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Book Giveaway: Luke Ramsey “Intelligent Sentient?”


My friends at Drawn and Quarterly sent over an advance copy of Luke Ramsey’s new book Intelligent Sentient? and is a quiet masterpiece. There are so many layers to the book, which is textless aside from a brief foreword.

To me, the book is about questioning the relationship between everything around us, and inside us, and the very idea of us. The story, if you can call it a story, features work by an all-star cast of illustrators: Jon Boam, Emmanuel Romeuf, Jesse Jacobs, Ekta, Andy Rementer, Tommi Musturi, Michael DeForge, Miss Lotion, Finlay Pogue, Remed, and of course Luke Ramsey himself. Each artist contributed a two page environment, with their own “version of an anti-character, a de-evolved human from a grey race”.

If you are excited about all this I have good news, I have a copy of the book to give away to one of you! If you’d like to snag the book, use the comments below to tell me something you’ve learned about yourself, or your environment, in recent years. We’ll pick a winner in two weeks!

If you live in Vancouver, I have even more exciting news! Luke Ramsey will be at Lucky’s Comics this Friday, February 6th, at 7pm, launching his book, and showing a slideshow!

Take a look at some images from the book below!





























Luke Ramsey’s Website

Intelligent Sentient? on Drawn & Quarterly’s Website 


Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Liam Clark

    the other day I learnt that a slugs only defence against getting eaten is to taste bad, which is a little late as a defence mechanism

  • something i’ve learned about myself in the past few years: i am too hard on myself, i am capable of pretty great things, and that a lot of my problems are self-made.

    this book looks tiiiiiiiight

  • This looks amazing !!

  • What I have learned is that people who are interested in others are the most interesting!

  • Afonso Dimas Martins

    I learned that I am capable of learning virtually anything. From outside everything looks difficult: chemistry, art, maths, cooking, loving someone. Even riding a bike is hard before you learn how to do it. I learned that life must have obstacles so we can learn how to overcome them.

  • Patateofeu

    I learned that I don’t know anything but I try to learn a little bit more during all my life.

  • RA

    I’ve learned that I am capable of immense patience – having a child can do that to a person!

  • Years ago I mentioned to my mother that I liked reading Gore Vidal because I always learned something new from his books. She replied that she no longer wished to learn anything new. That made me sad. But now I’m the age she was then and I’m happy to report that I’ve learned that I’m not like she was. I still want to learn something new–which is why I’d like to win this intriguing book.

  • I ‘ve learned that humans share 50% DNA with banana and knowing that, i still didnt figured out if as a vegetarian i can eat banana…

  • nathalie

    Something I learned recently about myself was the realization of being able to connect to body’s sensations through ballet training. I have been dancing for 30 years, but it’s just recently with my current teacher that I understood that you can actually feel your gravity center and a bunch of other stuff in your own body… in fact, it’s very hard to explain with words… but I am glad that I know it now and can use it to improve my dancing, and moreover my connection with myself.

  • This year I learned that I need to travel to be happy, to keep discover new places, new people and new mentalities (and to see beautiful places and eat good food). And it is making me feel awesome!

  • angela

    I learned that a mistake is something that can change the entire course of your life and can make you feel ill to the point where you just want to give up. But i also realized that even though everything seems too hard or too horrible to care anymore, you will always have the power and right to help yourself. No one will come in to fix everything for you and even if someone wanted to, they can’t. It’s all on you, so instead of avoiding the issue or hoping it will go away, I ultimately learned that I have to be more assertive and face my problems head on instead of dicking around and pretending everything’s ok.

  • I’ve learned that when people talk to you about world’s values, they are telling you more about themselves than they are telling about the world.

  • I have learned that my failures are lessons to be learned an nothing to be feared. Also to embrace them.

  • saeros0l

    Something I’ve learned about my self over the recent years is relative to my environment.. I can be headstrong and have always been the one to know what they want. Taking this into consideration, I am working to be more aware of others around me and more introspective of myself and the impact I make.

  • JM Francheteau

    A Hasidic Master once observed: “Thought is essentially infinite. What confines it is the spoken word. Then why does man try to express himself? I’ll tell you why: the spoken word’s function is to humanize thought.” If what is human is how we slip some tiny part of our thinking through a small aperture like a secret note to the person in the cell next door, I am trying to learn how to share like the kind of human I want to be.

  • Jenna O

    I´ve learned that I have a beatufil smile and that I´m very kind person.

  • Rotem Anna Diamant

    Thoughts loop back to him, the spell not quite broken. All these attractions and emotions manifest as the thinking mind and dreaming mind connect words and physical characteristics, a spell of memories brewed with fantasies that makes me drunk and reckless; they waltz together somewhere deep inside that I have no control over. I usually fall in love with a fantasy of someone, but maybe we all do. Then the fantasy deteriorates, and sometimes we still hold on to each other’s flaws, which become quirks, and maybe that’s the test of love.

  • Kelly Machande

    I’ve learned I do not fit into the corporate world. Corporate companies are pretty much soulless and working for one is damaging to one’s creativity and dignity.

  • Randy Morales

    I learned to ride a bike at the age of 27

  • I’ve learned how much more I have to learn.

  • I learned that all is perception, that the eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.

  • iliveonwallst

    I’ve learned vulnerability isn’t a dirty word.

  • Rebecca Ewan

    I learned that no matter how long I dwell in the desert (literally and metaphorically) I will always live by the sea (ditto) AND that comics/cartoons/graphic novels are hitting the world right now like a tsunami. Cowabunga!

  • I’ve learned that the indescribable is still worth describing.

  • MK Low

    I’ve learnt that I still don’t know who I am. Identities is always in flux.

  • Poop King

    I’ve learned that a LCHF diet can increase mental clarity for some.

  • I learned that I feel better doing my dishes every day that once a week.

  • Brooke VanDevelder

    i’ve learned its time to start taking risks

  • lucia

    I’ve learned to embrace uncertainty

  • I’ve learned a lot since moving away from Vancouver, but i’ve realized that it will always have the best tasting water, and make me feel like a whole human being with roots and purpose.

  • colinfrancis2849

    i’ve learned that mark twain was right about being on the other side of the tracks where most people don’t venture. it’s the side where you follow your thoughts without judgement in order to contribute the most valuable things we have to offer because i think, in addition to the unique talents every one of us possesses, we can easily and readily provide everybody with new perspective, and i have yet to find one that hasn’t been valuable. i’ve learned that vulnerability doesn’t always leave you feeling safe or unscathed but it will leave you satisfied. i’ve learned that it’s never too late to start anything. and the minute you think it is, you lose the game. i’ve also learned that it’s a mistake to forget that you’re still a part of something so much bigger than yourself.

  • i’ve learned that i am worthy of love and pursuing love. i’ve struggled with the idea that i could never “make it” as an artist. i put fear before ambition, i put failure before trying… what i love to do is to create & in that process share/create communities with others who have something to say. who are unapologetic of speaking up. i’ve learned that to be diligent with your art practice will fill you with joy. “ART IS DOING” -Ruth Asawa

  • Miranda Paz

    something I have learned in the past months is that following your dreams is harder than you may think. You have to make sacrifices in order to get to your goal.

  • Anthony Rojas

    I’ve learned that I really should have done some design internships before graduating. Job hunt is a struggle lol

  • Johan Lind

    I’ve learned that everything I’ve learned so far is just what I’ve learned so far.

  • MingCrosby

    I’ve learned to let go of possessions. Actually, that’s a lie. I’ve learned to let go of an excessive cook book collection. For some reason I can’t let go of my CDs. Or comics.

    That book looks gorgeous.

  • michaelwithpaws

    My environment is so much my perception. If you hate the cold and you live in a cold place, move. If you compromise too much on a passion, you’re never going to appreciate the time you’ve spent. At the risk of sounding excessively cheesy: fill your life with things that matter to you.

  • Vic W

    In recent years, after moving away from home for college, I’ve learned that I am very much a product of my environment. Surrounding myself with different people and being in an extremely dynamic environment has made me question who I am at a fundamental level. I am effected by where I am and who I am around greatly but with an understanding of this personal phenomenon I can better control my own destiny.

  • Thom Rad

    Floss daily. But seriously, I’ve come to terms with the fact that shit happens and the best way to move through it, is to just keep trying to do better. I look forward to my own projects and their failures as well. Living with a positive, mental attitude in all that I do is what keeps me going. Also, don’t look in your neighbors bowl to see if they have more than you. Look to see that they have enough.

  • Ian Hoar

    I’ve learned that when art is really good, it’s worth paying for it, even if you can get it for free.

    I love Luke to bits and am a proud owner of several of his originals. I can’t wait to pick up a copy of this when it’s released.

  • I have learned the meaning of life, death and all the rest. And the answer is YES.

  • DM

    I’ve learned that I need books over screens and that it’s a good thing that I don’t know how to “socialize” properly on “social” media.

  • justinemlor

    In recent years, I’ve learned that there is always more to learn.

  • I’ve learned that procrastination and masturbation continue to run in perpetual synchronicity. Both providing optimum creative deflation.


    I love the-every-bit of this project!

    Things I’ve come to learn on the journey…

    Externally: “…There is something in you when you were born, that was never born. There is something in you that when you die, will never die…”

    Internally: “Don’t Sweat the Petty Stuff and Pet the Sweaty Stuff”

    Sharing our stories/time with others through creative expression: music, art, etc allows a piece of our energies to participate-in and pass-through the many rhythms of life. Relax, be yourself and enjoy the ride.

  • Mia Bridges

    I have learned that 95% of the ocean floor is unmapped. I have also learned that I prefer it this way, as life is my interesting when there is mystery.

  • IRLHoaxy

    I’ve learnt that tantrums are equal-opportunity, have no age restrictions, and are basically emotional breakdowns in miniature. For me, they have always been about a lack of control. Since this realization, they have disappeared from my life.

  • joshisaurus

    As I became more mature over the years, I learned that I’m an abombinably obnoxious person and that my hair looks weird from the back.

  • mickeyf19

    Moved from waterloo iowa to portland oregon over the summer before my second half of high school. I learned what the pacific northwest energy feels like and that my childhood home fit my shape perfectly! I learned that I loved pulling into the driveway back there. Who would have guessed.

  • Tomas Nilsson

    Im learning everyday since almost two years back how to be a dad, and also how to use time in the most effective way.

  • Mee Chelle

    I recently learned I am distantly related to Joaquin Murrieta (aka The Mexican Robin Hood aka the inspiration for Zorro)

    • we picked you as the winner Mee Chelle! check your inbox!

  • Erin Mueller

    I have learned to understand and believe in a new mind set, our true natural content mind set that isn’t flawed by negativity. I learned that negativity is on the side lines and the only reason we recognise negativity is because of a self cherishing mind set. I have learned to fully listen and absorb other’s opinions, ideas and feelings, and i learned that by doing this I can learn countless new things! Loved reading a lot of these comments :) We are all equal sentient beings, living off the kindness and compassion of others. Thanks everyone <3

  • BK

    I have learned that in the silence, you don’t know, you can’t know.

  • Mário Rui Filipe

    I have learned that I can’t travel back in time. No matter how hard I close my eyes and fall asleep to a litany of conjurations, when I wake up it’s always the morning after. I learned that I’m unable to escape Eddigton’s fatalism, to turn around the arrow of time, that all the mistakes stay in the past, impervious to what I may have learned from them. But I haven’t learned how to stop wishing to be proven wrong, to be able to change just the tiniest detail and maybe do or say a different thing. Maybe I will. Maybe I have.

  • I learned that I do better, no matter where I am, when I don’t try.

  • Simon Collins

    I’ve learned to be happy

  • Rossana Jimenez

    i’ve learned that nobody lives my life but me, that i better go for it, just do it -like posting here- that the worst that can happen is at least what you learned from failing, that i create my own future with each single decision, like not working right now and instead trying to get this book that i want as a gift soooo baaaaaad! GIVE IT TO ME! i promise i will keep on learning! and will keep on sharing in everypossible way so others maybe can make same mistakes.. please? {hands together in praying gesture, index fingers below my mouth} (yes, I will beg..!) [smile/wink] – R

  • Donna Mathis Salter

    I learned through the experience of being on a jury for a severe drug charge that there are some extraordinarily compassionate people out there. I also learned that it takes alot of self-awareness to stand for what you think is right and I am still on the path to finding that self-awareness.

  • Adam Collier

    I’ve learnt that to be productive as a creative you have to surround yourself with people who constantly challenge your ideas and motivate you to make work. Without that it’s hard and you find yourself slowly falling into a creative rut, which we can all relate to at some point. People can drive us and surrounded by the right ones, bring out the best in us and our work.

  • Kaja Bang Meyer

    My backpack and I went travelling. I learned to appreciate both my own and others company more, and now I feel comfortable in more situations than before. At some point I began longing to have my own place, and now that I got it, I miss not to.

  • Matt Steirnagle

    Yesterday I learned my blood type and suit measurements. It was a good Valentines’s day.

  • Jenny T.A. Nguyen

    I’ve learned that the regret and “what-if?”s of not doing something, is harder to live with, than the lessons learned by making mistakes. There is more to gain in trying than to let fear stop me from ever beginning.

  • I’ve learned to finally accept the fact that you get to a point in your life in which you wether accept who you are or struggle to change who you are. And I don’t want to change who I am. Not anymore.

  • Luke Doble

    I learned to drop shadow.

  • Samantha Alpert

    You cant think your way out of a circle . breath and balance is key, balance in stratified spheres of information influxing at you like a hurricane, balance in dualities :mind/body experience/memory, awareness/overwhlemed. to create balance by making a healthy cycle of these dualities one flowing into the other. and utilizing lost space or breath as the glue for the dualities . the space can be meditation,walking,art,hypnagogic stage of sleep. but overall in this newfound paradigm/routine/ritual , I cant think my way out of one circle into another , I can only breathe ,like a bubble .

  • Guest

    I have learned that I crave learning. Even being in college, I just bought a violin last week to begin taking lessons. Socrates said “to know is to know that you know nothing.”
    . . . I suppose he’s right.

  • IRLHoaxy

    I’ve learnt that imagination is an important quality in humans and that most children have it on board in spades. It helps us come up with solutions and things that don’t exist yet. I’d like to learn how to nurture it more and not chase it out of our youth by doing things like punishing them for lying (or being caught in a lie).

  • Christopher Lucero

    I realized that the environment shifts depending on the new things we constantly learn.

  • Congrats to MEE CHELLE you have snagged the book, check your inbox – thank you to everyone for your amazing responses!

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