18.05.15 by Staff

V&A Illustration Awards 2015 Shortlist


Entries for this year’s V&A Illustration Awards have been narrowed down to three artists per category (Book illustration, Cover design, Editorial illustration), plus five student illustrators competing for Student Illustrator of the Year.

The winners will be announced today. The winners’ work will also be on display at the V&A Illustration Awards Gallery (London) from May 19th until August 2nd. See a selection of work by the finalists below.

Book Illustration:


In Parenthesis, illustrated by Ewan Clayton, published by Folio Society


Life, the Universe and Everything, illustrated by Jonathan Burton, published by Folio Society


Treasure Island, illustrated by Sterling Hundley, published by Folio Society

Book Cover Design:


The Book of Strange New Things, illustrated by Yehrin Tong, published by Canongate Books


The Day of the Jackal, illustrated by Tatsuro Kiuchi, published by Folio Society


The Ravens, illustrated by gray318, published by the Clerkenwell Press/Profile Books

Editorial illustration:


‘The Blackest Isles’, illustrated by Simon Pemberton, published in Financial Times Weekend Food and Drink Special. 23 August 2014.


‘Finding your Sixth Scent’, illustrated by Romy Blumel, published in Aura – The Rolls Royce Manchester magazine. 1 July 2014.


‘Stuart Broad’, illustrated by Jordan Andrew Carter, published in Sport Magazine, 1 March 2014.

Student Illustrator of the Year prize:


Dan Ungureanu (Anglia Ruskin Cambridge School of Art)


Daphne Christoforou (Royal College of Art)


Joe Munro (University of the West of England)


Marjorie Newnham (UWE Bristol)


Tim Smart (Camberwell College of Arts)

V&A Illustration Awards Website

If you have work to share, please send us a tweet or post it to our monthly submission posts.

23.06.17 by Jeff

5 Questions You Must Answer (or die)

This is our weekly discussion post where I ask 5 questions and you answer them (I answer them too). If you missed them, the previous 5 Questions posts are HEREHEREHERE and HERE.


The Questions

1- What’s your favourite piece of useless trivia?

2- What’s a bargain bin movie that’s actually really good?

3- How many times do you think you’ve stolen something in your life?

4- Describe your favourite procrastination technique.

5- What’s a unique question that I can use for a future 5 Questions post?



23.06.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Luke Ramsey

Loving these paintings from “Out In It” by Luke Ramsey, which is just coming down at Madrona Gallery, part of his artist residency in Victoria, BC. This is what summer feels like here. Have a look at more from the series as well as a couple murals below!

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23.06.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Luis Garcia aka OOGLIOO

Loving these weird drawings by San Diego-based artist Luis Garcia aka OOGLIOO. Have a look at a couple more below!

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22.06.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Gareth Cadwallader

A selection of paintings by British artist Gareth Cadwallader (another great find from Supersonic). More images below.

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22.06.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Steve Chmilar

Paintings by Canadian artist (and musician) Steve Chmilar, born in Grand Prairie, Alberta and now living in Toronto, Ontario. His upcoming show “Wrong Century” starts June 23rd at 7pm at Hashtag Gallery (Toronto). More images below.

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