28.05.15 by Staff

Universal Everything’s Wondrous Projections on the Sydney Opera House


In collaboration with 22 animation studios from all over the world, Universal Everything has created a living mural for the Sydney Opera House. While adapting cutting-edge technologies, Universal Everything encouraged a creative process intent on capturing something everyone can relate to. The hand-drawn approach, in particular, sets it apart from the kind of projections usually commissioned to light up the iconic structure. See more images and video of the project below.




































Animation Sequences:

01, Block: Universal Everything –
02, Burst: Patch d. Keyes – patchdkeyes.co.uk/
03, Fill: Drew Tyndell – drewtyndell.com/
04, Chase: Tymote – tymote.jp/
05, Multiply: Nicolas Ménard – nicolasmenard.com/
06, Climb: Parallel Teeth – parallelteeth.com/
07, Rise: KClogg – kclogg.tumblr.com/
08, Twist: Matt Scharenboich – mattscharenbroich.com/
09, Wind: Váscolo – vascolo.com.ar/
10, Swarm: Universal Everything
11, Calm: Zutto – zuttoworld.com/
12, Float: Cindy Suen – cindysuen.tumblr.com/
13, Power: Masanobu Hiraoka – vimeo.com/user6065152
14, Slide: Ori Toor – oritoor.com/
15, Spin: Ori Toor
16, Wave: Váscolo
17, Construct: DXMIQ – dxmiq.com/
18, Growth: DXMIQ
19, Flow: Ruff Mercy – ruffmercy.com/
20, Scatter: Caleb Wood – vimeo.com/calebwood
21, Shrink: Bee Grandinetti – behance.net/grandinetti
22, Noise: Takcom – takafumitsuchiya.com/
23, Attack: MixCode – mixcode.tv
24, Boom: nöbl – nobl.tv
25, Bounce: Matt Abbiss – abbiss.co/
26, Ricochet: Matt Frodsham – mattfrodsham.com/
27, Splash: Guille Comin – guillermocomin.com/
28, Bang: Universal Everything
29, Embrace: Matt Frodsham
30, Melt: Caleb Wood
31, Stripe: Matt Abbiss



Via It’s Nice That

Universal Everything’s Website

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  • Ben Lockhart

    Beautiful! I feel like the shape of the building was underutilized a lot though.

    • Kimi

      The toucan one was great for that

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