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Booooooom Reader Submissions: May


Here is this month’s Reader Submissions post! Please share your work here if you’d like to be considered for a feature on Booooooom. The comments allow images to be attached so make sure post an image along with a link to your website.

One of the things that makes Booooooom unique is all the encouraging comments people send back and forth on these monthly submission posts. The comments and upvotes do not go unnoticed! Voting up work is like high-fiving that person and it also helps us see what work you guys like! Remember, even if your work isn’t featured on the main site these posts can send some decent traffic to your portfolio!

The link at the bottom will open up this full post, simply scroll down and use the Disqus commenting system to submit your work.


Submission guidelines:

1. Please don’t flood the comments with a dozen images, just post 1 image that represents your best work along with 1 link.

2. If you see good work posted by someone upvote it so it appears at the top. This is not just a nice thing to do, it helps me see what work you actually like.

3. You can/should also encourage people who are sharing good work here! Comment on their posts and let them know you like what they’re doing. I really want to foster a community here, and this is a simple way you can connect with other people making work.

4. Keep in mind your post may not show up right away because it has an image attached. It may need to be manually approved first so don’t freak out and post a million times, once is enough.



Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • WILBO SketchBook page.



    • Awesome portraits and such nice line work! I love how you layered all these drawings together on one page.

      • Hey thanks very much it’s appreciated.

    • this is great! :D

  • Luke Gouvignon

    Film photograph.
    Instagram – @mr_gouvignon

  • Lauren West

    Architecture Poster – designed for S333 Architectural Firm in London.

    Instagram – @godesignyourself

    • Very slick. Nice work, Lauren! :)

      • Lauren West


  • Colin Kersley

    Always & Forever by Alternative Aesthetics.
    Instagram – @alt_aesthetics

    • Robbin Lou Ulmer

      Love all of your work and your sense of humor!

      • Colin Kersley

        Thanks so much! I really appreciate the kind words!

  • ‘the portrait of a lady’ / acrylics

    instagram: @justesmwhr

    • Robbin Lou Ulmer

      …poster of a girl…
      love your instagram feed!! :D

    • Simple and beautiful :)

    • Haley Craw

      So lovely :)

  • Roaring Lion (2016, Acrylic on canvas)
    instagram: @daas

  • instagram @pedromelom

  • Photograph from my series Fraction, single exposure, no photoshop tricks


  • Elliot Jack Stew

    Bedroom, Oil on Canvas, 160x160cm

    instagram @elliotjackstew

  • Nice work!

  • Wow. Hard to believe this is a watercolor! Kudos.

    • Benjamin Rogers

      thank you, I mostly work in oil but i dabble in watercolor, this is the first serious watercolor piece i’ve made. I’m really happy with it.

  • Such exquisite skin tones!

    • Thank you very much Jennifer! His skin was very fun to paint :)

  • Really nice style!

  • Fantastic title, and incredible watercolor.

    • Benjamin Rogers

      Thank you! the title comes from a 1966 poem by Robert Hayden called “Those Winter Sundays”

  • looking good–something about the brushwork, I think

  • ASL

    Coffee and Donuts
    Mixed media and acrylic
    INSTAGRAM @aslrulesok

  • I love this!

  • Teretta L Willis-Lindsey

    This is my submission..I created this with Incendia w/Photoshop

  • Alpay Efe

    love how the fence catches the light!

  • Wow great colours and atmosphere. I love what looks like light through a window further away. Gives it a sense of danger; people might hear you :-)

  • Fantastic! Nice angle.

  • high five, secret7 pal! my record sleeve was also for etta james’s ‘at last’ :)

    • Oh Amazing! I am going to check it out! high five!!!

  • Izrael
    The Wailling Wall

  • Izrael
    The Wailling Wall

  • whoa magical :O

    • Michelle Tourikian

      Thank you so much Sanda!

  • so peaceful <3

  • Kostner Guyton

    A Dose of Good Luck

  • Jude Strandquist


  • Shell Myers

    love that lil crack :)))

  • This is so beautiful!

    • Thank you very much Daniel! :) I appreciate it

  • cool!

  • Shell Myers

    love this

  • great style :)

    • Reno Nogaj

      thank you!

  • Shell Myers

    i love how the text drifts off the book

  • Dan Nuttall

    The Odds (triptych)
    acrylic on plywood
    16 x 20″ each

    What are The Odds?

    This triptych uses a confection of colour and form to draw people in. Intentionally strange, initial assumptions related to portraiture begin to falter. The identities of these beings is unclear, and thus the potential to see our selves or others in the work is challenged. At the same time we attempt to build a narrative. There is similarity in form, composition and the direction and intensity of the gaze. These beings appear to be occupying the same place at the same time – however unrecognizable their world is. What are the rules in this strange place? How might entering this strange “other-world” shape our self-identities? As we assemble meaning in this strange new world, do we re-assemble our selves?

  • awesome!

  • Very cool. I had a look at your site and there is some great stuff on there. I especially liked your ‘Sunday’ comic.

    • Isabel Seliger

      Thank you! I`m really happy to hear that :)

  • farnaz


  • I’m loving this illustration Reno :)

    • Reno Nogaj

      glad to hear that, thanks!

  • really nice

    • Alia Wilhelm

      Thanks very much!

  • me encanta lo jugueton de estos!

  • Very beautiful piece

  • It’s looks so real, well done!

  • ahhh i want this, these are so cool

  • Arianne Glavina


  • Rz1900

    Beautiful <3

  • onlyART

    very interesting!

  • onlyART

    great, i like it!

  • onlyART


  • onlyART

    great painting!

  • yoga time #helovesme #iknowhedoes

    instagram : @georgia.bardi

  • love the drawing. great color!

  • mack burke

    Orb #2
    oil & resin on canvas 12″x12″
    *mackenzie burke
    insta: mackenzie__burke

  • mackenzie burke

    orb #2
    oil & resin on canvas
    insta: mackenzie__burke

  • Robbin Lou Ulmer

    I remember seeing “Dearest vulgar superstition” recently. :)

  • wow! i like the weirdness to it!

  • cool!

  • Alexandra Laroche

    Very interesting!

  • Kevin McKay


  • ‘Bob” the comic Hand drawn, coloured on Photoshop.

  • Electric Love

  • Mon Levchenkova

    omg this is so pretty i LUV yr photos

  • Lorenz Potthast

    RADIX | ORGANISM/APPARATUS is a wooden root sculpture augmented by projection and sound. The sculpture is brought to life as a fictive entity: part organism, part apparatus.

    More information: http://www.xenorama.com/radix
    Video Teaser: http://www.vimeo.com/xenorama/radix

  • Mary Johnson

    Materials: Black rice dye, spinach dye, turmeric dye, bleach, rust, graphite, colored pencil, ink, digitally altered images and rice paper on paper. Apprx. 3.5 x 4.5 feet- variable; irregularly shaped.


    • Mary Johnson

      Fairly large and detailed work- here is a detail image.

  • Joe Youens

    Crackin !!

    • Alia Wilhelm


  • Deborah Bacher


    • Isabel Seliger

      Thanks Deborah :)

  • Mariam Loria


  • Mariam Tsikaridze


  • Iare Pekhit

    Best cover of Bowie, amazing video <3

  • neetle

    Upvote, this needs to be on BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOmmm

  • itzel

    Love the movement and depth of this piece. Beautiful use of color.

  • i got to see this in print. great images you created

    • Isabel Seliger

      Thank you!

  • zachary rosebrugh

    instagram: @zackrosebrugh

  • trever barber


  • Michelle Alexis Newman

    KonMari KolorWheel
    Still life portraits created with objects that “Spark Joy” from around my home.

  • Danny Odom

    Hello everyone.
    This is probably not the right place to submit. But figured it couldn’t hurt, my band’s music video. Thanks for looking!

    Love CARFACE

  • Cooper Neill

    “Lucas, aka Captain America, plays with friends at the park for his birthday on October 13, 2013 in Callicoon, New York.”

    photo by Cooper Neill

  • Lu Cafaggi

    Loved this one!

  • Dave Crvlh

    Lovely! Really dig that smile/sad/bodies…. love love

  • Fernanda Pellegrino

    Great job!

  • Adrian Bradbury

    Beautiful work!

    • Eric Hosford


  • Thiago Lima.


  • Anuro Anuro

    I loved this!!!!!!

  • Tylr Cwdry

    Damn this is great, especially with no post!

    • Alia Wilhelm

      Thanks dude! Used gel sheets to create the effect

  • Sára J. Molčan

    Oil on panel
    20 x 24 inches

  • Matt Bollinger, An Opening, 2012, Flashe and acrylic on cut, pasted paper, 72 x 48″

  • William Arvin

    This is great!

  • Beautiful!

  • Great work, also on your Instagram!

  • Great!

    • Katty Huertas

      Thank you Wouter!

  • Yeah, the weirdness!

  • Beautiful atmosphere and painting!

  • <3

  • Lilian Akemi


  • Ellene Zhorzholiani

    great cover!

  • Joe Stutter

    Oil Painting of Virginia Woolf done by my 15 year old sister in practice for her exams, took her around 2 hours to complete.

  • Anna Pleskow

    so cool!

  • Zarathustra Nonplusultra

    love old tvs

  • Zarathustra Nonplusultra

    gorgeous, it reminds me of some kind of expressionism! Beautiful!

  • Debora Trindade

    Amazing (:

  • Theo Acworth

    That’s rad dude!

    • Eric Hosford

      thank you!

  • Theo Acworth

    So nice. I can fully imagine a kid viewing a train like this, pretty sure I’ll never see trains the same again myself!

    • Ahh omg thank you so much!!! I definitely remember being a kid and imagining trains/trucks as dragons or magical creatures :)

      • Theo Acworth

        Love your little gif’s too!

  • Catt Fearnley

    Theseus and the Minotaur: an illustration for Greek myths and legends using ink and photoshop collage. 2016

  • Jason Grim

    THIS IS AWESOME. funny and….kind of creepy lol

  • Katlin B

    Yaaas queen. You’re amazeballs

  • Juni Tellez

    Painted this 2 weeks ago in about 2 hours. all done in spray paint.

    “take off your shoes babe its time for dancing”

  • Adriana J.Garces

    Fantastic piece of work- unedited, sweet!

  • Eric Hosford

    awesome, thanks!

  • Adriana J.Garces

    Glad to join you all here and appreciative of the generosity of our hosts. Thank you! Here’s a panel from a tryptique I painted & exhibited recently, “Spirits Move Me.” Acrylic on 12″ square wood panels. >

  • Autumn Evelyn
    “Hybrid Car” Digital Illustration

    Thanks BOOOOOOOM!

  • Tyler Thies

    Tac(k)o Tuesday in Hawaii…


  • thank you, Adriana!

  • Aqua Gallery

    THE LUCKY LAMP, created by artist and designer Albi Serafty, is a revolutionary new lighting piece that uses addressable RGB LED technology lighting up in warm, natural or cold color temperatures and running in an infinite loop with five enchanting motions based on Fire, Earth, Wind, Water and Kaleidoscopic themes.

    Seeking to enhance his Mimosa collection, cool in color with sprayed clear polymer, that webs into white membranes, Albi realized that something was missing. Namely – COLOR! After many attempts at trying to program the LED lights to change into cool color, he happened to meet one of the Burning Man Festival organizers, who connected him with an LED expert, Michael Zeron, who had worked on an installation at the festival. In one day, the LEDs were programmed just as Albi had envisioned.

    The strikingly beautiful LUCKY LAMP, combining craftsmanship and technology, transforms from a modern, interactive lamp into a mesmerizing piece of art. 920 LEDs are mounted on a laser cut aluminum base. Wall pieces measure 27”/70cm in diameter. Both color temperature options and the five motion features are dimmable from 0.1-100% by means of a single button. No additional system is required. Each shade, consisting of a metal frame, is sculpted by hand, making each lamp unique.

  • Judy Rioux

    18×24 oil on canvas
    Judy Rioux
    Thanks, BoooooooM!

  • The boy who had two moms 190x1500cm oil

  • Dustin Martin

    This is called the Liberty candle. It is a wax effigy of Kim Jong-un. By burning this protest candle we hope to raise awareness and help out those that have been affected by his evil regime. – The Wax Bazaar

  • Laura André Sousa

    “Plaza hotel”
    IG: @laurathehappydesigner

    Pen on paper (8,5″x11″)

    thank you!

  • Larisa Mihaela

    This is beautiful! I see nakedness, poverty, yet a certain dignity… an allegory of Russia?

    • Thank you Larisa!! What can I say… I guess the work of art is always deeper than the artist ;)

  • Fern Robinson

    Lovely piece

  • instgram: @pedromelom


  • Georgi Porgi


    This is a personal project that looks at London drug dealer’s messages through the lens of conventional marketing.

    my visual work at: thejore.com

  • Samuel Bazdresch

    Samuel Bazdresch
    “Nymphs and a Satyr”

  • Unscented Gallery

    Band-aid painting on paper

  • Felix Treadwell

    Felix Treadwell
    ‘Outside Looking Inside’, 2016, acrylic on canvas


  • Cherilyn Kurtz

    cherilyn kurtz

    pomegranate (after), from the series snitches.


  • Katie Jo Smith

    This is so outside of the type of work I’m typically drawn to, but I just love it sooo much!

  • Katie Jo Smith

    This is so incredibly beautiful and dreamlike!

  • Nick Brobst

    Intense, good color and scale

  • Nick Brobst

    I like the subtlety of the clouds and the different textures

  • Great Palette!

  • Anna Schillings

    that’s so cute!

  • Anna Schillings

    I love those rock lines and the way you drew the clouds! :)

  • Sara Vidal

    morena No.4, Richard Kern with Michelle

    In Spain, morena is the given name to a tanned or a non blonde girl or both at the same time. morena is a collection of monographs venturing in nudity as a state of true elegance, in the timeless vibe of sexual openness.

    morena is an editorial project run by the Barcelona based duo Córdova Canillas and the creative director Jan Rivera.


  • mpmcgregor

    Pencil tribute to Sade, Risograph print

  • Rabbit #1, acrylic on canvas 48×48 2016

  • Alyssa Marshall

    lovelovelove the colors!

  • Reet Rannik

    This is so good!

  • Hi! Here is a recent painting “Green Is Gold” Acrylagouache on watercolor paper!

    Find more on instagram: @caitlinmcdonagh

  • Alpay Efe

    thanks :)

  • Haley Craw

    Your work is stunning and you have a lovely website :)

  • chuy hartman

    The Growlers – Valentines Day 2016
    Drawing done on location during the entirety of their set
    Ink on 8.5 x 13 inch paper

  • Marina Gey

    just an abstract painting made with watercolours. It helps me to get relaxed.

  • Mickey Aloisio


    This is a project I’ve been working on for two years called ‘Gay Wildlife’. It is a photographic portrait series of the men within the gay bear community. I started this project as a way for me to meet the men I’ve always dreamt about since a young boy. This work speaks bout issues of sexuality, femininity, body image, identity politics, gender roles, confidence, trust, and diversity within a community.

  • Haley Craw

    Beautiful <3

  • Haley Craw


  • Haley Craw

    Love the hair!

    • Nda Art

      Thank you!

  • Marla Celeste

    This series uses photos taken during a period in which I lived in China in 2015 and through a mixture of digital collage, photography and illustration tells dual narratives.

    A blend of political and personal imagery conveys the struggle to adapt to an extremely different environment. I ended up living in China for about 3 months before severe depression sent me back home. I was on an internship program placed in a small industrial city that boasted no listed attractions for tourists other than something called a “High Tech Vegetable Museum” (one of my biggest regrets from this period of time is not visiting it). I was met with a mixture of strong xenophobia, intrigue and disgust. Life was difficult as one of 10 foreigners in a city with a population of a million.

  • Our intricately illustrated panoramic illustration of Elephant & Castle, London. This was part of a series of mural designs for a student hall buildings at the University of the Arts, London. We hope you like it!

  • dabré idriss

    Hello people !
    Here’s one of my favorite work, time will explain, an allegory about time .


  • Andreas

    The funfair. A magical world full of neon lights, candy floss and streel rails. People come together, regardless their social background, political believes or religions. German customs meet multiculti. A photo story in between heritage of traditions and mini jobs.


  • sabatourciuoli

    Sabato is drawing the fragility of human relations by shapes.
    Balance, fear, fragility, that turning point where everything changes.
    Loneliness, neglect, the rare moments when it’s all aligned.
    Awareness, affinity, misunderstandings. Grief, relief and absence.
    The bases of my research.

    “The Past”,
    Painting on wall


  • Alena G

    One of my most recent work. 2016.

  • Alena G

    some of my most recent work. 2016

  • Martina Merlini

    Quattro Movimenti serie

    50x70_acrylic and wax on cotton paper

    Berlin 2015

    Available at Athen B. Gallery, Oakland


  • http://lucadibattista.com
    “The World Inside”

  • ‘Self Made’ – Digital Collage.

  • Aaron Webber

    IG @aaronwebber_

  • Fady Youssef

    These up-cycled characters using static and rigid shapes of digital components and electronic waste to give a second life to objects that can be transformed to living characters to tell a story even in one shot.

    Find out more at:

  • Nicola Caredda
  • Seb

    Damn exceptional painting. There’s so much emotion here…

    • Alpay Efe

      Thanks so much :)!!!

  • Daniel Bo

    One of my paintings on glass from my Nature Féminin series

  • Rick

    Amazing ! Love it.

  • Really nice. Love the colors and the swirly bits

  • Alfonso Lourido
  • Seb

    Beautiful illustration!

  • Ian Tuttle


    French tourists hiking the hut routes on Réunion

  • IleanaSoon


    Thank you for extending the opportunity for illustrators all over to submit!

  • – Flowering –

  • “Bella” oil on canvas. my online portfolio is http://moorejenapher.weebly.com :)

  • black
  • Hugo Janody

    Walker on the bridge, Paris, Oct. 2015

  • black
  • onlyART

    love it

  • Christina Mazzulla

    very cool!

  • Lucas Sere Peltzer

    Uff ! Great portrait, it moved me into a world somewhere around the memories I saved from Japanese cartoons with N. Rockwell twists imprinted into a contemporary vision

    • Isabel Seliger

      Hey Lucas, thanks a lot for this great compliment!

  • Zer Dgr

    Taking Aromatherapy to the next level!! We’re launching on Indiegogo this coming 29th June 2016, under: Zero Degree – Aromatic Herbal Inhaler

  • Silas Schletterer

    super nice painting!

  • Silas Schletterer


  • Andalee M

    I love this!

  • Docteur Noose

    Instagram : docteur_noose




  • wagneralves

    random and architecture texture

  • Feby Elsadiora

    I (Feby Elsadiora) made this for my final assignment to finish my study in (Faculty of Art and Design) Visual Communication Design Major in Trisakti University Jakarta, Indoensia. A foldable diorama based on illustration, paper layer technique, and paper sculpting. It tells a story about Aceh War (Part of Indonesia) who fought for freedom against Dutch Colonialism in Nusantara (Indonesia) at 1873 – 1913. The fight was religion based, they fight for their religion (Islam). The war was quite un-popular, and not much todays high school text books explain how the war happened, most of the text book only tells a little story of it because of its motivation of war which is their Religion (Islam), not their country (Indonesia).
    Designed to be used in class for teaching history lesson by storytelling, same function as the anatomical model used in biology classes. So now that a diorama is invented, learning history in class would be boring no more. Here is the link about the details of the works ( https://www.behance.net/gallery/35196857/Diorama-Perang-Aceh-Tugas-Akhir )

  • Edeltraud Jakob-Grace

    My first playing with colours

  • Esra Esra Kalk
  • fernandomatias
  • Patrick Roessner
  • Alexis Anyfantakis

    paper sculpture, composed and photographed; 3D became 2D, looking like 3D

  • Ed Mitchell

    Love your garden? Love design? then you will love our new stunning & innovative Birdhouse & Birdfeeder products for a limited time only on Kickstarter http://kck.st/2aGy00a click the link to pledge your support.

  • “Lady of the flowers” 2016 – oil on canvas

  • Julia

    Hello Jeff,
    Please, could you share who did this illustration on the banner?

  • Gary Kearney Art

    Acrylic on Canvas
    50 X 60cm

  • Grace

    “White Wash” 40″ x 40″ Acrylic on Canvas by Grace Dam. http://www.gracedam.com

  • Seba Cestaro

    Hi! here´s one of my last illustration.

  • Alejandro Rambar

    Hello! Here is one of my latest pieces.
    Monroe Island, 2016, tridimensional composition in paper, cardboard and acrylic plastic. 50x50cm.


    Thank you guys!

  • Sarune Ivoskaite

    Some of my art works :)

  • Raph

    Just recent work, a quick fashion illustration using pencil

  • Indian Royal King Painting – Most Popular in india and all over gulf Countries. Watch here more related hand painted art – http://www.indiartycrafty.com/

  • Sam Richwood

    Hi all, thought i’d share something from my new series of drawings ‘Galaxy Garden’. More on my personal blog – samrichwood.tumblr.com :)


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