11.12.14 by Jeff

Animation: A Giant Montage of Gifs Created By Dozens of Animators


Close to 40 different animators contributed gifs to GIF-JAM 2014, part of Animation Breakdown’s Free For All programming for LA-based cinematheque, Cinefamily. The video was edited together by Kevin Sukho Lee (Nickelodeon’s director of animation development) to music provided by Paul Fraser.

My favourite part comes at the 1:52 mark. Watch the animation below!

Contributing Animators:

Andrew Benson    wolfandunicorn.tumblr.com
Christian Villacañas   hellomynameis.ch
Courtney Garvin    courtneygarvin.tumblr.com
Dale Anderson     wackom.tumblr.com
Dave Smith     daveofthedead.tumblr.com
David Maingault     david-maingault.tumblr.com
Dylan Hayes     sakesaloon.com
Ed Skudder     edskudder.tumblr.com
Felix Colgrave     aardvarkbutter.com
Henrique Jardim     henryscrapeteria.tumblr.com
Jack Cusumano     jackiecous.tumblr.com
Jacky Ke Jiang     timecard.tumblr.com
Jared D. Weiss     jdweiss.tumblr.com
Jaydeep Hasrajani     jayhasrajani.tumblr.com
Jen Lee     repoghost.com
Jeremy Sengly     jeremysengly.tumblr.com
Jeremy Couillard     jeremycouillard.com
Jesse Jacobs     onemillionmouths.tumblr.com
John Lisle     johnelisle.com
Johnny Woods     johnnywoods.com
Jonathan Rawlings     jonvier89.tumblr.com
Justin Hilden     justinhilden.com
Lindsay Small-Butera    coroflot.com/smalllindsay
Alex Small-Butera     coroflot.com/alexbutera
Lilli Carré     lillicarre.com
Matt Furie     mattfurie.tumblr.com
Matthias Hoegg     matthiashoegg.co.uk
Max Litvinov     kclogg.tumblr.com
Max Wittert     home.maxwittert.com
Nath Milburn     heynath.com
Neil Sanders     neilsanders.tumblr.com
Nick Arciaga     nickarciaga.com
Paul Robertson     probertson.tumblr.com
Peter Burr     peterburr.org
Sarah Schmidt     sarahmaeschmidt.com
Scott Gelber     time-cop.tumblr.com
Tim Beckhardt     timbeckhardt.tumblr.com
Tim Rauch     rauchbros.tumblr.com
Tom Hunter     mrbuffalo.tumblr.com

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

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22.05.17 by Jeff

Booooooom TV Guide

Lots of new videos to check out on our video platform, Booooooom TV, and be sure to check out all our director interviews in the feature section. Here’s a few to check out this week:


1 – Watch: “Coeur Croisé” – The art direction in this is A+.

2 – Watch: “Disillusionment of 10 Point Font” – One of our favs this year!

3 – Watch: “Orion” – not exactly sure how they created this effect.

4 – Watch: “Hills Beyond a River” – a mesmerizing journey through a city.

5 – Watch: “A Continuous Shape” – lovely portrait of a stone carver.



22.05.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Justin Bauer

A selection of artwork and images by Los Angeles-based Justin Bauer. More work below.

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22.05.17 by Jeff

Vancouver-Based OURO Collective Present “Tangent”

Last week we shot some rehearsal footage of our friends, Vancouver-based dance collective OURO, as they prepared for their first full-length show, “Tangent”. The group has spent the past year exploring movements from each member’s diverse dance background to create a story. Their unique voice is a combination of street and contemporary dance twisted into a language all its own.

For this show they’ve also collaborated with Vancouver artist Kutcorners to create original music inspired by their movements. You can listen to Tangent HERE or on iTunes and it’ll be released on Spotify shortly!

We are proud to be a media partner for OURO’s two performances this week at Orpheum’s Annex theatre (May 25th/26th). If you live in Vancouver come check it out! Their work is fun, accessible and inspiring, regardless of your knowledge of dance. There are only two performances and tickets are going fast (previous shows on Granville Island sold out completely).

Tickets: Get your tickets HERE.


OURO Collective Website

OURO Collective on Instagram



22.05.17 by Jeff

Illustrator Spotlight: Erik Svetoft

Drawings by illustrator Erik Svetoft. More images below.

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22.05.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Grace Milk

A selection of work by artist Grace Milk, originally from California and Hawaii, now based in New York. More images below.

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