19.01.15 by Jeff

Video of the Day: Richie Jackson Performs Skateboard Tricks Using Random Objects


Highlights of this music video for Moon Duo include skateboarder Richie Jackson kick-flipping a pitchfork, and surfing on top of actor Kyle Mooney’s car. I love both these guys and had no idea they were friends until now.

Watch Moon Duo’s “Animal” video below!


And for those of you who watch this video and question Richie Jackson’s skating abilites, I have to include this Transworld clip (he boards a chain in this video aka he is insane):



Moon Duo’s Website

Richie Jackson’s Youtube Channel

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  • Felipe Bonilla Ramirez

    his conception of the skate and his style..unique..one the best and different skaters out there

    • ya even if he dressed like everyone else you could recognize his skating style immediately

      • Joe

        Plus Kyle Mooney!

  • Kimberly Kukoraitis

    Totally insane. I’m in love with him.

  • Benjamin Ng

    …I don’t know if I’d even call this skateboarding. It’s more like.. urban surfing? He defies all conventional skateboarding physics (!)

  • Alexander Solennov

    RJ_Inspire_me! Creative man, who love skateboarding.

  • Good !!!

  • Good !!!

  • Good !!!

  • Good !!!

22.08.17 by Jeff

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Andrea Wan iMessage Stickers

Our talented friend Andrea Wan has just released a fun collection of 60+ iMessage stickers! Check out the sticker app HERE or search for ‘Andrea Wan’ in the app store. We have 6 promo codes to giveaway so if you want one leave a comment below with a joke for Andrea. We’ll hook up 6 of you tonight!




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