01.02.16 by Jeff

Booooooom Reader Submissions: February


Thanks to everyone who submitted work last month to the January Reader Submissions post. For those that don’t already know, these monthly posts are the best way to submit your work to be considered for a post on Booooooom. Thanks again to everyone for up-voting work you like and leaving the positive comments to each other, it really pumps people up, and helps me see what work you like. I encourage you to share your work here because these posts get a lot of traffic and even if your work is not a fit for Booooooom it still gets seen, and definitely sends traffic to your own websites.

Please share your work here this month. The comments allow images to be attached so make sure post an image along with a link to your website.


Submission guidelines:

1. Please don’t flood the comments with a dozen images, just post 1 image that represents your best work along with 1 link.
2. If you see good work posted by someone upvote it so it appears at the top. This is not just a nice thing to do, it helps me see what work you actually like.
3. You can/should also encourage people who are sharing good work here! Comment on their posts and let them know you like what they’re doing. I really want to foster a community here, and this is a simple way you can connect with other people making work.
4. Keep in mind your post may not show up right away because it has an image attached. It may need to be manually approved first so don’t freak out and post a million times, once is enough.



Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Ian J. Carr

    Untitled, 2016, Steel, wood, prefabricated hardware, latex paint, 45.5 x 11 x 8.5 inches (116 x 28 x 22 cm)
    Additional pictures and info on ianjamescarr . com!

    • Lauren Pizzi

      Very, very cool. Love your paintings as well!!

      • Ian J. Carr

        Thank you Lauren!

    • I believe you could make interior design for bars with such skills

  • David WallB

    Barbers’ hut in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.
    More London & World Wild photos on Instagram @offthewallb

  • thanks for the opportunity. Here my site http://www.cargocollective/pedromelom

    • Rodrigo Aguilar

      Hello, love the colors of your artworks :) and love the wood pieces!

  • Katy Welsh

    Dotter, Screen Printed Fabric. 2015
    See http://www.cargocollective.com/katywelsh for more images of work
    Hope you like!

  • Michael Brown
  • Michelle Tourikian

    This is gorgeous!

    • Jafet Blanch

      Tnx Michelle!

  • Michelle Tourikian

    I love this, fantastic job!

  • bliss!

  • Lauren Pizzi

    Your work is outstanding.

    • Jafet Blanch

      Glad u like it. Thanks!

  • KingsmoHill

    La Colline du Roi Mo , 2016 / Paris

  • Rubin Gabeau

    graphite on raw canvas
    no web presence

  • Montserrat Piña Benetts

    The best.

  • Matt Schinner

    Fables of Divinity

    Technique: Acrylic
    Date: 2016
    Material: canvas
    Dimensions: 48X72in

  • Anna Buckner


  • Britt Flood

    Oh wow really vibing this. This will flow with me all day! Love!

    • Andrey Smirny

      Hahah thanks! Appreciate it

  • Britt Flood

    palette goals

    • secret weapon cad yellow med

      • Britt Flood

        yessss! incredible <3

  • zouassi

    i love this

  • Diego De La Rosa


  • Nathan Carlson

    “Pregnant Pause”

    Mixed media on masonite, 39×48″

  • Joe Gegan

    Thank you!

  • Marta

    Perdiz is a magazine about people and the things that make them happy. http://www.perdizmagazine.com

  • Holo

    Foldable Paper Frames

  • Rebecca Chitticks

    Felix, oil on canvas.


  • Isabella Andronos
  • Guy

    Music Video: Sentry – Station Crucial

  • Sick!

  • Damon Charles

    Great stuff. A kind of 80’s Moebius vibe. :)

    • Andrey Smirny

      Definitely! Thank ya Damon

  • always good!

    • Graham Yarrington

      thanks man!

  • Joseph Huggins

    Love the application of paint here!

    • Joe Gegan

      Thank you!

  • Joseph Huggins

    really like the pattern and the contrast between the orange and black.

  • Mykl Wells

    Bad Bait, Miniature oil on panel, about the size of a half-dollar.

  • From a series of tiny 1″x2″ literary portraits and frames.
    instagram: @zachkmendoza

  • nice work

  • Love the shallow depth and how everything is up on the surface! Cool!

  • “Valley”
    acrylic & charcoal on canvas, 12 x 16in
    Instagram: david.m.esquivel

  • Absolutely perfect!

    • Thank you David!!

      • can you email me larger images of your work! thanks Julia

      • Julia Faber

        Hey Jeff,
        great! I have emailed you a link to my dropbox and this image in big. Or do you prefer them all by mail? It just got a bit too big, but I could send them separately if you prefer this. Thank you for your interest and I hope to hear from you. Julia

      • hmm i dont see the email – can you double check the address you sent it to, or just give me the link here!

      • Julia Faber

        Hey Jeff, sorry for the late answer, the message was in my spam, so I didn’t see it. Here is the dropbox link:


        Hope it works now. :-)

  • Lauren

    LOVE it

  • Alberto

    This is so cool. Love all the pattern on it!

  • malcolm mccarthy

    the colour in this is mad!

  • malcolm mccarthy

    your work is so cinematic, its crazy good!

  • beautifully crazy

  • Gabe Mangold

    ‘Ode to Kim Jong Un’ Animation/music by Gabe Mangold 2016.

  • mattsloe

    This is beautiful, i love the depth in it. real nice.

  • Jill Hannes
  • Teresa Ruiz Maciá

    love this!!

  • Teresa Ruiz Maciá

    very nice and colorful

  • Teresa Ruiz Maciá

    love it!

    • Jonah Ainslie

      Cheers Teresa

  • justniedr

    ESCAPISM : a.justinebasa@gmail.com || IG: justneidr || twitter: justniedr

  • Sára J. Molčan

    Really digging this.

  • Sára J. Molčan

    This is great!

    • Jonah Ainslie

      Thanks Sara

  • Ricardo Voss Rossi

    lov it

  • Ricardo Voss Rossi


    • Tom Le Ruez

      Thank you!

  • Ricardo Voss Rossi


  • Ricardo Voss Rossi


    • Reno Nogaj


  • Ricardo Voss Rossi

    love your stuff !!

    • Adi Putra

      thanks !

  • Sára J. Molčan

    I really love this

    • James Connolly

      Thanks Sára!

  • Beautiful.

    • Adi Putra

      cheers !

  • This is very good!

    • Jonah Ainslie


  • Martina Hernandez Carbonell

    Love what you do, it’s amazing stuff!!!

    • Mar

      Thanks Martina!! ^-^

  • Carl Bork

    (The Creation of) Free Will
    Oil 60″ x 48″

  • the one who left
    will not return
    even if he’s back

    ‘ quien se fue
    no volverá
    aunque regrese ‘

    – pen,pencil, paper –

  • Beautiful work. Your gallery is amazing :)

    • Thank you so much DomoSuki! :-)

  • [the third one]

    I and me are always too deeply in conversation.
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

    cut&paste collage

  • It’s just awsome

  • beautiful colors

  • it’s really awsome

    • Mikael Aldo

      Thank you!

  • “In Time“, 2015, acrylic on canvas, 50×60 cm


  • ryan


    • Danny Mac


  • diane thayer

    minimal…. love it

    • Danny Mac

      thank you!

  • Dunes77

    this is really nice

  • Jenny Evans


  • Birgit Zartl

    love it <3

  • mattsloe


  • mattsloe

    love these

    • donny


  • Andrew Watson Kirk

    28″x 36″

  • Scott Csoke


    • donny

      Thank you!

  • Beautiful!!!

  • Daizuque Satou

    mixed media
    size: F40 (variable)

  • NicoleMaeAdams

    Love your colors!

    • Sára J. Molčan

      Thanks Nicole!

  • Ricardo Voss Rossi

    Very Nice Andrea !! Take a look at Juan Gomez stuff, maybe you’ll find a soulmate in her

    • Thank you! As far as Juana Gomez… Yes, yes, yes. I’ve seen it! It’s lovely.

  • Ricardo Voss Rossi

    Lov it !!

    • polilovi


  • Gia Liapi

    The Contemporary Art Gallery presents the first solo exhibition in Canada by British artist duo John Wood and Paul Harrison. “I DIDN’T KNOW I DIDN’T KNOW IT”.
    Their practice unfolds as a way of observing the human condition, an ongoing investigation into the world that surrounds us, the objects we encounter and use daily, and our fundamental engagement with the physical universe in all its sometime or seemingly futile existence.

    Opening Thursday, February 11 – 7pm @ the CAG

  • I just want to know what it all means, the mutil-colour, the pink stuff, the white lines. I can relate to the black and grey bits and the head down position

    • Graham Yarrington

      Its part of a series I’m working on developing into a narrative piece. thanks for the interest!

  • Alonzo Oavialar

    Félix Vallotton Tribute.
    Oil on Post-it


  • Gemma Suyat

    The London Underground Tube Map reimagined for Valentine’s Day by Gemma Suyat & Stefano Carniel.

  • Andrew Watson Kirk

    “pretty girl, painted photo realistically, with slap dash abstractions in the back ground, palette of burnt umber, white and black, entitled something vaguely poetic…pretty girl, painted…”

    text on a website, dimensions variable, 2016

  • Liz LIN

    “usless poem”

  • Love the atmosphere

    • johan barrios

      Thank you :)

  • Beautiful!

    • Danny Mac

      thank you pierre!

  • Excellent, Love this one!

  • Love this one

    • Lauren

      Thank you Marja!

  • i love this!

  • love it

  • love it

  • Nina Rosner

    This is Stuck In The Sound’s new music video for ‘Miracle’, directed by Jakarno for Passion Paris.

  • Glen Kalfsvel


  • Veronika Woolf

    Sleeping man A3
    Colour pencil

  • Irene Moray


    • Danny Mac

      thanks irene

  • Joel Hayden

    These are gorgeous

    • johan barrios

      Thankyou !

  • Joel Hayden

    beautiful lighting!

  • epiiiicccccc

    • Mar

      Thankssss ;-)

  • Flakonkishochki

    The poster for my upcoming exhibition “Discomfort” which will take place in Bushwick, Brooklyn on February 25–28.
    Here is the event page with more detailed information: https://www.facebook.com/events/179151345782003/

  • Julia Iredale

    Acrylic on paper

  • johnrosspost

    Yellow /
    Analog Collage /

  • Chaos #6, China Ink on paper, 56 x 76 cm.
    Yann Bagot

  • Good work.

    • johan barrios

      thankyou man !

  • faith

  • Jeremias Janikow

    “Ecto 1”
    Watercolor and pencils
    from proyect “Carrera de Noños”


  • “Iceberg Melter”
    Relief Print
    11 x 14 in

  • Isobel Adderley

    P U L S – series and performance.

  • Erin

    wheatpaste + painted paper in cleveland, oh!


  • Jennifer Loeber

    “Pleasures of the Uninvited, Cannes, France 2015

  • Tania Dibbs

    “Monument”- functional chaos of man / disconnect with environment
    oil on canvas, 72″ x 48″, 2016

  • e j

    Samurai 2, screenprint, 8.5 x 11

  • “MC1R”

  • Allison Skula

    “Body #6″
    Collaged self portraits drawn over with charcoal, 20″x 30”

  • TRAPO is a project of printed-art.
    Imaginary worlds from our painting and original designs to dress and decorate .
    Our first collection: “Espacios”

    “Plantas”/ Espacios 15´

  • Katherine Squier


  • Cecile V.


  • Diane Evans


  • Sol Anna

    oh very nice!

    • Lauren

      Thank you Sol!

  • great graham

    • Graham Yarrington

      thanks jeff! and many thanks for the feature!

  • love it

    • johan barrios

      Thank you !!! that is amazing !!

  • Edward Tuckwell


  • :D love it.

    • Mar

      ^-^ thanks Adriana!

  • Process of Thinking

  • Kevin

    All your work is great!

  • Kevin

    Very colorful!!

  • melissa

    Dylan Garrett Smith
    What You Fear Will Come Upon You, 2016
    Acrylic and oil on canvas
    48 x 48 inches

  • sara

    Acrylic on wood
    IG : s.khxlid ( new to instagram :) )

  • nice!

  • love this

    • Sol Anna

      thank you <3

  • onlyART

    it’s really suprise me then after first look i think what this is photography – inspiring!

  • onlyART

    great mood :)

    • Thank you OnlyArt!

  • Megan Andrews


  • Worldpuzzle – By Buttafly
    60 x 80 cm

  • Cecile V.

    Que lindo y luminoso es su taller!

  • Cecile V.

    Amazing work!!!

  • Cecile V.

    This made me smile…!

  • Daria Aleksandrovna


    • Thank you Daria! :-)

  • Beautiful, she look real.

  • Vic Vik

    Thanks) Pleased to hear this

  • leonardcombier.com

    15x15cm, Posca and ink on Paper

  • Andrea
  • Selected Sketchbook Pages
    (sorry for the link, but it the upload failed due to its size)


  • Sabrina Gevaerd Montibeller


  • I love the mood of the first one!

  • Nice work!

  • beautyfull

  • Title: “Buried”
    Description: A mystical entity rooted to be discovered.
    Medium: Photo Ink & Rotring on 250gsm Indian TK Paper.
    Size of Frame: 15in x 21.5in

  • Oleg Dorozhko

    City on Sun

  • Wiktor Malinowski

    This is what evil propaganda is trying to do. Film Photograph shot on Superia 400 with Minolta Hi-Matic7.

  • I love the calm but concentrated expression on her face. Great!

    • Hello Wouter thank you! I am glad you liked it! :-)

  • This works suprisingly well, te rocks and the building together. Wonderful.

  • Beautiful photo!

  • Amazing colours. And great that you posted the large photo. I enjoyed looking at the full size version.

    • Sára J. Molčan

      Thank you! I like looking at details, too. I’m glad you enjoyed!

  • Amazing paintings. Also on your website.

    • Thanks Wouter! I appreciate you checking them out!

  • I‘m sorry to post two images ,how can I delete the second pic

  • Dima Dadahin

    “No regrets”
    instagram @dima_dadahin

  • Frozen Winter Shit

    Frozenwintershit // Marco Ricci

  • Rebeka Arce

    Beautiful colors!

  • Beautiful work!

  • These are awesome!

  • nice!

    • Thank you Popscure!

  • Incredible work!

    • Mar

      Glad you like it!!

  • oh wow!

  • Abbie Labonville

    This is awesome!!

    • Emil Robinson

      Thanks Abbie!

  • lovely

  • Patrycja Pierzchawka

    “trust in you”
    acrylic on canvas
    180cm x 130cm

  • Ilmari Teekkinen

    Rainbows end, Digital in 2015

  • Kayla Bell

    love this :)

    • Mairi Timoney

      Thank you Kayla :)

  • Kayla Bell


  • nice

  • Rjk Chanana

    2016 Calendar for Sarvodaya DVD Library, Mumbai.

  • Susanna Bauer

    Sculptures made with leaves and crochet cotton yarn
    upcoming show in New York: http://www.murielguepingallery.com/exhibitions/natural-order
    current show in the UK: http://www.ccanw.co.uk/leaf-works

  • nagee


  • Bar Dvir

    Common Fate, Mixed Media on Canvas, 150×180 cm, 2016


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