21.03.16 by Jeff

Want to go to Barcelona Design Week as our Official Booooooom Correspondent?


I’ve got a little proposition for all you designers out there. I was recently invited to Barcelona Design Week however I’m unable to attend. I was going to simply decline the offer but I thought it might be fun for one of you guys to go in my place! I spoke to the organizers and they’re up for it! So who wants to go to Barcelona Design Week?

As the event is not until June, a finalised itinerary has not yet been released but the focus of your trip will be a 3-day conference called “Design is Future” at the Disseny Hub Barcelona.

barcelonadesignweek10  barcelonadesignweek12

Your duty is to simply document your experience there. Take photos of the things you see, and the people you meet, and write an article about your experience (to be published on Booooooom within a week of your return). I want to make it clear this is not a paid gig. This is a free trip (flight, accommodations, food covered by the event) to take part in Barcelona Design Week and ultimately an opportunity to meet new people in a really fun city.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, you must be available for travel June 3rd – 9th. We’re looking for a competent writer, interested in design, who can take great photos (if you have a sense of humour that’s a bonus).


To apply, simply leave a comment below with the following:

-Attach a photo you took recently (size 400px wide).
-Tell me something interesting about yourself (1 sentence).
-Link to your Instagram.


We will announce the winner the weekend of March 31st in our Secret Email Club, if you’re not already a subscriber you can join here: tinyletter.com/booooooom.



Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • konophoto

    I’m head of video Kazantip Republic and Gem Fest!
    I love film photography!

    instagram: @konophotography

  • sean kerr

    Im the art curator for Secret Garden Party festival, UK and find everything around me visually exciting which can sometimes be tiring and dangerous! haha

    instagram: @seankerrart

  • craig hansen

    3 months ago I relocated my small design studio from Chicago to Panama to slow down and focus on what is truly important in life. My days are now a mix of design, surfing and Spanish immersion. The experiment is working :)
    instagram: @craighansen74

  • Fefa Carlo

    Fashion designer and Design professor at Universidad del Turabo, Puerto Rico.

    Ig: @Tiedyesun

  • P Harris

    In Toronto I spend my free time visiting galleries, design shows and artist talks-You’re telling me I could go to Barcelona (Gaudi! Tapies! Dali! ) so I can do the
    exact same thing and then tell your readers about how awesome it was? Sign. Me.Up.

    instagram @peterdharris

  • Jens Gilis

    I’m a master degree art student and publisher of an artzine.
    instagram @jensgilis

  • Natalia Lucki

    50% polish, 50% brazilian, designer, enterpreuner, interested in new media studies and design, Barcelona lover.

    instagram: @nalucki

  • willie witte

    Jeff! I’m a flourishing hobohemian / PBS documentarian / experimental animator / master of the Etch-A-Sketch that lives in a 20′ long vintage motor home, and I also co-authored the NYT Best-Seller “Roadmap: The Get-It-Together Guide for Figuring Out What to Do with Your Life” … Instagram // @happy.little.etch

  • John Hall

    This is awesome! Nice one, Jeff! A really great opportunity for someone. If there weren’t already so many super talented entries I’d submit myself!

  • Chris Hempenius
  • thomwong

    I’m a writer at a personalised children’s book start-up; in my spare time I’m working on a universal theory of relationships that’s either brilliant or really, really lame.


  • Hi, a couple of years ago i won an extra vacation day at the company holiday party, on that extra day i went for ice cream at 10am, bye.


  • Anastasia Antonova

    for me, sometimes even a saltine cracker is inspiring but sometimes it isn’t at all
    here is my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unblockstas/

  • I just recently quit my job washing airplanes at the Los Angeles International Airport.

    Instagram: @deanalari

  • IamGabriella

    Love to be a human, occasionally make a fool of myself, recently started designing furnitures and unfollowing most of the tedium on social media, just the best for the creative mind!

    instagram: gabielatth

  • Olya Oleinic

    hello Jeff,

    I love traveling more than anything on earth, and that’s because I think seeing things done differently across the world questions the norm and expands the appreciation for versatility, which we need so much.

    I recently took this photo of a boy in Vietnam.

    instagram @olya_o

    Thank you.

  • reifus

    I’m creator of creatures.

  • reifus


    I’m creator of creatures.


  • Ali Macadoodle

    H E L L O !

    Lady macgyver here – I’m a mover’n’shaker residing in Brooklyn – designing sets and shooting video by day, designing art installations and badass body jewelry by night. yo hablo español.


  • Tom

    I wanted to be a carpenter but pencils don’t hold behind my ears.

  • Attia

    My sole mission in life is to improve the lives of women of color (globally) and give them a voice.

    instagram: @attia

  • I am a flamenco dancing writer.

    I don’t use instagram, but you can follow me on twitter @ElenGhulam

  • Jenny Kang


    I really really don’t like cheese.

  • Henry Becker

    I am a broke student studying graphic design and love every minute of my life. @beckersnaps

  • Carlos Rodriguez


    I’m a Guatemalan photographer based out of LA!

    Instagram: @CarlosRo

  • Holly Prochilo

    I will document the whole trip in pictures drawn with my BIC pen and i am unabashedly obsessed with my selfie stick.

  • Taylor William Hale

    From a butler to a bachelor*.


    *BFA (in May)

  • I have five diagnosed autoimmune disorders, and I don’t let them define me! (…well, I mean, besides just now…)

    • Marie Lawson

      Heyo, long time boooom lurker, but this really compelled me to comment. Just want to say I hope you are chosen, and I implore Jeff to choose you. As someone with Lupus, I understand how debilitating and isolating A.I. diseases can be, not to mention how many doors in life seem to close because of them. I hope to read about this experience from your perspective! Namaste!

  • Cori Flowers

    I discovered a year ago that writing about art and design is my dream job and I’ve been in love with it ever since.


  • Levi Mandel

    Hi Jeff

    I’m an eternal optimist/photographer, inspired by the oddball-strangeness that is life.

    Be well,

  • Jenny Kang


    I’m an art director that would rather be a baker.

  • eawesterhuis

    I create and tour sci-fi cardboard puppet shows @corrugatedcut

  • Itay Leibøvich

    I’m a graphic designer based in Tel-aviv.
    Always looking for new inspiration.

  • Dorota Pankowska

    I’m an internet dweller, and a couple years ago someone from a chat room sent a SWAT team to my house at 3am (while I was still living with my parents).

    Instagram: dorithegiant

  • Look no further: I live walking distance from the Design Museum here in Barcelona, and I’m a designer and a writer.
    ig: pinoyartista

  • I could eat curry everyday for the rest of my life.


  • Samuel Rivas

    I’ll picture a picture and paint you.

    Instagram: @sosasupreme

  • ashleyclaire

    When I was 16 an inebriated Jean-Claude Van Damme sloppily
    kissed me on the cheek outside a restaurant in Paris, and I love old books.
    Instagram @ashfrieds & @hedgesoflosangeles

  • Leonardo Santos

    Well, I don’t have an Instagram account.


  • kevin buitrago

    NY based photographer and have never felt the need to leave my timezone.

  • I’m a data scientist/photographer/hockey player/musician/beer blogger from Chicago with a 21 lb. black cat named Mooney.


  • Leanne Prain

    I co-authored a book called Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti and I recently wrote an article on diversion safes for Works that Work.

    Interesting thing: the doctor who delivered me later quit medicine to become Yoko Ono’s hypnotherapist.

    My instagram is https://www.instagram.com/leanneprain/

  • Leanne Prain

    I’m the writer of three books on craft and culture, my most well known title being Yarn Bombing: The Art of Knit and Crochet Graffiti.

    My instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/leanneprain/

    Here’s a photograph that I took at the SPRING/BREAK Art Show in New York City a couple of weeks ago: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c0839fbde600f2ad02f1391dee8230ba5ecd8ca8946b2592311133219ad957ab.jpg

  • Slicktor

    I like words.

  • Sierra Sanborn

    Hahah that’s some trippy toast

  • Sierra Sanborn


  • Courtney Moy

    Artist/Designer/Community Builder/Jill of Skill

  • Alexey Timbul

    I live at the foot of a volcano in the Atlantic, teach fashion writing online, and enjoy throwing my name into hats… Instagram: alexeytimbul

    • Sierra Sanborn

      automatic follow

  • Maria


    I’m studying media & communication in Zurich and I can solve the rubik’s cube in less than 1.5 mins.

    Instagram: @airdelamer

  • Hey Jeff!

    I spend a lot of my spare time reading about bees – I think it would be really cool to design a beehive.

    Here’s a photo I took last weekend of my beautiful friend Trisha who makes beautiful jewelry (Wylden).

    Anyway, enjoy your day!

  • GDE

    I fancy shoes like most but my undying craze began when I was a young child in the Philippines; I urged my mother to buy me flip-flops every single time we went to a wet market – imagine seeing a flip-flop collection.


  • poeticallegory

    Hi, I’m obsessed with magic realist literature and just finished Gabriel’s Love in the Time of Cholera.

    ins: joykongkong

  • poeticallegory

    Hi, I’m obsessed with magic realist literature and just finished Gabriel’s Love in the Time of Cholera.

    ins: joykongkong

  • Francesca MH

    Being writing for Photomonitor UK,London Photo Diary and MyTemplArt and being editor for Dust Magazine Blog back in 2009.Website and instagram link below (, f.

    Instagram: FRANC_MHITZEMAN

  • Susan Dipronio

    A writer and photographer,was homeless and hitchhiked all over the country for years, have no regrets, love bubble gum, fog and random roadside stones which I collect to mark the places I’ve been.
    instagram: sdfierce

  • ivana kiss

    what I like to most is to travel, travel and travel, to know people, places and cultures,
    Im from Argentina, but living in Mexico for the last two years, looking for new adventures. Im working on a project based on people around the world, pictures and writing

  • At the end of last year I wrote a list of things that happened to me and posted it on the internet and it made at least one person cry and I received lots of messages and comments telling me that it was beautiful and sad and funny all at the same time, and ever since I’ve been aspiring to recapture that in something else that I’ve drawn or written or created but have not been successful so far.


  • Aine McGlynn

    36 year old dilettante in the body of a responsible Canadian writer living in Sevilla. Olé.

  • ryan

    I’ve never been to France, so this trip sounds like a real treat.


  • ryan

    I have never been to France, so this trip would be a real treat.


  • Hugh Berryman

    PS If someone else really needs this experience, please give it to them. If no one stands out, however, then please choose me.

  • Blaikie

    Hi, I’m Sarah. You might remember me as the little girl with the curly hair who runs and hugs Minnie Mouse in those old school Disney ads from the 90’s. Never did make the cut for Hermione though…

    Here’s my insta: @sarahcblaikie

  • Ariel

    I hope I’m not too late! I’m Ariel and I’ve been told I have a trusting face. I think it’s why strangers like to tell me their secrets.
    Insta: @awlzr

  • Raine

    As a designer, I can never seem to turn my conceptual brain off and my obsession on all things design, creativity, inspiration and travel has been classified as CED (Creative Enthusiast Disorder).
    IG @rainefel https://www.instagram.com/rainefel/

  • John Faughender

    My name is Valentin, better known as Veeej, and I’m a graphic designer with rapper dreams with actual talent in everything but rapping, but with ambitions and dreams as grand as the Jay-Z’s Big Pimpin’ video.

  • I’m a designer, filmmaker, photographer, and Barcelonaian virgin… I live to create and create to live. http://instagram.com/jaybee/

  • I’m a designer, writer, photographer or anything the story needs me to be.

  • Virginia C

    Settling down in Madrid after taking 6 months to travel around South America and learn about anything outside of my bubble, and shooting with my (film) camera along the way.


  • Virginia C


  • Margrét Arna Vilhjálmsdóttir

    I hope I’m not to late but it looks like my previous message didn’t go through (I hope I’m not reposting).

    I live in Reykjavík, Iceland, have studied textiles and furniture making, am currently a product design student at the Iceland Academy of the Arts and during the summer I work as a carpenter.

  • Andrea Pardo

    I have this addiction to buying plane tickets, getting up, and going anywhere


  • Jay Woloshin

    Just a fashion-obsessed kid from the inner-city trying to change our culture.

    IG: @jwallocean

  • guinnevere

    I’ve driven across the country (North-South, East-West) alone so many times that I’ve since lost count.
    One of the first photos I printed recently in the darkroom :)

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The Booooooom Creative Job Board

If you’re a creative looking for work, or a company looking to hire, check out our new creative job board: Booooooom Jobs. Graphic design jobs, art gallery positions, all kinds of creative work! Hootsuite just posted a job looking for a Graphic Design Lead here in Vancouver, and Vice is looking for a Junior Graphic Designer for their Toronto office.

We recently added more locations, so now jobs can be posted for Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Montreal, New York, Paris, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Sydney, Toronto, Vancouver, and also Remote jobs! We’ll be adding more features to it in the coming weeks and doing everything we can to make it a great resource for you guys. There’s so much talent here in our community and we’d like to help connect you all with work!

Check it out: jobs.booooooom.com