07.10.14 by Jeff

Turkey Like You’ve Never Seen It Before


I’ve never seen a video edited like this before! I loved editing when I studied film at school, so the nerd in me had to rewind parts of this video to see how Leonardo Dalessandri achieved some of the effects. This video represents over than 3500 km traveled in 20 days. This is Turkey like you’ve never seen it before.

Watch “Watchtower of Turkey” below!


Leonardo Dalessandri’s Website

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • stunning

  • Rick Bruins

    WOW! Editing porn

    • i almost didn’t click on the video assuming id seen a million videos like it. WRONG.

  • Whoa! So beautiful.

  • the sound design is magnificent

  • This is really good. Are some of the zoom-out shots done through something like roto-scoping in after effects? Or shot that way?

    • it looks like a mix of everything – definitely some compositing

  • laurie LEMOIGNE

    Beautiful! I’m feeling dizzy!

  • alice

    Beautiful…! Is it in the end a advertisement for turkish tourism ? I would not be surprised if so…

  • Robert Stockwell

    Hey Jeff, I’m a long time follower of your blog. I love booooooom.

    The editing of this video is spectacular. It’s beautifully shot. Beautifully sound designed. And really shows the life and spirit of Turkey.


    I feel the video posts on here sometimes lean towards a gimmick. Find an effect and exploit a technique for 2 minutes. Done. Staff pick. When the concept is nothing more than a glorified vacation video mixed with a 90s infiniti ad. Oh well, I guess I’m an over the hill 30 year old, and the internet has no time to think, and anything opaque has disappeared.

    I know it’s the internet at large driving this shift towards sensationalism but style definitely seems to trump concept here.

    I’d love to know what you think? Thanks!

  • Oooo, that’s absolutely brilliant editing.

  • Bianca Unnasch

    This should be the new art of travel commercial for any country!!!

  • This is incredible. I went to Turkey last month and will now be sending this video to anybody who asks what the experience was like.

  • Monsoonking

    While it got a little too frenetic for my taste at some points, it was certainly amazing overall. I want to be this guy’s intern.

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  • Shaya

    Stunning. I’m going to Turkey for 3 weeks later this summer and this video is making me all the more excited for the experience. Thanks for posting this!

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