28.03.16 by Staff

Steve St. Pierre Creates Book Jackets of Your Life Stories


Canadian art director Steve St. Pierre launched a new project earlier this month, creating clever book covers for his social media followers who answered this question: “If you had to title your life story (up to this point), what would it be called?” His aim is to release one new cover every day. See below for the results so far!


“Nightmares Are Dreams, Too” by Josh Roy


“WIP” by Craig Hooper


“Forever Broke” by Dana Francis


“A Series of Near Misses” by Danielle Wojtyniak


“Reflective” by Carolyn Eaves


“Succeeding In Spite of Himself” by Edward Ocampo-Gooding


“I Have No Idea What I’m Doing…” by Gabriela Warrior-Renaud


“Incoherent Cognitive Dissonance” by Greg Young


“Hot Turkey and Tears” by Heather MacDonald


“Hipster Shitstorm Central” by Ivan Gedz


“Hello, I’ll Be Going Now” by Justin Hall


“The Many Mis-Adventures of Justyna Bedford” by Justyna Bedford


“I Have Red Hair (And Other Excuses)” by Kaitlin Charlebois


“Winging It” Shannon-Blue Nanibush


“Treading” by Ny Lauzon


“Can I Get A Re-Do?” by Pat Bolduc


“Vagina Monologue” by Ian Rapsey


“I Want To Start A Cult” by Joel Soucy


“11 Likes” by Tom Froese


“A Series of Increasingly Poor Decisions” by Philip Horwitz


“I’m An Imposter” by Vanessa King


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29.05.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Natalia Rak

A selection of colourful paintings and large outdoor murals by our talented friend, Polish artist Natalia Rak. See more work below.

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29.05.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Tristan Pigott

New work by artist Tristan Pigott (previously featured here). See more images from his upcoming show “Juicy Bits” below or on display at Cob Gallery in London June 8 – July 1.

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29.05.17 by Staff

“Works Sighted” by Artist Anna Valdez

Paintings by Oakland-based artist Anna Valdez. Click here for previous posts. See more images from “Works Sighted” below or on display at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco June 3 – 24.

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29.05.17 by Staff

“Cats & Plants” by Artist Stephen Eichhorn

Chicago-based artist Stephen Eichhorn combines images of cats with flowers, cacti, shells and minerals. 200 of his cat collages have been compiled into a new book. See more of Eichhorn’s work below or check out Cats & Plants, available for pre-order via independent publisher Zioxla.

A limited-edition print is also available. For every purchase of either the book or print, a can of cat food will be donated to a non-profit working to rescue cats from shelters and find them loving homes.

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29.05.17 by Jeff

POW! WOW! DC 2017



International Art Festival POW! WOW! just rolled through Washington, D.C. and 15 artists blanketed the NoMa area with colourful murals. You should peep the @powwowworldwide Instagram as the team is now in the Middle East for the first-ever POW! WOW! Israel. No rest for the wicked! More images from POW! WOW! DC below.

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