09.12.14 by Jeff

Buy Nothing For €199

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Last year Amsterdam-based copywriter Pim de Graaff designed a product to remind people to enjoy everything they already have. His product, Nothing, is simply a block of wood. Actually, it’s a block of wood that comes with a rather hefty price tag of €199. A product like this would be infuriating if Pim wasn’t donating all of the proceeds from Nothing to Oxfam, an organization which fights poverty worldwide. Something to consider when buying gifts this holiday season!

There are only 10 of these white Nothings (he sold the black ones last year) so if you want one jump over here: YouNeedNothing.com

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Lorenzo Veronese

    Though the cause behind the project is pure and good buying a white block of wood (something completely unnecessary) together with the symbolic price and the design (minimalistic, not plain or simple) express a sense of elitarism which fits more to a radical chic view of charity than to volounteerism.

    [ps: sorry for my grammar]

  • Steven Ketchum

    Is this much different than a discount version Damien Hirst’s millions-of-dollars dot paintings? This seems to highlight the abstract nature of the value of objects, particularly when they’re of a conceptual or artistic nature.

    • Steven Ketchum

      I actually stand somewhat corrected…sales of some of these nothings goes towards Oxfam. So, you could at least say it does some tangible good to spend your abstract currency on this obscure object.

  • Severine7


  • ninobenito

    there’s nothing in here. moving on.

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