09.02.15 by Jeff

New Booooooom Project: LINE SEGMENTS

I’m excited to announce Booooooom’s next open collaborative art project is a partnership with Vancouver-based interactive studio Tangible Interaction, and will result in an installation in Spain!

We are calling this piece LINE SEGMENTS.

In March, I’m heading to Barcelona for a creative conference called Internet Age Media Weekend where I will be speaking alongside people from It’s Nice That, Nowness, Google, Nike, Creative Applications, Vimeo, and many others. Alex, from Tangible Interaction, and I wanna build a sculpture there – with your help! This is an open call to all Booooooom readers, and people all over the world!

If you would like to be an integral part of this project, we are asking for pencils! Specifically, a pencil with your name and city written somewhere on it, and a photo of your holding your pencil.

We are 3D-printing special connectors (3 kinds) that will allow visitors to the gallery space in Barcelona to use pencils to build an abstract sculpture.

Our vision for this project is to allow the visitors to decide what form our sculpture takes. The connectors we have built will allow the pencils to connect to one another in an infinite number of variations, creating an organic, web-like shape. We thought it would be fun to kinda flip the idea of pencils; rather than producing lines, the pencils will actually be the lines.

Ultimately, the piece is about connecting people all over the world, using the simplest tool for art-making. Watch the video above to get a better idea what this will look like!

After our week-long residency is over the sculpture will be dismantled and all the pencils will be donated to an art-related program in Barcelona.

We would love to have as many people involved as possible so please pass this along to anyone you think would be interested!





1. Send a standard size new or used pencil (you can send in as many as you like). The pencil can be round or hexagonal but if the pencil is too thick it will not fit our connectors.

2. Write your name and city somewhere on your pencil and decorate/personalize it. Use felts, paint, carve a design into it, whatever you want to make your pencil stand out!

3. Photograph yourself holding your pencil, before you mail it in. We want to have a slideshow of every person who contributed a pencil to our project projected in the gallery space alongside the ever-changing sculpture. If you’re a shy person you can always use the pencil to obscure your eyes or face; we really want to encourage you to send in a photo of yourself. It will be amazing to see all the different people that helped create the sculpture.

4. Please email your photo to: projects@booooooom.com with your NAME and CITY in all capital letters.

5. Please mail your pencil (you can send as many as you like) you have two options to send:

Tangible Interaction
304 – 1000 Parker Street
Vancouver BC V6A 2H2


Imperfect Future
Attn: Andres Colmenares
Carrer Sant Gervasi de Cassoles 37
6-3. 08022, Barcelona, Spain

If you live in Barcelona, we encourage you to bring a pencil to the gallery space with you and add it to the sculpture yourself! Internet Age Media Weekend tickets are available here (100€ discount code for Booooooom readers is: P3NC1LS).

We will be shooting a week-long time-lapse of the sculpture as it grows and changes shape, so everyone will be able to see what their pencils became. I hope you guys will join in on the fun! We can’t do this without you!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • I’m a big fan of your site and visit atleast 15 times a day, I run a makerspace in Syracuse and I would love to print out some of these connectors and let my members play with them. Could you post the file for the connectors?


    • Alex Beim

      Hi Michael
      Yes we will post the 3D files soon

    • awesome michael thank you! alex will send you the files!

  • Super! Look out for a Montreal-Cairo Pencil headed your way!

    • great mahmoud! thanks so much

      • Akshita buch

        sorry to hassle you! but can you please let me know about whether a delay till the 14th is going to be fine! please say YES!

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  • whats the deadline for sending the pencils? it can be any brand of pencil? and any size?

    • Alex Beim

      if coming to our studio you should send it as soon as you can. If to Barcelona it need to arrive before March 18th

    • any brand – standard width

  • Akira Kest

    Can we send mechanical pencils?

    • if the size is roughly the same as a regular pencil, that works!

  • Mark van Dam

    Could you please post the file for the connectors? I’d love to use them. I’ll send you a pencil!

  • Duc Dang

    Awesome I´m visiting Barcelona for a Weekend! Can i drop by? Is the gallery open on Weekends?

  • Cristina Turró Font

    wow, I live in the same building in Barcelona. Can I bring the pencil in person? haha

  • Akshita buch

    Hey!! i’m writing from India. Ive sent in my pencils but they only reach on the 14th of March. will that be a problem?? i really really hope not because we send many pencils and much LOVE <3 from India!! will you let me know?

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