20.04.16 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Martin Wittfooth


A selection of paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Martin Wittfooth (click here for previous posts). More images below.





















Martin Wittfooth’s Website

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Recommended by Brad Kunkle

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  • Kaitlyn

    Whatever the verbal opposite of mind-blowing is. This healed something in me rather than blew it up. Lol.
    Even more than the first time I saw this artist’s work, I am in awe of his ability to draw connection between the mystical and magical healing power of animals in their connection with the world.

24.04.17 by Staff

Intricate Food Carvings by Japanese Artist Gaku

Japanese artist Gaku sculpts elaborate designs into various fruits and vegetables using an x-acto knife. More incredible images below.

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24.04.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Carson Davis Brown

“Mass” is a project by artist Carson Davis Brown in which he creates sculptures inside of big-box stores and other places of mass. He constructs the unauthorized installations, photographs them, and then leaves them to be discovered by shoppers and staff. Images of the installations are printed, framed (using un-sold frames), and exhibited inside the stores without permission. See more images from the series below as well as video clips documenting the building of installations using cameras tethered to in-store camera displays!

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24.04.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Jaime Angelopoulos

Sculptures and collages by artist Jaime Angelopoulos. More images below.

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24.04.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Ayumu Arisaka

A selection of drawings and animations by Ayumu Arisaka. More below!

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24.04.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Luke Pelletier

A selection of work by artist Luke Pelletier. More images below.

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