was with Jennilee when she bought her first DSLR and got to watch her grow as an artist. She is obviously immensely talented, dedicated and persistent within her work. Girl’s got mad skillz and can hustle like no other. So proud and congratulations on the book! xoxo

  • Olivia Cheng

    Stellar work. I always admire the light and colours in your photos.

  • Aly Ssa

    I love the image with the plastic bag full of fruits and it’s shadow on the raw wooden table. The image is dark, quiet and intriguing, mundane and yet very poetic. And I love the tension created by the knot on the top of the plastic bag, I could almost hear it. Excellent job!

  • James Erdeg

    I’m really drawn to the quality of light in Jennilee’s pictures. Be they crystal clear bright colours or hazy muted reflections of windows and cars; the light is always the focus for me. The subtle changes that reveal a spider’s web or bunch little bugs dancing in a floating patch of sunshine or hazy orange glow past the shadows from a tree. The world looks even more magical through her lens. Thanks!

  • Valery Lemay

    I have been following Jennilee for a while now and I fell in love with the cover of her book when she posted it on Instagram. It’s to hard say wich photo is my favorite, but if I have to choose one, it would be the one with tree people and a dog standing in front of mountains while holding a big pretzel. The photo is beautiful + it is pretty funny.

  • Paul John Nelson

    Jennilee is awesome!

  • Morijah Oslund

    Gorgeous stuff !
    She really captures a lot of depth in seemingly silent moments!

  • Sandy Pirouzi

    Melina’s Birthday

    As a birthday is a sign of phase in one’s life, the image of departing children into a sparkling sun through the sea gives a warming sense that they will be okay, whatever will be happening.

    No, those sentences didn’t intepret my feelings on point. The truth is I can’t tell verbally the emotion flowing out from the image. It’s just too emotionally beautiful.


  • Gerrrsh

    “Print for @tizzels and @jl.woodwork”

    This photo stopped me scrolling. In thumbnail I thought it was a window, and yet it was a print in a box. There’s something about it that’s so simple and accidental that makes it so beautiful in my eyes.


  • aa lark

    I’ve always thought of photographers as editors and I see Jennilee’s photo’s as haiku’s : “The essence of haiku is “cutting” (kiru).[1] This is often represented by the juxtaposition of two images or ideas and a kireji (“cutting word”) between them,[2] a kind of verbal punctuation mark which signals the moment of separation and colors the manner in which the juxtaposed elements are related.”

  • Bobby Prom

    I really like this image that Jennilee took. I am a huge fan of clouds & sky photos & I love that the moon is in this one. I don’t think people look up enough. Many are fixated forward, backward or down but not as much looking up when shooting photos or just admiring the world around them. I think that’s why I like this photo & many others of her’s because they’re all great moments & observations in time. :)

  • Jameson Kergozou

    This photo reminded me of my childhood dog Inca. I got Inca from a rescue home, she came from a broken home and had spent a while living rough. She soon became my best and most loyal friend traveling across the countryside come rain, shine or snow. Theres a magical bond we can experience with animals and this image sums that up.

    Sadly Inca passed a couple of years ago, I miss her dearly. :(

  • Genoa Beiser

    Although I always appreciate breathtaking
    photos of the Northwest’s high alpine lakes, angular peaks, rich blue skies,
    and jewel-tone greens. I really enjoy the way you record the residue of life’s
    inevitability of essentially mundane accessories. August 3 and September 16th
    showcase this through food, I especially appreciate the mark of the body
    through shadow and the balance and motion it establishes in the composition.
    You transform and push these common (in fact daily) objects into private
    moments of living in action, while leaving room for reflection. The shoes of
    August 18th really struck me in this way also, but it apparent to me that the
    quiet, transitory, and fleeting moments are your forte. Whether it’s a flower
    growing from the cement (May 22), a sneaky peek through a window (June 19), or
    clouds in reflection (April 16, September 4, August 28). What I’m getting at
    here is I love the scope of material you filter through your unique experience
    of it all. Really great work! Cheers on your first book and continual discovery
    of inspiration!

  • I was a fan of this entire shoot for The Sleep Shirt. There’s just a sense of honesty and pureness in not only this photo, but all the photos Jennilee shoots — almost as if you’re seeing things with your own eyes if that makes sense.

    I also remember one time when Jennilee reblogged one of my photos that I had submitted to thejogging and I almost fainted from happiness thinking that she liked one of my photos enough to reblog it haha.

  • Rodi

    This reminds me of days spent at the lake with friends, that especially intense hunger that comes after swimming, eating lunch while going from soaking wet to sort-of damp, talking and laughing, knowing you can get back in the lake whenever you’re ready.

  • J Ray

    Wow, that’s incredible. Thank you for sharing.

  • Alise R.


    This photo instantly caught my eye. It reminds me of how my 35mm camera is usually with me just in case I feel the need to hide behind my camera in uncomfortable or unfamiliar situations. Just recently I went to a wedding, and I didn’t know almost any of the guests, so I instinctively clinged to my film camera, and immediately felt safe and sound behind its firm presence. Like a shortcut to reality.

  • Christopher Lacich

    I can only say that by looking at her portfolio of work this: to see the light, you must be ready to catch the light …. In essence her photos are like the best audio records … But visual records capturing something that will never happen again …

  • primoz

    Where did my comment go? Pending? Should i repost it? Thanks. :)

  • primoz

    I love this one and its reference to Wilson (Cast Away), a found friend, a happiness for someone to discover in this unexpected place. :)

  • Jennilee has picked Daniel Dent and Rin as the winners of the book giveaway!!! She’ll email you both directly! Thanks everyone!

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