15.12.14 by Jeff

Ben Skinner

ben-skinner22Vinyl and acrylic on Plexiglass mounted to wood panel.

Vancouver-based artist Ben Skinner is making some of my favourite work right now. I feel like a lot of artists making text-based work can sort of get stuck producing the same work over and over but Ben is constantly trying something completely new. Whether he uses paint, or sprinkles, or plaster, or mirrors, there’s a brilliantly absurd quality to it all. And if you look for long enough many of the dad jokes become something quite profound.

Lots more images below.

ben-skinner03Holographic foil and latex on wood panel.


ben-skinner20Gold leaf and acrylic on Plexiglass mounted to MDF.


ben-skinner14Infinity Mirror (glass, mirror, gold two-way mirror film, plexi, LEDs).


ben-skinner01Neon, acrylic mirror, MDF, Plexi, special effect film, stainless steel.


yourchances_web700justgotawhole_web700yourchances_together_web700Public art intervention (lettering added).

ben-skinner13Digital print on diecut paperboard.


ben-skinner18ben-skinner17Crayola pencil crayons, MDF, flat grey primer.


ben-skinner02ben-skinner04ben-skinner05ben-skinner06ben-skinner07ben-skinner08ben-skinner09ben-skinner10ben-skinner11ben-skinner12ben-skinner15ben-skinner16ben-skinner19ben-skinner21ben-skinner23ben-skinner24ben-skinner25Acrylic tinted HydroCal plaster.

Ben Skinner’s Website

Ben Skinner on Instagram

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

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Artist Spotlight: Carson Davis Brown

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