08.05.15 by Jeff

Tomma Abts


Paintings by artist Tomma Abts. More images below.











Images via David Zwirner

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  • I sorta fail to see how these won the Turner prize. anyway, they’re interesting…

    • Space Gandalf

      Tbh, I fail to see why lots of stuff wins the turner prize (see; Martin “the moron” creed). While Abts clearly executes her work very well, I find it all incredibly bland. It looks like corporate art, decoration for the modern environment, and little more besides.

      This kind of soulless bland art really has come to prominence recently, just look at the Tate’s “Painting Now” exhibition (which Abts was included in) or the rise of “zombie formalism”. *Sigh*

  • Quan

    I admired her work when I was in art school, and I had forgotten about her until a few weeks ago; I remembered her work but not her name, and I couldn’t remember it for the life of me. THANKS FOR POSTING THIS!!!

    • Kimi

      I love when things like that happen

  • Max Walker

    These are fantastic. great textures and lighting

  • jrhydn


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