03.12.14 by Jeff

Giveaway: 5 Risograph Calendars by J.P. King


I’ve got 5 Risograph Calendars to give away again this year, courtesy of designer J.P. King. If you want one of these puppies, tell me your favourite month and why in the comments below! We’ll pick 5 winners on December 17th.




Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Kelly Machande

    My favorite month is April. The plants and trees wake up and start to bloom. The air is warm, full of hope and positive energy.

  • Clemens

    june! chaos!

  • My favorite month is June because my birthday lands within the month and it usually has the most rainy days.

  • Wendy Richardson

    My favorite month is March, the beginning of spring. That season is full of anticipation for the new and what’s to come we all sleepily raise our heads after a winter hibernation and look up. Summer months are too anti-climatic, Autumn too melancholy.

  • Emil Fabio Steinhov

    My favorite month is Oktober. This is the month where leaves get red and yellow and orange, and then fall down and covers the asphalt with beautifull warm shades. The dizzly rain leaves your forehead wet. Fogy landscapes. The atmosthpere is humid and smells like soil. The pale, clouded sky with the dramatic, creepy limbs of trees stretching over like cracks in the sky. And you can finally start wearing beanies, scarfes and jackets without getting all sweaty and stinky.

  • Stephie Bailey

    Good question. I would have to say my fav month would be May. It’s my boyfriend’s birthday on May 4th (May the 4th be with you aha), and I’m usually finished school for the summer by then. But this May is especially special because I will be completing my second Degree. I’m quite excited to be finishing 8 years of school!!

  • Andrew Horn

    February on name alone – I love pronouncing the first ‘r’.

  • Jonna Carlström

    february. crisp cold air, snow falling both heavily and lightly, the sun returning but in a more silent and distant way. not harsh on the skin or beating down on my head, just a source of light to appreciate after the darkness of the wet and foggy autumn/winter combination that is november and december. to me the world is the most alive in februrary, even if it’s still winter. everything is sharper somehow, every breath feels invigorating and every hour of daylight is celebrated.

  • Kelly Rae

    my favorite month has to be June-it’s when my parents and my daughter were born. I’m also a fan of the summery months when everyone is wearing shorts.

  • Lesley McLean

    October. Frosty and crisp, full of long dark nights warm with fleecy blankets and hot chocolate.

  • Emily

    My favorite month is August, because of all the last minute summer getaways.

  • Erik

    May, nice jacket weather.

  • Colin

    December! Snow, all the lights and of course Christmas!

  • Steven Ketchum

    Today I learned what a risograph print is. Now I want one.

  • Francis Desjardins

    June, it’s my birthday

  • Andrea Ayotte

    September – students are in school, weather is still summer and flights and travel are cheaper.

  • Anna Baumeister

    December, because the best things of the year are happening in december (including my birthday)

    • Eenie Menie Kajju

      Mine too. Oh! And my grandpa’s his is on 25…. :)

  • Anissa

    March is my favorite because, for the first time after winter, the ground thaws and the air starts to smell like the damp earth waking up again.

  • Jane Hargrave

    April! In my opinion, the best smelling month

  • Kayla Swinford

    My favorite month is November because it’s when the temperature drops and everything slows down.

  • Adam Bender

    March brings death to winter!

  • Julie L

    December; because of the holiday spirit and the dressember event!

  • Chloe Bay

    I’d pick august, like a big graphic wave…

  • I love December, most paid days off from work.



  • domi

    oh, these are nice! Februray is my favorite one because theres always a lot of snow

  • Hi, Jeff! I’m a big fan of January, because it’s when I get to pull out my new Moleskine daytimer!

  • Eenie Menie Kajju

    My favorite month December. Because there is snow, fun playing with the kids, making snowman, going ice skating, sweater, hot chocolate, comfy clothes, good sleep at night, its cold, Christmas, I am a December baby and my grandpa was born on the Christmas day.

  • Laura Merriman

    May – The moment I realise I don’t have to wear a coat to be outside is a glorious one.

  • JD

    January, because it was the month my work was originally featured on BOOOOOOOM!

  • Suyina M. F

    March – like an Escher Mobile!

  • Andrea

    My favorite of these designs is June’s, because it looks the most wild and erratic and even fades into the days of the month, all while still looking balanced. My favorite month in the more general sense of the question is October. I love Halloween and the quintessential autumn-ness of it, and it’s usually a stormy season where I live in the northeast, and I love that feeling of chaos when trees are down and power is out and people can’t go to work and families go to the local high school to shower and charge their phones. It is the most wholesome and genuine sense of community I feel throughout the year.

  • Jessie Giles

    September is my favorite month, because here in the south, it is the first time you get a small break from the unrelenting heat of the summer. It is the month that urges you to daydream about sweaters, gives you a chill of anticipation for winter. It is the month in which slow summer days suddenly pick up the pace, that the lethargic happiness of summer morphs into a brisk excitement for things to come.

  • Liam

    June, because layering, and, well, because it’s June.

  • elln

    October. It’s got two Os

  • Sophie Bacon

    all the months!

  • saeros0l

    July! Not only because it’s my birthday but because it tells me Summer is here!

  • Christopher Lucero

    January because thats when everyone is on break and slowing down, rather than filled with anxiety.

  • Chris Dinan

    November! It’s usually half fall and half winter. my favorite seasons.

  • may cause i don’t speak english.

  • Ashley Busenius

    July – quintessential summer month. Long days and late nights spent enjoying the outdoors with friends and family.

  • M. F.

    At the moment it’s January! I will submit my thesis for my M.A. in History of Art and I will finally get a good night’s sleep with nothing on my mind!

  • Michael Kushner

    April – it reminds me of an M. C. Escher sketch. These are beautiful.

  • Andy Haggard

    APRIL! A new beginning with spring, my birthday, and income tax swag!

  • Michael Wielgomas

    August- Endless bike rides + the sound of cicadas.

  • Inge Daniels

    June because it is just like its calendar page – an almost-overwhelming profusion of growth, energy and color!

  • Anna Germanou

    There is a greek fairy tale for the 12 months with which, children are taught to apreceate them all, as each one has it’s own unique beauty! Same goes for this amazing calendar! Each month is so nicely designed!! Well done!

  • September. It’s still not too cold and it is has the most beautiful light for long walks and taking pictures

  • Jessie Criswell

    October because: pumpkins, Jack Skellington, creepy & cute decorations, cool crisp air, pretty dead leaves, sweater weather, and dressing up for Halloween, duh

  • G.W.F. Bagel

    September. Bike rides all day and virgo birthdays.

  • I love May because it always makes me feel that new things are going to happen, sunshine and subtle warmth on my skin. Especially when the sky gets entirely blue, then it just doesn’t feel real anymore

  • Ingvild østgård

    May is my favorite! Starting to get warmer ..more sunny days…snow is melting..some flowers starting to show, leave your winter shoes and try on “lighter walkabouts”. lots of single holiday-days for us norwegians. Love it…and love this calendar !

  • January. That’s when i take my annual bath.

  • Jin

    October is my favorite because the weather is so nice!

  • Christina Yung

    September is the best month in Boston. Paddleboard, kayak, go to the beach at the start of the month – then go apple picking and hiking with beautiful fall foliage at the end!

  • Felipe Benevides

    june, austral winter, month to campfire st. John, when we dance forró in the dark! and the sky is full of balloons’s collor, like this card.

  • Tanit Taltavull

    July – long long days and warm nights

  • Jennifer Haston

    April, brings spring, and a feeling of renewal. April brings back the weather that makes you want to have an evening beer on the back porch while watching the birds.

  • zouassi

    August. The pattern extends into the dates cohesively, neither breaking its geometric pattern nor interfering with usability.

  • Lexi Hoebing

    December, because I finally get to make hot cocktails! Christmas gifts aren’t so bad either. ;)

  • October – The leaves turn, weather chills – but not enough for more than a light coat or hoodie – beverages can still be enjoyed outdoors but for how much longer, it is unsure. It’s great.

  • Nel

    June is the best! Within this calender, because it has the most eclectic design (more = more) + it contains the longest day of the year. Never Sleep Again!!!

  • Nicola Ferrari

    semptember! because it’s the most perfect time of the year to get lost in the nature

  • Christina Conway

    January, a fresh start to a great new beginning…

  • Caitlin

    May! Shakespeare’s Sonnet XVIII

  • Pieter Martin

    December is so nice because I don’t count the flies, I count the days on my calendar up the wall, as till summer there are no flies.

  • B.m. Lova

    I would say october, because it reminds me of Steps to the sun I have to take. Confusing thoughts . Maybe it’s because I have a Pretty sentimental heart. .. But in october, when the Sun sets down earlyer, a reminder that I just stand on one of those steps, instead of being unable to change, being helpless, might be chearing. Maybe I’m standing in the dark sometimes. But this doesn’t mean the World wouldn’t take on it’s flight around the Sun. The next morning will be a rise. Of the Sun and me. Even if some nights seem to be endless dark. (Sry I’m German. My english could be better.)

    • B.m. Lova

      Sorry I understood I had to tell which month of this calender applies to me Most. Took me a actually a while to write this down .autocorrect sucks :-) Thanks for this chance

  • Stephanie Martens

    August: sun, holidays, and this year my baby boy was born!

  • Josephine Kyhn

    I hooked up with a nice man in March, so march :)

  • July – you can go snorkelling in Croatia, it never gets dark in Norway, and even in Belgium it isn’t that cold

  • Jessica Soparlo

    ALL are AMAZING! But, my favourite month is July. I love the blazing heat, mandatory patio drinks on a Monday and how the sun sticks around for most of the of the day. More sun = more time for activities :)

  • Alex Donne-Johnson

    July … because its summer!

  • October. There is something so beautiful about watching all of nature fall apart, only to be brought back to life another time.

  • emmamal

    August – end of summer!

  • Sara

    august — when the days and nights blur together

  • Mareva

    June! Because it’s when the days start to stretch to 24 hours of daylight in Iceland and it’s such a great feeling. Everybody gets a little crazy in a good way!

  • Mark Vargo

    october – the beginning of cooler weather and fall in south louisiana

  • Bianca Bianchini

    September. B/c it makes my eyes go in 5 directions.

  • Michelle Lee

    August because you get to have your last summer funtime before you crawl back to Hell and work 24/7 (aka college)

  • Valeria

    December because it’s my birthday and jesus was born <3

  • Alex Lewis

    May, as it often has the first tanning opportunity of the year

  • May! It’s a transitional month (especially being in school), and it finally starts to get warm in May in New England. It’s energizing and revitalizing!

  • benny

    November in Nebraska. It’s like Summer, Fall, and Winter decide to have a threesome in one day.

  • Melinda Josie

    This is a beaut! Great work, J. P. King.

  • Ju Radicich

    April! Because we’re still under the effect of holidays, all happy and tanned… the best is the breeze! <3

  • December, because we get to spend our Christmas Holiday in the sun, down in South Africa.

  • aqdnk

    September because it’s the one month where I’ve always met amazing people throughout my life

  • December! It’s my birthday, my daughter’s birthday, Christmas, New Years… oh and did I mention that they are all spaced 7 days apart from each other. It’s a nonstop fun zone in December!

  • Jorge Albericio

    April. It is full of cubes. And a lot of parallelepipeds. They could form a giant Munari’s mobile but they don’t. They are the flowers in bloom instead, receiving the circles’ sun.

  • Thekla Priebst

    Oktober! Because nature is coloured in gold.

  • Sarah Thomas

    August is by far the best month, where it is starting to cool down and rain. (Also my birthday is at the start of the month that definitely doesn’t have a baring on my decision)

  • September! Reminds me of Q*bert.

  • Barbara Agnes Vandekonijnen

    usually it’s april. But I like the design ideas of Februari. The layovers of snow in January. The exploration of spring in March. The I got it all figuered out of May. The hell yeah summers coming of June. The glowing sun of July. The let’s build memories in August. The reset of the brain in september. The further development of that brain in October. The coming winter depression in November. And finally Iike the soo many warm feelings of December.

  • Alejandra Gp

    September is the best because it is not as warm as August but not as cold as October. I also like it because it’s the start of the a new semester in college and I’m super motivated at that time of the year.

  • Gwenllian Spink

    To sit by the sea on a misty day in November is a wonderful feeling… Time stops whilst listening to the continuous crash of waves against the rocks and watch the silver outline of birds gliding through the mist.

  • micky

    July! because it’s warm and perfect for hiking and swimming!

  • October! I’m still on a high from my birthday (in late Sept.) Everyone starts getting into a macabre or kitschy horror mood, finally leveling the playing field somewhat. People who wouldn’t normally watch a horror film with me open their minds. <3 The leaves start turning jewel tones and the smell of decaying foliage is wonderful.

  • Guest

    I like all months because thats a neat calendar and it would brighten up even the dullest of months!

  • Katie Garth

    May. I always used to hate spring because it seemed like such an ending. But the endorphin kick that comes when the snow melts makes you look at everything around you with fresh eyes, and I’m really looking forward to that this year!

  • Charlene Lebrun

    August – both for the intricate geometric perspective and the (hopefully) beautiful sunshine!

  • AngelaReimer

    January – it’s a fresh start. Like a new notebook, the first few pages my cursive is flawless.

  • Ayelet Birman

    April because everything is blossoming, colorful and electric! Nature at its best!

  • Angelina Lth

    March! cooler wind brings lightly brown leaves. Also the design reminds me Calder´s hanging mobile.

  • Christine

    November! The crispy air and starting of holiday season. Also my birthday month :)

  • Quentin Liard

    March is perfect!

    For the suprematist lookout, reference to Lissitzky and Theo Van Doesburg.
    Equilibrium in composition tells you everything about the whole composition dimension.

  • Natalia Rodriguez

    December: Tons of grandma’s cooking

  • Victoria W

    December, Mariah Carey songs all month

  • Proserpina Nyarla NuAge

    Oh my, the merry month of May. It’s the time of Maya, pre-roman
    goddess of magic – and you know why. The colors and forms J.P. King
    conjured onto that may-sheet, know it as well: look how thrillingly
    yearning they are. Here in germany, we have one beautiful word for the
    month of may: “Wonnemonat” – “merry” does not quite say it all – “Wonne”
    is delight as it also is rapture. It’s the peak of spring, the top of
    it all, it’s bursting celebration of flesh, blood, life. If you like,
    it’s where the very point of the universe reveals it’s raw nature. It’s
    almost too much. “All things seem possible in May.” said Edwin Teale.
    But see how writer and poet Hermann Hesse really nailed it:

    Hermann Hesse

    Wandering in darkness under your high
    vaulting branches, I have dreamed so long
    of your green leaves and breezy blue sky,
    the vibrant fragrances and the bird song!

    Now, as you open your robe of winter night,
    your brilliance staggers every sense.
    The world sparkles in the light
    of a Miracle, your recurring presence.

    I feel the healing touch
    of softer days, warm and tender.
    My limbs tremble–happily, too much –
    as I stand inside your splendor.

    (Translated from german. Original:


    In dämmrigen Grüften
    Träumte ich lang
    Von deinen Bäumen und blauen Lüften,
    Von deinem Duft und Vogelsang.

    Nun liegst du erschlossen
    In Gleiss und Zier,
    Von Licht übergossen
    Wie ein Wunder vor mir.

    Du kennst mich wieder;
    Du lockst mich zart.
    Es zittert durch all meine Glieder
    Deine selige Gegenwart!


    P.S.: I want this so bad, it’s bitter sweet pain.

  • Ellie

    April because it’s usually the first month in which you get to lie outside on grass without getting damp and cold. Basking weather.

  • Claire Bartlett

    Winter time. Its when I appreciate being in my cozy lil cave with food and arts and crafts. Snuggling my favorite person is the best in the winter time also.


  • evanjed

    This looks beautiful! I love risograph printing so much.

    My favorite month has got to be October. Here in Utah “fall” does not last very long. We go from summer to winter very quickly. I love jacket weather. I love the comfort of wearing layers. October here in Utah is always perfect for that.

    Also, fall colors and Halloween! I mean, c’mon. October is the best!

  • sirak

    August! Because the image gives new perspective and movement with every glance!

  • Noémie Brassard

    August. It’s my birth month… :)

  • xpets

    December it is, the only month i go to ppparties!

  • @danellecheney

    JUNE! Because colors and shapes. Thanks for another cool giveaway, Jeff!

  • Lunar Month – The cycle between two identical new moons or full moons. Everyone on the planet experiences a Lunar month multiple times of the year and it’s probably the oldest global reference to the passage of time we have on Earth.

  • Kelli McAdams

    I’ve always liked September, partly because it’s my birthday month but also because I’ve always associated it with beginnings — the new school year (back when I was still in school), the beginning of my favorite season (Fall), the freshness of starting something new after a long, hot summer. I love the calendar design for it, too, maybe because of my ~*perfectionist Virgo tendencies*~. Everything in its right place. ;)

  • dhpp

    August ~ tired and hot days of dwelling in outdoor spaces while sweat beads drip from the tip of your nose. sparks of summer romance, the welling nostalgia of past experience, the acceptance (or denial) of changing weather denoting passing of time. the month of transformation, a slow shift from summer to fall. where one can look forward to the long hours ending in bursts of orange, pink, and red. the light of sherbet sunsets.
    King’s illustration matches vibrations of hot sunsets, the deep colors that seep across horizons.

  • Yasmin Josefina

    May is best. It is a fresh start. And it looks like funny commuting banana on its way.

  • Jeff Cravath

    August. It’s the ripe 34 year old of its yearly family. handsome and brave in deep colored abundance. graceful and giving while septembers cold wrinkles begin to form.

  • Juliet

    September because it’s the month when you feel on the cusp of everything and the start of anything

  • john eikevik

    JULY JULY so easy JULY

    Ohh July, your days are long but time seem so short!

    An eternal summer never ending nor beginning-

    Everything else is on a paused

    Waiting for those similar conditions to continue back to

    Black shadows and white sun that makes the

    Pretty girls in print dresses shimmer and

    Boys on the promenade seem weightless

    In the heart of the bone deep heat of JULY.

  • viktoriana

    January. Bc my daughter was born and she would love to watch those colours when everything is white & grey around :)

  • Ieva Lapiņa

    May. How we, Latvians say (folk songs):
    Spring tide, spring tide,What will you bring forth for me?
    – ‘ll bring warm weather,
    White rose wreath.


    Blossoming apple tree on the hill
    With silver flowers,
    Silver flowers bloom,
    There will be red clover.

  • April. Love it. Because my birthday + Spring is during that month, it always signifies my personal “new year”.

  • Randy Morales

    December, for the most sexy time

  • Ana Sofia Willemoës

    I love september because that’s the month when spring arrives here in the southern hemisphere. And at that time I am feeling a little bit older since its been a few days from my birthday. I altarnate between hot and cold by walking with the sun or with the shade depending of what I feel like that day. The streets are dyed by the purple flowers of the jacaranda and everything smells sweet. September makes me hopeful.

  • evelina kolasinska

    for me august. i love the composition of 2d shapes creating an illusion of 3d.

  • yelpiekelpie

    My favourite month is October because I don’t have to shave my legs anymore. I get so sick of feeling like I have a 3-foot long strip of sandpaper wedged between my thighs for the entire duration of summer. Having a comforting tube of jean on each leg is so blessed. Plus, it smells good outside after many months of the stank of rotting garbage and e.coli from Lake Ontario.

  • Nina Bijl

    July is definitely my favorite month, because this illustration reminds me of a color wheel, only this time with my most favorite combination of colors, white, grey and magenta. Adobe Illustrator is the best program to work with and the reason why is obvious in this beautiful and vigorous calendar. July is also my favorite month in real life, because of it’s temperature in the Netherlands.

  • September because you’re sooo tired to wear flipflops and finally you can wear a sweater (at least at night, please!) :D

  • its february. I born in this month and I love when finally in this big sad dark winter sunlight finally come out. Lots of snow then and how with sun it is so so light outside and at the same time so cold. I love contrasts.

  • Anaís Is

    October, is the month for melancholy lovers.

  • Sean Neppl

    April. Similar vibe to Fall without the weight of impending Winter.

  • daenat

    November – In Melbourne, where I live, the days get warmer and the sunlight stretches out, making the local flora burst with green and new life. In Saigon, where I’m from, the sun rises and sets earlier, dawns and dusks become pleasantly cool and tinged with an air of added stillness. It’s the month of the year where two corners of the world I call home experience the best of both worlds.

  • Kyle Chambers

    Hello Booooooom!- I would say the energy May brings is exciting to watch. Towards the final days of spring people begin revving their engines before the starting gun of summer. It is a sight to see people plotting their plan of attack in preparation for the opportunities of summer. You see the longing in their eyes, begging for freedom, romance, adventure, and as to not leave out, a chance to lay your head down and breathe in the lackadaisical air of summer.

  • Becky Nguyen

    My favourite month would be July. Summer is underway,there seems to be an endless energy that flows within me and I can wear my pineapple skirt and flamingo earrings.

  • Elena Malkov

    I still associate September with the promise and excitement of a new school year. It’s as rejuvenating now – the days cool and the leaves turn. It makes me forget, however briefly, that the dreary winter months are on their way.

  • Rachel Frankel

    My favorite month has to be October. It is such a romantic time of year and it tends to be one of my most creative/prolific months. Something about the leaves changing, the air cooling, and the wind occasionally howling.

  • Alex


    Like a guest who’s long outstayed

    his welcome, those Christmas lights

    twinkle tentatively – although it is rain

    not snow we thread ourselves through,

    the bald grip of an Icelandic breeze

    the white noose around our necks,

    footsteps stiffening Pathe frenetics.

    Eliot may have missed this bitter month,

    with its discounts, receipts and returns,

    SAD sads and paucity of good news –

    the post-party-season season where

    anyone could be carrying a guilty secret.

    Pity those born under it. This year,

    resolved to leave more unresolved:

    let that novel write itself, seek not

    digitised love, ignore the dream job

    just around the corner. Aim low.

    Let this year be the year you won’t.

  • Anne Bresnahee

    I like August the best!

  • Lauren

    January! It’s quite visually pleasing on this calender and the only month I know a fun fact about so I guess that makes it my favorite… Fun Fact: January is the coldest month in the northern hemisphere and the warmest month in the southern hemisphere! #science

  • Jessica Guillermo


    It’s the beginning of winter and the holidays! Even though it seems like
    summer all year round in Hawaii we still dress up for winter or should I saw
    “rainy season”. It’s also Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month. Ever since my
    grandmother passed away few years ago from Pancreatic Cancer, I believe that
    this month helps us honor, inspire and remember my grandmother and other families that have been affected by this silently deadly cancer.

  • Alyssa Arbuckle

    August, duh.

  • Etsh

    August. We first met in August.

  • mickeyf19

    March. The first warm days since the last year, as if the ground is getting breathed on like someone breathes on their cold hands to thaw them. It’s the time of year summer grows from and flowers bloom and I get a year older.

  • Stephen Willson

    December because that s the month I won a really cool calendar.

  • Cat Wood

    I don’t know what is so special about October to me, maybe the smell of the pumpkins, or the little chill the air starts to get once it hits that time of year. It’s the perfect month to wear a hoodie and jump in the leaves, or snuggle up next to your best friend as you marathon the X-Files. I just love everything about it. It certianly helps that it contains my birthday, as well as Halloween, though. Hah!

  • taryn

    The weather is always best wherever you go in October. Also it’s the best time for watching ‘The Hunt for Red October’ and eating soup and drinking beer.

  • Sam

    March. Because its not february. how do you even say february?

  • Chloe Ekberg

    August. It reminds me of the chaos of our world right now.

  • carojones

    May, because I love patio weather and being outside! Also October because of the color of the leaves on the trees.

  • Chloe Ekberg

    August. It reminds me of the chaos of our world right now.

  • gilberto elizondo

    December. Shortest days of the year… (thank you cosmos)… Also in the day I prefer the winter sunlight than the sunlight in any other season, so beautiful for outdoor photography ;)

  • May, because it’s warm but not yet hot, spring is in full gear, and the whole summer is ahead of you :)

  • Crystal

    My favorite month is may because it’s has the beauty of spring flowers but the sunny days like summer. And it’s my birthday month, so yeeeahh.

  • Julian Occeña

    January because that’s when I leave for exchange next year <3 hopefully I'll have a cool calendar to adorn my dorm with

  • Lauren Allik

    April is my favorite…spring gives us natural bold pantones and everyone is cheerier post winter!

  • Edmond

    I was born on December 17th! That’s really the only reason I need for it to be my favourite month, but what’s really awesome is that every year, epic movies are released on or around that day (the lord of the rings, the hobbit this year, star wars next year) and I get to escape for awhile. There are plenty of reasons to love December, but for the geek in me, it’s SUPER extra special.

  • Josie

    December, because in New Zealand you get Summer, Christmas and the end of school/university. Plenty of time to relax and draw!

  • Mallory

    March, because its lambing season! we have dozens of black and white lambs frolicking in the fields.

  • jasamine

    May, because that is allergy season, and all the Japanese folks start wearing facemarks like a boss.

  • Kim

    February. Because it’s my birth month and how small number the days in it. Also, it’s the time of the year when it really gets cold, at least where I live. :)

  • Steph

    Favourite month is February because it reminds me of the WHMIS symbols we had to learn in grade 8.

  • maiya wiester

    JAAANUARRRRYYYYYY cause you see 10 times more joggers running around than any other month

  • mountainTops

    July reminds me of model train layout designs with wide curves and the large geometric objects being tunnels. There’s a smooth flow for the eye to follow with a metric beat akin to the click-clacking of a passing train.

  • Christian

    March. It is the only month that is a verb. It is what millions around the world are doing to demand justice. People hate on March because it gets muddy and they think thats gross, but it is the first few signs of warmer weather. I will gladly tread in mud knowing warmer weather is soon to come. It is a transitional month.Change will come. March on.

  • chris sparks

    December – live in the moment!

  • porgand

    Everything and everyone is fresh and full of positive colorful energy in May.

  • Jo Marie

    April! The month with all of the best seasons: all. Some winter, some summer, much autumn and very much spring. Love it. It’s also the most funny month. And my birthday is on the 1st. No joke. >3

  • Nicole Jang

    May because it doesn’t need an abbreviation.

  • Vow… nice calendars..my favourite month is december.

  • Sam Curtis

    May. Bloody love Risograph printing!

  • Dani

    February. Because you catch the last month of summer, and all the nugget school kids have gone back to school! You can finally swim in the ocean without worrying about getting hit in the head with a boogie board!! (Sydney, Australia)

  • Sol Polo

    December. A nice time to review all the wonderful things that happened during the year and plan how to make the following even better, with the help of such an inspiring calendar :)

  • Matija Drozdek

    I was born in April, so July.

  • Olympia Aivazi

    September.. because for me its the start of a new year.. you are fresh from summer and ready to tackle winter!

  • Valentin Vizuroiu

    September, because it’s nicely illustrated and it brings back memories.

  • Andrew Bentham

    I love the impossibility of August – impossible to imagine it won’t be warm forever. Then September hits…

  • Paula Suarez

    I’m not sure but it would be December if I win this nice calendar!

  • My favorite month is April. It’s springtime and after all the paleness in winter the earth begins to live again. All dips in a colourful beauty. You can see it, you can smell it, you can feel it, especially when the first shaft of sunlight touches your skin and warm you up. I realize every year once more how wonderful it is to be alive. Love this time.

  • Claudia

    My favourite month is JUNE! You can’t imagine how you ever needed to wear a coat, the days are so long and so bright that it almost deceives you into thinking this might just last forever…June makes me happy, and restless, and excited for everything.

  • Ruud Kool

    June, because.

  • January, because it’s socially acceptable to hibernate on the weekends since it’s too cold to be outside.

  • Mariel Ostrower

    Loving October. Makes me imagine a cubist sea and sunset.

  • Heidi Berton

    august because it’s warm and sunny but by the end of the month, it starts to smell like fall

  • December is inevitably my favorite month since it encompasses my birthday. But I’d have to say that August is pretty sic. Love how the diagonal geo breaks the grid. A close second is October with the chevron overlapping “october, tuesday, wednesday, thursday – the key grinding days.

    Jeff, I’d die for this calendar to grace my studio! Be on the look out, Jasper is going to introduce us for a new project that we will collaborate on. It’s very exciting, get ready!

  • chessie bb

    July. The thick clouds of heat trickle into my poorly ventilated walk-up, and for four damp weeks, I am experiencing life. The heat dictates my every move, and I suddenly reject makeup and style. Without air conditioning, my objective becomes survival, and strips me of the self-conscious remnants of previous months. My apartment becomes an incubator, and I am reborn every morning, pierced by a merciless mother sun. The heat brings out frustration and anger, everyone is without heirs, and I see facets of humanity that do not exist in colder months.

  • Aude Cellérier

    I love the month of May! It’s got movement, almost like a roller-coaster; yet it’s not cluttered, like the clear blue sky you get when Spring is announcing Summer. It’s like anything is possible.

  • Emily Matsuno

    January, because its the month for a fresh new start, my birthday, and also the day I met my first significant other.

  • Claire Voyant

    I don’t know which favorite month I should do (my favorite month on this calendar or my actual favorite month), so I’ll say both!

    On these, I like June best because it’s all over the place. Just like me! Soulmates!

    In life, I like May, because it’s far away from any holiday I could possibly be obligated to do anything for. Also, the temperature is perfect because it’s cold enough to wear all black, but warm enough that you don’t need to cover any perfect outfits with an ugly puffy jacket.

  • Caroline Amelia Iles

    OCTOBER because it means the 8th month but it’s really the 10th month

  • Nategimp

    July no doubt….full spectrum, full sun, color wheel. Electromagnetic radiation. ….it’s everything and the only thing! This calendar will happily hang in public space for all to enjoy.

  • Candice Wong

    October because Halloween. :)

  • Kadri Muuk

    August – for all the the dark summer nights, falling stars and the fresh salty air on the seaside.

  • Jen Glass

    September is the most dramatic. Looks so grande.

  • kitsoon

    October is my favourite (Montreal) season because there is something especially beautiful about everything falling apart. The last vestiges of summer’s harvest are finalized in decay. We cling onto what remains and solidify our memories of its pleasantries for several long, cold, and dark months.

    That old cliche that says you don’t truly appreciate what you have until it’s gone is certainly not false… I’m sure this gorgeous calendar would be a lovely consolation.

  • Winkekater

    SEPTEMBER, because it’s a classic

  • Roland Cos

    april is the new june. playing chess in the sun while drinking a beer, going cycling at 22:00, picknicks in the dunes. just basically walking outside without thinking twice about it.

  • I like September the light and the darker shades of both colors makes me turn my head side to side trying to figure out the 3D effect.

  • Mercy Shall

    My favorite month is April because it’s my birthday month and, my, it’s lovely to be born in the springtime!

  • Christine Larsen

    June always June. For Juno the Queen of the Gods ” she who loosens the brides girdle”! June is snow in the high country in Australia and the surprise of the scarlet robin in the snow gums. June is the month of my birthday on the shortest day smack in the middle of the year. And June is the only month on your calendar where the shapes fly down through the dates. JunohJune

  • N O V E M B E R
    It’s after the celebration of witchcraft in which minors are lure to strangers’ homes for candy. Two days into the month, humans give me things in wrapped boxes because of the celebration of coming out of my mother’s body twenty five years ago. The leaves turn orange and brown and evil gardeners take them away because life cannot handle the beauty, just like this risograph calendar. Towards the end, a holiday where you eat a lot of food happens. Food is good. This calendar is good. Stay safe out there.

    • Chicken


  • Teo Wollrabe

    My favorite month is February because it contains the one day that is separate from the 365 days in the common year. A day that’s 3/4’s nonexistent. The day that reminds us that a calendar doesn’t measure the time between yesterday’s business meeting and next week’s dinner date, but rather approximately measures our planets ~584 million mile journey around the sun in units of the earths own full rotation. Which tends to remind me that knowing how fast I am moving at any given time is pretty hard to calculate given that I’m on a planet thats rotating while orbiting a star that is orbiting the center of our galaxy which is probably also on the move idk. But basically this time travel stuff really doesn’t work in favor of those that solely travel through time, yesterday could be millions of miles away.

  • Raheem Yaar Khan

    December. I like the fog and the atmosphere it creates. Reminds me of a Tarkovsky movie.

    P.s. I really want that calendar.

  • October! The leaves, the colors and well, its my birthday month :)

  • Vïrgïnïä Yu

    My favorite month in 2014 was July because that’s when I met the love of my life. I can’t wait to start 2015 right with my soulmate.

  • Gretchen Spitsfire

    December is my favorite …. the winners will be announced on 12/17, which is my birthday!

  • Katy

    JULY! The weather in Chicago is always warm by July, and all of its inhabitants have finally crawled out of the holes winter put us in. There are street festivals every weekend, the beaches are full of bodies, and to ride your bike down the lake shore path with the sun on your back and the wind in your hair is to truly know happiness.

    There is no way you wouldn’t fall in love with Chicago during July.

  • Luis Garcia, Jr.

    MARCH. So many things happen in March: Spring begins, schools let out for Spring Break, my birthday, several of my friends’ birthdays, but mostly because my mother’s birthday was also in March. We lost Mom in 1999. She lost a battle to some lung disease that is still unknown… or at least I haven’t been told what it was. March is both a very difficult month because I’m always reminded of my mom, Maricela, and a good month because I can see how life begins anew.

  • My favorite month is October, because that’s when I got married. On an ancient playground in Fairmount Park. The weather was perfect, we ate indian food and played on a giant wooden slide. Every October I’m reminded of that day and it makes me so happy.

  • January. I share and celebrate a birthday with my father, and it is a great month for hitting the ski slopes.

  • Linda Yahya

    August in Toronto (or any big city): For the relentless heat, for the welcome rain, for long weekends at cottages, for taking full advantage of the days because you know summer is almost at an end, for corn on the cob, and also: it’s my birth month (PERIDOT ALL THE WAY)

  • August: It’s still summer but change is in the air.

  • Louisa

    I love may.
    The word sounds pretty.
    All the flower blossoms
    just wonderful.
    Summer is coming soon.
    Winter is over

  • Emma Lucille

    My favorite month is September because it’s the very beginning of beautiful autumn, but still warm enough for summer-y activities! I love going on hikes during this time of year. And with the semester starting, it always just feels very fresh.

  • Wesley Budding

    june summer, sun and fun :D

  • Elina Trebol

    ~ APRIL~ The beginning of the end in my native country and in a parallel the reborn of everything in the country i’m living now. Every possible color and smell all together…SO INSPIRING! :)))

  • Hobie Fuerstman

    July because the heat begets glistening

  • Although November is my favorite month, because it’s my birthday month, October 31 is my favorite day of the year because it marks the start date of my “birthday season”, which lasts through New Year’s Day.

  • Libby Lauritsen

    April. It comes after the snow aand freezes of the winter. The grass is turning green, flowers are starting to bloom, and everything seems new and fresh. April is a time of rebirth, of new beginnings.

  • Eryne Donahue

    March in Vancouver when the rain starts to let up and you see buds and small (winter) flowers beginning to open. It makes me feel so hopeful for the year and for summer, like a weight is lifting.

  • Suj

    May, because that’s my favorite design in this calendar.

  • Quiteallright

    December is my favorite month, because it’s time to get a brand new calendar for the forthcoming year and there is so much to look forward to.

  • Jammy

    I love November. There are few holidays in November, exculding thanksgiving which is a big deal in the states. The weather is wet and the last of life is in the trees. It’s my favorite more then spring.

  • pamela

    I like August because the weather is unpredictable… You go swimming and it rains the same time.

  • Sarah

    My favorite month (when I’m living in Alberta) is the end of March / beginning of April. Which I suppose is two months, but eh. It’s when the snow finally starts to melt, little green sprigs of grass finally peep their curious heads out last years golden grasses. It’s a time when the air is buzzing with life and it begins to look like it actually will become warm enough to again sustain life. The in-between of these two months is a revival, and if you’re lucky enough you’ll get to see a prairie crocus of two!

  • Lindsey

    February. It’s spelled funny, it’s the shortest month, it has some of the worst weather, and I love an underdog.

  • Nadiuskap

    December 17th is actually the day i was born in to this world (on the side of my twin).

    December is a month when people usually feel like they’re ready to do some change, i guess.

  • The easy answer would be June, but… :)

    February! It’s a bit overlooked—always in the dead of winter (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), but it’s the last breath of cold before the world starts to warm up again. It’s understated and beautiful because of that.

  • Joseph Gasston


  • Vanessa Tam

    May. Because I YAM, what I YAM.

  • Kinsey Anderson

    November. It’s when all the beards come out + there’s pumpkin pie. Need I say more?

  • Bronwyn Rickard

    March- because here in Australia, it’s the first month of Autumn, and Australian Autumn is very welcome after Australian Summer.

  • JUNE, it’s so all over the place! #WannaOrganizeItSoBad

  • Audrey

    My favourite month is June.
    Because it’s full of next summer promises.

  • Joke Van Campenhout

    September. When summer slowly starts fading away, colors tend to deepen and autumn is lurking, that’s when I am at my happiest.

  • Sophie Mezei

    In General? September – because one can’t help feeling the tingle of excitement of a new start of the (academic) year, even when one is not necessarily in academia … crisp crunchy leaves and slightly ever colder eves, to read as the days shorten although sometimes we get blessed with tremendous sunshine, still, September – yes. The excitement of summer subsides and something more enriching emerges. Beautiful.

    In This Calendar? March. Bit Bauhaus, bit Tetris. Awesome.

  • William

    What do you call a MUSHROOM that likes to PARTY?…
    Can’t beat sh!t Christmas Cracker jokes in December.

  • Abigail Heath

    MAY. Everything in Michigan starts to melt-sprout-grow and we all begin to (finally) thaw.

  • yulischeidt

    January. Deep in snow, makes me think of stillness & isolation, even the way the name of the month even looks and sounds & my birthday is near the end of it.

  • mykelde

    Mine is September. Not only is it the month of my birthday but I also get to start wearing warm, colorful sweaters under my jacket making me feel safe & protected.

  • Elijah Watson

    June in New Mexico.. the air is dry and smells like green chili, it’s always very hot but nighttime is very cool and the skate parks are always packed.

  • Adam Collier

    August because I’m English and we love the cold and rain

  • Jacque Donaldson

    July! It’s the ultimate peak of summer and I love the way J.P. designed that month. Yellow dominates the color wheel and it reminds me of the sun! This would be the best present for my boyfriend, he loved your calendar last year!

  • Mike McGinley

    April. New light from a place beyond the birds.

  • bratbratbratgeraet

    I don’t know any month, so it’ll be great have one of those calendar

  • Christopher Kilroy

    The heavy Air.
    Low hanging Moon.
    The electric tingle of coming Rain.
    That Itch you feel on your skin.

    That time where spring grows up and becomes summer. Wonderful.

  • Anita Kwiecień

    April, because my surname means “april” in polish so I’ve been celebrating this month since I can remember (a lot of great parties!)

  • linda barhoumi

    October. Halloween movies play all month long (at least in my house) and the weather is just beginning to get chilly at night. Summer is coming to an end and everyone wears the sweaters to prove it. I carve at least 3 pumpkins (cause thats what i love) and while everyone is complaining that summer is over I am going on hikes and spending as much time as I can outside while the weather is still right. Photos of film taken in October also seem to have a certain magic to them. More rich and meaningful somehow. Halloween is also my favorite holiday and the perfect end to my favorite month.

  • January, the month of love for me

  • Alex S Guthrie

    November Is my favourite month of the year due to the celebrations which occur in my area. Its a time where all the creative communities gather together to appreciate all the hard work that has been achieved so far and to acknowledge the hard work and projects which will continue to the end of the year and beyond.

  • Jon

    January is my favourite month, because it’s a new start to a new year, time to start afresh or refocus on what’s important. Plus it’s my birthday :-)

  • Jennifer Ponce

    Definitely MARCH i live in Lima and on this month of the year the summer is going, and you can have the perfect afternoon walking around just enjoying the sun set and the colors of the sky, walking and hearing the city being alive. it’s also the month where you can feel the year really starting, commitments being made, schools/ universities staring classes. it feels just nice.

  • Bob Marley’s ghost

    August, because no one dies in august.

  • Katrina

    November because it’s my birthday month and also it’s peak fall food time at the farmers markets <3 <3 <3

  • January. Lots of sunny but cold frosty mornings (the perfect kind of weather). A good walk through the woods on these kinds of mornings are the most beautiful, everything is clad with a thin powder of frost and the sun shoots through the trees, creating perfect patterns on the crisp cold floor and as you pass through the trees you a littered with broken shards of warmth upon your face. Also you are presented with the blank canvas of a new year, just waiting to be turned into another memory clad piece of beauty.

  • V. Wiseman

    April, it’s a beautiful representation of city interstate infrastructure. Cloverleaf interchange of the future?

  • February’s pretty cool I guess cause sometimes it’s different

  • ross

    April. The the warm is returning but not without a slight frigid chill in the morning that leaves most tourists scheduling their vacations for june or july. It leaves national parks empty, slabs with endless open routes, and pictures without the glare of the marching dayglow soldiers.

  • Matt Steirnagle

    February, because it’s only month with both an even and odd number of days.

  • Kyle Sheehan

    February because that’s when Mardi Gras is this year.

  • Gina!

    my favorite month is january because the beginning of the year always feels so crisp and full of possibilities. the year is new and you go through those first couple of weeks trying to remember to write the correct date on your checks

  • myangelsman09

    I always felt like August was pretty underrated. The weather starts to get nicer after a long summer, and colors are just beginning to change. And they go on and on about the April showers that bring flowers, but August can be wet in this beautiful murky way, not muggy and gross, just gently dampening all of the earth. Ok, and i also met a girl in August, so that’s a pretty good reason.

  • donna salter

    No fav here – i love everyday of every month of every year equally

  • July! The days are long, which means more time for activities. Nighttime walks in T-shirts are a bonus, but really everyone is out and having fun together. It’s a time for easy travel, for no-fuss clothes, flip flops, sunshades, beachtime, cool drinks, reading by the pool, and laziness. The weather just wants to give your body energy and your buddies sunshine for BBQ’s.

  • jess

    March. Weather wise, I absolutely hate everything about it. In fact it’s probably the worst month to live where I do in the mountains. But it means that the long winter is close to being over and soon spring will come and thaw me out.

  • Gabrielle D.

    My favorite month is May. Well, it’s my favorite month in Montreal. After an endless winter, everyone is glad to be outside without a winter coat on. Most people are smiling in the streets, looking forward to summer.

  • Jo Fong

    October because daylight savings starts in Sydney and there’s still hours of daylight left after I finish work!

  • Sarah

    May! It’s the month of my anniversary and we always travel somewhere. I look forward to going to a new place every year.

  • Janie Samreth

    My favorite month is December because so many memorable moments happen during this season! Like cuddling, cooking (and consuming) great food, and (most) people are nicer (MOST).

  • My favorite month is december because everything ends and it’s Christmas time, which is the most beautiful time of the year.

  • Annika

    In the words of Rainbow Rowell, “I was born in February, but I come alive in October. There’s a chill in the air that lifts my heart and makes my hair stand on end. Every moment feels meant for me. October, baptize me with leaves! Swaddle me in corduroy and nurse me with split pea soup. October, tuck tiny candy bars in my pockets and carve my smile into a thousand pumpkins.”

  • Zoe

    April, because of the way it sounds (i’m also partial because it’s my birth month (coincidence!?))

  • Megan W

    April, 420! And April 1, a day to prank everyone.

  • gbeauty15


  • Shannon Holliday

    I like October best because it’s the least tamed and most bewitching.

  • Scott

    My favourite month of the year is May, or maybe June. Whatever month people start wearing shorts and I’m reminded how exciting legs are!

  • Alison Kreitzberg

    June. it has the longest day of the year, Summer Solstice! The solstice festival in Seattle is always wonderful, art cars, naked bike riders, and a pageant with giant puppets! Plus, my birthday and fathers day are then, which sometimes land on the same day.

  • disqus_17TnCGEGkf

    July, because it’s winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and perfect for Mayan chili chocolate and snuggles on the couch

  • December because no one questions my ugly sweaters

  • Katy Willson

    DECEMBER is my favorite month because DECEMBER is now. I like now, the present. If today was April, 11th, my favorite month would be April. Now is good.

  • July.

    In the heat it’s the best month to smell cold rain hitting hot asphalt. Its the month that smells like home.

  • I can’t think of a month that I’d say is my favourite, but I’m going to choose June because that’s the month that caught (and held) my attention the longest in the Risograph Calendar (which is amazing!). Thanks so much for the chance to win! I’ve been looking for a great art calendar for next year and this is awesome.

  • bananas_before_bed

    April! Because it is the first month I usually jump into the cold cold Atlantic ocean! It also starts with my very favorite HOLIDAY!

  • february!!!! cause it’s carnival time. lots of people partying in the streets. love! love! love! it’s still summer… so hot… beach time! i love rio on carnival.

  • steph

    May because it’s Yam backwards and food is cool.

  • Carolina Teixeira

    There is no month that’s better than the other!

    I love all the months because I am a lover

    It may be sun or rain really near

    All this months are needed to complete one year

    I could say January

    It would be arbitrary

    The same goes on with February

    I could say March

    It is kept in my heart

    I could say April

    I would write it with my pencil

    I could say May

    I want to win this giveaway

    I could say June

    Keeping everything in tune

    I could say July

    With the summer going by

    I could say August

    It would be my trust

    I could say September

    Say it in a good timber

    I could say October

    This is one month like another

    I could say November

    This is my tender

    I could say December

    You would remember!

  • Emily Smith

    July- the graphic reminds me of a color wheel. I’m a photographer and I think about cmyk a lot, and July in particular drives home the important symbiotic relationship colors have.

  • Maggy K

    I don’t have one specific favorite month but I take april, because where I live, april is the month where the flowers begin to bloom, so do the trees and everything becomes green again. It is so refreshing and there are so many colors everywhere.

  • Kelly Little

    July ruby red walking home at night with friends happy head held high warm and green free to be aware of my breath because its warm just thankful to be here no clothes free fly oooooo weeeee July

  • Jennifer Martin

    February gives us snow storms that make everything quiet the day after.

  • Radhaika Kapur

    This calendar is really pretty. I guess right now I would say my favourite month is August because it is when the summer sunshine begins to shift gradually from clean yellow to warm orange, we probably have barbeques, watch a fantastic movie together then I say a bittersweet goodbye to my family as I embark upon the 6 hour journey to university, ready to throw my head into so many books. Hence the need for the calendar – university deadlines ;)

  • Christine Novotny

    September is my favorite month, because it contains my birthday which is on the Autumnal Equinox which is also Bilbo Baggins’ birthday. Birth, death, and Lord of the Rings.

  • December because my birthday is on the 17th :)

  • ~*~*~October~*~*~
    Every October I get nostalgic about my childhood; of watching the changing of the leaves and then raking said leaves (while whining about it).
    In terms of the calendar above, I adore June. It’s my birth month and it seems fitting that it’s such a lively cascade of shapes of colors — just the sort of work I love to make. :)

  • die_kaiserin

    since in 2015 i will organize my life just as simple and beautifull as this illustration is.

  • catdog1

    My fave month is SEPTEMBER! That back to school feeling—new chapter, slate wiped clean over the summer, renewed commitment to getting (home)work in on time.. Plus it’s my birthday, so there’s a party in there too.

  • James Voss

    July = lazy summer nights where you can sit out under the stars and watch the universe pass by. (I also really enjoy the month’s design in the calendar!)

  • Stewart Luetchford

    September – The amount of depth complexity a simple 4 sided shape can give when used in the right way!

  • mirimirr

    October! Its the month of several of my family members birth month.

  • sara MADbouli

    February is my favourite month. There’s something about it being just a bit shorter than the other months that makes me more productive- like I’ve got to work harder to fit everything I want to do in, and then go further

  • Congrats to Amie Gutierrez, Jimena, Teo Wollrabe, Proserpina Nyarla NuAge, and Desirée O! JP picked you guys as the winners of the calendars!

21.07.17 by Jeff

The Booooooom Creative Job Board

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Artist Spotlight: Till Rabus

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Artist Spotlight: Esther Sarto

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Photographer Spotlight: Angeles Peña

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She says, “In a world that spins faster and faster I feel an enormous necessity to focus on the details and the beauty of what still remains. I find myself with a nature that sustains itself but can fall at any moment. It is something that surpasses me and I cannot stop observing.”

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