03.09.15 by Jeff

Booooooom Reader Submissions: September


Here is this month’s submission post! Thank you for all your amazing submission to the August Submissions post and as always, keep those encouraging comments to one another coming!

This is the best way to submit your work to be considered for a post on Booooooom. Thanks again to everyone for up-voting work you like, it really encourages artists in this community and helps me see what work you like. I encourage you to share your work here because these posts get a lot of traffic and even if your work is not a fit for Booooooom it still gets seen, and definitely sends traffic to your own websites.

Please share your work here this month. The comments allow images to be attached so make sure post an image along with a link to your website.

Submission guidelines:

1. Please don’t flood the comments with a dozen images, just post 1 image that represents your best work along with 1 link.

2. If you see good work posted by someone upvote it so it appears at the top. This is not just a nice thing to do, it helps me see what work you actually like.

3. You can/should also encourage people who are sharing good work here! Comment on their posts and let them know you like what they’re doing. I really want to foster a community here, and this is a simple way you can connect with other people making work.

4. Keep in mind your post may not show up right away because it has an image attached. It may need to be manually approved first so don’t freak out and post a million times, once is enough.



Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Sisasörn

    Every party is a coordinated crisis response | 148 x 175 cm | Oil, Acrylic, Pen, Pencil, Marker on Paper | 2015

    • tessadoniga

      Love it.

  • mikhomisho

    recreating the famous paddle jump / @mikhomisho

    • Excellent photo. Black clothes and sharp shadows go great together.

      • mikhomisho

        Thank you, Wouter!

  • Ian J. Carr

    Far: Untitled, 2009, steel, prefabricated hardware, wood, 71 x 40 x 14 inches (180 x 100 x 35 cm)

    Near: Untitled, 2010, steel, prefabricated hardware, glass, aerosol paint, 51 x 39 x 23 inches (130 x 100 x 60 cm)

  • Prince Johnny-Jos

    Some of The Women I Met Today, drawing on paper

    instagram @fag_prince

  • Andrew Watson Kirk

    Andrew Watson Kirk. Exponent. 2014-2015. 24″x36″, oil on canvas.
    instagram: @andywatsonkirk

    • Lisa Gronseth

      Your colors remind me of Franz Marc who is one of my favorite painters.

      • Andrew Watson Kirk

        thank you!

  • “Albert Camus” 11″x14″ oil on canvas.

    instagram: @zachkmendoza

  • Michelle Lorén

    Twig & Rope (2015)
    IG: @fotoinfinitum

  • Juan Pablo Manuel


  • In coming acte 06, Wildness in my flesh. Juan del’O

  • Freek Wille

    Give it a second shot.

  • Untitled
    Plaster-branches- acrylic black-varnish wood 70×80 cm

  • Daniel Fleming

    Daniel Fleming – @dflemingstudio
    Hymn Singers.
    Acrylic on canvas.

  • Cat Wood

    Cat Wood. film.
    Instagram: @silkycoyote
    Website: http://mothpup.tumblr.con

  • Body Talk – Sequential illustration Inspired by a Poem | Pencil and Digital mixed media | 2015|

    instagram: @sampada.gurung

  • Matthias Lund

    Buntzen Lake
    Instagram: @matthiaslund

    • nice one Matthias

  • Kent Yoshimura

    “Love Me Not” | cardboard and chicken wire | 2015
    Instagram: rebvs_

    • I love the sculpture. And this photo of it just as much. It’s the rhythms of the lines and the repeating of the yellow and green parts.

  • faelogan

    Hand cut washi over chiyogami
    Faith B. Logan
    Instagram: @faithsstudio

  • Cameron Connelly


    Instagram: wingothetraveler

    Large format photography – using a technique that blends analog photography with traditional painting, in camera.

  • Mixed media on a spent skate deck.
    IG: @cursewordsandbirds

  • Anthony Woods

    Instagram: @la_ti_han
    Website : everlastinghands.com

  • Marlon Preuss

    Website: Marlonpreuss.tumblr.com

    15″ x 18″ sharpie on illustration board

  • Aminah
  • Caitlyn Murphy

    “Putting Problems”


  • “Another Mistake” – mixed media on panel about 16″ x 24″



  • Anna & Mirror, 120mm • From series ‘Rockabilliy Picnic’

  • Japanese Foodie

    The Snack Poster is a Japanese snack inspired graphic design. Instead of promoting well-known corporation manufactured Japanese snacks we all know today, I wanted to introduce the authentic Japanese snacks that are supposed to be freshly made for hundreds of years in Japan. Japanese snacks are not junk food, they hold a huge part of the Japanese food and art culture that are still deeply appreciated in their main festivals and event celebrations.


  • Casey Curran

    this is amazing!

    • Yuichi Ikehata

      Thank you so much!

  • Pia Zoelzer


  • Pia Zoelzer

    oh! i like it a lot!

  • Evan

    Nice work. The close-up splices of the image make me ask questions and keeps me looking.

  • Terrina Bibb

    LABRINTH pen drawing

  • Dani Danielle

    This is amazing. Is there any reason why it’s cut off half way. You have to click on ‘see more’ to view it the whole image? It doesn’t really give the image a chance.

  • ig: @joshmakes

  • Lisa Gronseth

    I love the series on your website! Fantastic!

  • Lisa Gronseth

    I went through your whole website. Your work is awesome!

  • Minotaur footbal fan

  • Pla Neta

    one from me

  • This could mean many things to many people. Love it. :)

    • Giulia S

      thank you Quibix! I’m making a series of illustrations about phones, you can see more of them on my tumblr! ;)

  • Peter Nolan

    great work!

  • Ben

    Thank YOU

  • Monique


  • Monique


  • nice one!!

  • Jessica Jessica

    “The Road”

  • Nice!

    • Sasha Katz

      Thank you!

  • v. cool!

    • Sasha Katz

      i’m glad you like =)

  • Germán Esono

    From my last series, portraits of people that may not exist, available as print-on-demand on the Saatchi Art website: http://www.saatchiart.com/account/artworks/747081


  • Andy Fink Dosenko

    what a beauty!

  • Lindsay Buchman
  • from a work in progress, ‘no zest for life, only the lemons.’

  • Kiran


  • Kiran

    Love the contrast of mediums! Great piece of art

  • Jess Brilli Bronstad

    Novato, CA, 1968

  • Roman Shin

    Recent works in prog

  • Scott Santee

    instagram: @santeeattack

  • great work miguel love to see more in this style

  • diggin this!

    • Jason Parker

      Thanks Jeff, and thanks for the feature!

      • my pleasure Jason

  • this and the paintings on your site are fantastic wouter

  • Photo collage for a wedding zine http://www.laurahelenwinn.com/#/next-to-me/

  • Sander Crombach

    Bringing art into branding – programmatic visual identity http://www.sandercromba.ch/detekstbrouwmeester

  • Karen Ösp Pálsdóttir

    Momentarily Moved
    Animation made from 10 paintings
    Acrylic on Paper
    8.5 x 11 inches


    Link to this body of work

  • Blur Video

    I would like to share the video I made, a trip to the cosmos.

    Gala Brie – “Señorita Vampiro”

    Blur Video’s vimeo channel:

  • Josh

    Yeah João!

  • Sky

    Complete redesign, all Hand Drawn deck of playing cards. The Venture Deck, focusing on typography and illustration,

  • sweeeet

    • Sasha Katz

      thank you, Jeff!

    • Sasha Katz

      Jeff, thank you so much for the feature i really appreciate it!

  • great!

  • interesting painting with the abstract shapes, figurative parts and dropshadow effects. Just had a look at your site, I like the recent paintings most.

  • Surf and Ocean inspired sculptures made with driftwood, found surfboard, crystallized salt and Mycofoam.

  • Mary Dykstra

    Hungry Heart, 24″ x 18″, acrylic and colour pencils on wood panel.


  • Valentin
  • evo soria

    Part 1 of my series called “Do you even contemporary art bro?”
    you can see more on my website http://evosoria.com or on my instragram

  • Wiktoria Florek

    Love it!

  • Wiktoria Florek

    Great one!!!

  • Vilma Farrell

    Have you ever seen a lampshade handcrafted with used coffee filters? Yes, recycled coffee filters. Trash becomes art!

  • Andrea
  • Ian Trajlov
  • Nata Kofe


  • Maricar Manalo

    “Graffitees”: tiny hand embroidered patches designed to interact with well known fashion brands. http://maricormaricar.com/#/graffitees/

  • My September submission: NAVI – “Eyes Wide Shut”, music video directed by NMC


  • Julien Charnallet

    Hello Booooooom,

    We are two french creatives, we got out of our school few months ago (ECV). We’ve just posted online an interactive experience, named “A Day in Hollywood”, here:


    We think you might find interest in the idea.

    Also, here is our website, with an interactive video menu and a special navigation on scroll in the “News” section:


    Please feel free to contact us for any information or simply to give us your advice!

    Best Regards,

  • Dan Nuttall


    In Ontario, Canada, the introduction of a new sexual education curriculum has caused considerable controversy. This installation intervenes by holding a mirror up to this controversy. On top of the desk sit “bivalves” on a silver serving tray. The bivalves, made of cast concrete, have shells cast from twinned jockstrap cups. Inside the shadowed wood school desk interior but visible to the observer sits a shucking knife. The knife sits on top of overlapping “graffiti” – statements made by those who oppose the new sexual education curriculum. The desk and its contents sit in dialogue with a large, offset rectangle on a nearby wall, painted in chalkboard green.

    More at: http://www.dandoesdesign.com/

  • Simone

    Watercolour on Paper, 15x15cm (detail)

  • Giulia Fioravera
  • Giulia Fioravera
  • Ashley S
  • Artist and writer Nathan Janes is announcing his crowd funding effort to self-publish his book that examines the intricacies of social attitudes in the 21st Century. The book, Kingfisher and Wren, is a collection of over 50 illustrated verses. The purpose is to stimulate philosophical inquiry and engage children in thoughtful discussions.

  • Georgina Campbell
  • Lovely!

    • Daniel Warren


  • Martin Sek

    This is an experiment between envy, porn, beauty and music.
    Enjoy it!


    • Kala

      Niiiiiiiice !

  • Follow-D


    3 colour radial screen print


  • like this one a lot

    • Thank you Jeff! You made my day :-)

  • I had a look at you website. Beautiful work there. I am loving your gifs!

    • Sasha Katz

      Thank you so much!

  • ประธาน โกมลหิรัณย์

    ‘Fisher Man Friends’ / drawing on paper / side A3 / 2015

  • Al

    The Flight : EWR

  • Nice man!

  • refreshing!

  • Really like this

  • Brilliant

  • So lovely!

  • shibby3030

    “Clotho” by Jeremy Beswick

    -16″ x 22″ Giclee with hand-finished 19c gold acrylic ink

    -Signed/numbered edition of 11


  • Chris Jopp
  • Sasha Katz


    • Beatiful!!!

    • Ricardo Seola

      Thank you, Sasha!

  • Nick Mariana

    Love how playful and free this is — the tumblr stuff great as well!

  • ประธาน โกมลหิรัณย์

    pirot 2 / Drawing on paper / 2014

  • Very nice!

  • wow!

  • Chris Lynch

    Narrative / Dance video to ‘Dancing All Night’ by singer/songwriter Frankie Davies – https://youtu.be/nU1tl6nJYlQ


  • Emanuele Kabu

    some new illustrations


  • Geoffrey Stein

    Acrylic, gesso, pencil and collage material from The Metro, Evening Standard, and London tube map on paper, 62 x 60 inches, 2015.

    “Boris” was done in London while I participated in the first London Intensive
    put on by the Slade School of Fine Art and the Camden Arts Centre.
    The London Intensive was a one month residency for 21 artists from 13
    countries. During the third day of the residency, a tube strike
    started in the evening and continued through the next day. More
    strikes were threatened. It was then I thought of doing a portrait of
    Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, using tube maps. The drawing for
    the Mayor’s portrait was over five feet square, so it did not seem
    realistic to use the small tube maps. Instead I used the Metro and
    Evening Standard papers that are given away at most tube stops, and
    was able to use tube maps for Mr. Johnson’s eyes. “Boris” was
    shown at the Camden Arts Centre exhibit concluding the London

  • Michael Ziobrowski

    “Hot Pink American Summer”
    Collage (aerosol, adhesive tapes & magazine clippings)

    8×10″ on cradled wood
    by Michael Ziobrowski
    IG/ @xistheweapon

    THanks for opening up the submissions Jeff!

    • Randy Jim

      Swerving up on ya! Awesome piece!

  • Beautiful.

  • .Lagoon. 10 ” x 10”
    Graphite, Acrylic & Gouache on Wood
    IG: _brownrecluse_

  • Digin this

  • Really dope work

  • Metavee Varintaravejh

    My collaborative project with friend called “Letterpleased”
    more about me and the project : http://metavee.net

  • Ana Costov
  • Spraypaint on a shipping container ;)

  • Damon Kelley
  • Simeon O’Neill


  • karenreyes


  • Angela Deane

    Witches, swimming (They don’t all melt)
    Instagram: @angeladeane

  • Ara Michelle Sprewell

    Ara Michelle Aranguri
    Instagram: @kno_marz

  • Ara Michelle Sprewell

    Ara Michelle Aranguri

    Instagram: @kno_marz

  • Amandine Zoli

    “Sophie is born”
    Oil on canvas
    70 x 50 cm

    My instagram : @zoliamandine
    website : http://amandinezoli.wix.com/zoliamandine

  • Natalie Dombois
  • ‘Never Gonna Change’ http://www.barnabassiwila.com

  • The Bafflement Fires: an Art-Game recreation of a Freemason board game from the 1950s. URL: http://www.dpoetry.com/fires

  • I love this so so much!!!!

  • Kaktus Art project! a new robot adventure in 3D. My official website will be online in October.

    Waiting, just take news on my FB page : https://www.facebook.com/KaKtus-Art-1490003987960731/timeline/
    With love!! :))

  • Erik Hayes
  • Roland Mikhail

    rolandmikhail.com Acrylic on panel 36×43 inches. All airbrushed.


    more work on instagram : @somfoto

  • My Zoologie Collage Collection which i call “Bestiario”, this is one piece that integrates it.

  • Space Limo

    Duck like ! drawing on paper / 2015

  • Space Limo

    Fisher ! drawing on paper / 2015

  • Space Limo

    Chick run ! drawing on paper / 2015

  • Space Limo

    Croco die ! drawing on paper / 2015

  • Space Limo

    Skool hard rock ! drawing on paper / 2015

  • Space Limo

    Birdy ! drawing on paper / 2015

  • Ouendi


  • Anckmillan
    Digital and analogic painting
    70×98 cms

  • Eu gosto muito do seu trabalho!

    • Eduardo Recife

      Obrigado Marja! :)

  • I love this one!

  • Graham Robinson

    Beautiful work, Jennifer. I love ‘Typical Queen’

    • Jennifer Day

      Thanks so much Graham!

  • Sawdust Bureau

    Pinch Bench is now available in a limited edition, Scandinavian-inspired version, aka Pinch Blond. Handmade in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Brendan Caleb Calton

    I’m just starting out and this is my very first “official” drawing completed this summer for my Drawing 1 class! Let me know what you think! Thanks to booooooom for allowing me to post this!

    Hugo Boss Duffel Bag / 18″ * 24″ / graphite

  • Brendan Caleb Calton


  • Shweta Patil


  • Mara Joel

    Horseshoe Bay in the Afternoon. Oil on canvas 36X36 inches.
    This was from a photo taken at Whitecliff Park

  • Mara Joel

    Top of the Mountain
    30 x 40 Inches oil on canvas
    From a picture taken on Seymour Mountain.

  • Saul Cuevas

    All works here are awesome, thanks for see mine


    Oil and Acrylic on canvas

  • George Lockyer

    Simply sublime! klimt esk, love it

    • Thanks! Klimt was a huge inspiration for me a long time ago. My work has changed a lot since then, but I guess I retained some of his influence!

  • George Lockyer


  • Cayl Austin

    Transgenic. 20″ x 24″‘s. Oil on Wood Panel.

  • Cayl Austin

    Cultivated Space. 20″ x 24″. Oil on Wood Panel.

  • Cayl Austin

    Nurture the Twinge. 20″ x 24″. Oil on Wood Panel.

  • Cayl Austin

    Hushed and Spined. 20″ x 24″. Oil on Wood Panel.

  • Tabitha Whitley

    I love the mixture of Representation and abstraction really cool.

  • Tabitha Whitley

    I think this piece is beautiful it feels so delicate and surreal.

  • Shelly Mosman

    “Buddy in the creek”

  • Diego Arroyo

    Hope you guys like my latest work. A photographic series from Nepal.


  • Olivja Avrami

    Digital art-Details
    instagram: @ibelongwithapotato

  • I have this album, its a Barbara Streisand workout! (i’ve not used it haha)

  • Jeyson Martins

    Studies with the moving image and the graphite. Recalling Muybridge and his research.Light spray, stencil and photo developer under sensitive paper. 12f/s

  • slime

    digital illustration


  • great work

    • Stacie Green

      Thank you, Jeff. :)

  • Juliana Barrault

    digital collage
    Peter lindberg meets Rubens

  • James Loram
  • Robert Joseph Manning

    ‘Lester’ A2 – Digital.


    Ahhhh heckkkk!

  • jacob burge

    Super style!

  • Nice monoprints!

  • Ali Şentürk
  • Ah, I see what you were saying. Thanks for enjoying them.. yeah sorta similar, except since the oil layer is so thick and it peels off in one piece, the other side of it is what becomes visible, which looks far different than the front side.

  • Isis Fisher
  • Dan Nuttall

    “Stilled Life With Curriculum” by Dan Nuttall showing at Roadside Attractions, 911 Davenport Road, Toronto, August 2 – September 13. This installation holds a mirror up to the controversy surrounding the implementation of Ontario’s new sex education curriculum. More here:https://dannuttallblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/26/how-one-toronto-artist-is-responding-to-torontos-controversy-surrounding-the-new-sex-education-curriculum/ https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8fc6750b604a0a844e108a26af2b42dc7344640a56679111414b9647d500c96e.jpg

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