08.06.15 by Staff

Video of the Day: “Spinning Daggers


Mesmerizing video by Benjamin Ducoz featuring small, wooden sculptures set in motion amongst a natural landscape. Watch below!



Benjamin Ducroz’s Website

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  • Joe

    Hypnotic. Almost reminds me more of underwater plant life. Would love to see a second video that puts these underwater (not sure if that’s feasible…).

    • Kimi

      Something kelp or coral-like–yeah I could see that!

  • Wow this is a real visual pleasure. The stop-motion quality gives the whole video a very unique tone, i love it

    • don’t think there’s any stop-motion – it’s just the sculpture rotating

      • Kimi

        Not sure about this specifically but a lot of his work is stop motion/computer graphic mix

      • It’s definetly stop-motion; you don’t see the wooden plates rotation, just how they instantaniously switch places.
        It’s very smoothly done, and it works perfect with the music!

  • benjamin ducroz

    hi – it was filmed at 25 frames per second – they rotate around the same frame rate of the camera – lazy animation – yes when i put them upright they look like squid.

18.08.17 by Staff

“Happy Breakfast” by Artist Gary Card

“Happy Breakfast” is a psychedelic zine by set designer and artist Gary Card. Filled with colourful and chaotic images that blur the line between cute and creepy, what began as a commission for Japanese magazine Them, has turned into something of an ongoing experiment thanks to London-based publishers Katie Bagley and Ferry Gouw of New World International. See more images below.

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18.08.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Kelly Bjork

Paintings by Seattle-based artist and illustrator Kelly Bjork (previously featured here). See more images below.

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18.08.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Rachael Jablo

Collages by artist Rachael Jablo, currently living and working in Berlin. Informed by the work of English botanist and photographer Anna Atkins, Jablo tears up photograms of flowers, piecing them back together to create new shapes and patterns. See more images from “Where are you going, where have you been?” below.

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18.08.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Ed Cheverton

A selection of playful work by Bristol-based artist and illustrator Ed Cheverton, including several animations based on some of his 3D toys! See more images below.

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17.08.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Daniel Bilmes

Paintings by Los Angeles-based artist Daniel Bilmes. See more images below.

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