08.06.15 by Staff

Video of the Day: “Spinning Daggers


Mesmerizing video by Benjamin Ducoz featuring small, wooden sculptures set in motion amongst a natural landscape. Watch below!



Benjamin Ducroz’s Website

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  • Joe

    Hypnotic. Almost reminds me more of underwater plant life. Would love to see a second video that puts these underwater (not sure if that’s feasible…).

    • Kimi

      Something kelp or coral-like–yeah I could see that!

  • Wow this is a real visual pleasure. The stop-motion quality gives the whole video a very unique tone, i love it

    • don’t think there’s any stop-motion – it’s just the sculpture rotating

      • Kimi

        Not sure about this specifically but a lot of his work is stop motion/computer graphic mix

      • It’s definetly stop-motion; you don’t see the wooden plates rotation, just how they instantaniously switch places.
        It’s very smoothly done, and it works perfect with the music!

  • benjamin ducroz

    hi – it was filmed at 25 frames per second – they rotate around the same frame rate of the camera – lazy animation – yes when i put them upright they look like squid.

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R.I.P. Prodigy

Listening to this Shlohmo remix of Shook Ones on repeat in memory of Prodigy. The track is from Shlohmo’s summer mix for Sneeze Mag, the whole thing is worth a listen.