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Giveaway: Adam J. Kurtz’s Pick Me Up


Adam J. Kurtz is a Brooklyn-based artist and author who just released his second book. Pick Me Up is an interactive book-journal designed to help you through dark times! Check out more images from Pick Me Up below. We also have two pairs to give away!

If you’d like to snag a copy for yourself and a friend, just leave a comment below, naming the person you want to give the book to and a sentence about the first day you met! We’ll pick two winners in two weeks and each winner will get two books!






































Adam J. Kurtz’s Website

Adam J. Kurtz on Instagram

Adam J. Kurtz on Twitter

If you have work to share, please send us a tweet or post it to our monthly submission posts.

  • jess Schnabel

    I want to give this book to my boyfriend Ben Zolf. We met in philosphy last year, he sat behind me and always had a lot to say in class :)

  • Paul Brandwein

    I would give it to John Campbell. I met John when I was trying to get into the classroom I was assigned with a box of random keys given to me by the vice principal and successively throwing on the floor as each one failed to open the door until John came to my rescue.

  • Alex

    To my ex-girlfriend Julie, this chould be a great gift. We meet at work, she I had spoted her a year befor she spoted me. She came up and talked to me that night we went out for drink’s and the rest is history.

  • I would give it to my best friend Shelby. She has been the complete definition of loyalty. We have been friends since we were three, and my family gave hers some cardboard boxes to help them move.


    I would give it to my girlfriend Esther. She makes me laugh, it’s so witty as this book. [:

  • Liana

    I would hella give this brilliant book to Aliah Mcdonough. We sing lullabies together, and met last year when I began to date her partner – and she, dearest kitten, gave me flowers.

  • Kjy

    I would give this to my online friend and also have one. We’ve been talking online for years and we have the same taste and preferences towards art, books, music. We met on tumblr and start discussing towards those matters. We would end up filling while chatting together, I know that my online friend would find this interesting, funny, and would cheer us up. :)

  • Jessica Libby

    I’d pass one to my mentor Dave. He was looking for a designer to help him with an overflow of work when I was just out of school in 2011. We’ve been connected ever since. He encouraged me to start my own business and has been passing me work as I get my footing. Cool guy.

  • Rachael

    I’d give this as a gift to my friend Rachel! The first time we met was
    in college in a community gardening club! We bonded because our names
    are both Rach(a)el and we like food and gardening. Since then we’ve also
    bonded over Adam’s work (pins etc) and she’s often sending me his new stickers for iOS 10. :)

  • Aensly Leon

    I would give it to my roommate and best friend Antoinette (Toni). We met through a college group when we decided to be roommates, we talked over the summer and knew we would get along but on move-in day we knew we would be best friends out of all our roommates, we’re literally the same person like; always watching the same things even when we aren’t together and thinking the same things all of the time. Since we’re in college, Adam’s Pick me Up book would be great for us since we’re always stressing out about school and stuff. x

  • Ash Kayser

    My sister, Jas Kayser. We’re twins

  • My wife, Aina, who is an artist and a designer, because we are 8 years in love together already, but she still remembers that I was late for our first date, and that’s how we met. This book will definitely excite her and help me.

  • Jerry Gabbana

    I will give this to my friend,Prang who is a very creative and lovely person. We met in real life only 3 times. We known each other from twitter for many years. It’s such a long time. We talk about everything that happend in our life and also we used to sending letters. She’s my dearest friend and I want to give it to her.

  • Lauren Johnston

    I would give a copy to my sister. We met when I was born, obviously, but we have become so much closer recently helping each other through personal struggles and shared effed-up family troubles. She is an amazing teacher and mother who forgets to take time for herself, stressing too hard trying to please everyone else. Even when we forget to catch up, we will still text about 5 memes a day or whatever else we find entertaining on the internet. It’s a weird sort of therapy.

  • Nico Chen

    I would share this book with my boyfriend, Steve who is a humorous and creative person. We met in a small town in Taiwan and since that we spent tons of time doing fun things together. I wish it would be out first mutual book!

  • Joe

    i wanna share this with my friend Greg, the day we met he shared his apartment and his beers with me and schooled me at super mario bros on nes beating the game on one life, that’s when i knew it was real <3

  • Vanessa Walitsch

    I wanna give it to my girl Asli, because she loves you and its her birthday next week. The first time we met briefly in the park, then we saw eachother at the museum. <3

  • Adam Eva

    I would give it to my long time friend noa. we met at a meeting for supporting people who experienced sexual assult and since then we work together on social justice related stuff.

  • KurkaWodna

    I wanna give this book to the most inspiring person I’ve ever met. Wojtek is currently on the round-the-world trip and this book would meet him back home. We met on the corridor – I was pretending that I’m shooting at him with imaginary gun. He hid behind a wall. At that point we both knew that we’re from the same cartoon :)

  • Megan Reiley

    I would give this book to my friend Sarah Irwin. We met four years ago in the kitchen of a restaurant where I was working with her brother. Our friendship was instant, deep, and we spent every second possible together. She’s one of those people that moves you from the core. Since then, life has moved us to different cities. I’d love to surprise her with this to show how much I miss and care for her.

  • Liam Clark

    I’d like to give this book to my sister. I don’t really remember when we first met because I guess I was pretty young (3 years old) but she’s recently finished a creative degree and is struggling with what direction to take her ideas.

  • Anne Saint-Louis

    My friend Annie-Claude Gagnon and I would mail each other a sketchbook, add to it, leave some cryptic lines on the one page for the other to complete. This book traveled Vancouver-Montréal lots of times! We met in 96 working at an animation studio. I would give this book to her because I know she would get a kick out of it.

  • E Smit

    Hi there, awesome giveaway! If I win I would like to share the prize with my friend Jade Argent, we met this year online. We are both proud owners of pet rabbits and she incidentally is also creative. She has no idea that I would like to share this with her and I can’t wait to see her face if I do xx

  • katie woodin

    I would give one to my best friend, Liz. We have been friends and neighbors since we were toddlers. I met her through our wooden fence and she dared me to eat a blade of grass.

  • I’d like to give this book to my friend, Nancy. We met the day before her divorce was finalized, and bonded because I had a bunch of leftover taco stuff for lunch and she had a panini press. We made quesadillas for the staff, and I thought it was amazing that she was going through this really difficult time and still thinking of others.

  • Benjamin Ng

    As a therapist, I think this is bloody brilliant. Will definitely purchase this at some point and use with my clients <3

  • Morgan Hughes

    I would give this book to my sister, Madeline. We met a few days after she was born, while our mom was in the ICU with post-labor complications, and I insisted that new born babies could eat ice cream for breakfast.

  • taryn

    Dude I’d love this book, so I could give it to my friend Kylie. My friends and I met her at a superbowl party at a bar and after doing too many shots we were puking in a denny’s at 2 in the morning. Friendship solidified.

  • workin

    My auntie gave me ‘draw this book’, she’s cool and has curated a state museum in holland. Busy woman still supports me now my mom is gone. We escaped war in Pakistan and she’s been a sweety since.

  • Mariana Ps

    I would give this to my best friend Rachel.
    The first day we met we made a song about a piece of gum that was stuck under her desk. (This was in elementary school, although we’re still really weird).

  • Would give one to my friend, Esther. She’s from UK, and I’m from France. We met for a walk in Portsmouth — before she moved to my hometown and before I moved to her home country. This day, we discussed for hours about art practice and keep writing long letters to each other!

  • Audrey Sims

    My father passed away a few days ago and it’s been really hard to even breath. Let alone get out of bed. My sister Maxine has been a constant source of support, so i would give this to her.

  • Jess

    I would give it to my friend megan! we met on the first day of prep and I remember thinking she was so cool because she was wearing a skirt that looked like minnie mouse’s bow ahaha. To this day, 11 years later, we’re still great friends!

  • Anita Kwiecień

    I would give this amazing book to my friend Georgia Osborn. We met thanks to our passion for photography, as we both study it in Manchester. I knew she was cool straight away, with her space buns and glittery tights. We bonded over love for cats and flowers. We both have our struggles and emotional up and downs, and we support eachother by having cups of tea and hot chocolate. I feel like this book would be a perfect present for her as it’d help her (and me!) to deal with anxieties and stress.

  • faelogan

    I would give this book to my friend and fellow artist, Allyson! We met in a studio art class and have been bonding over life & art ever since. I feel like she would really appreciate all that this book has to offer.

  • Rosaline Fiems

    I would like to give it to my sister Betty, who’s 10 years older than me. So the first day we met I was one day old, and she was doing a workshop so she had to wait all afternoon to see me (she tells me that story very lively every now and then). Nowadays, she often has to wait more than one afternoon to meet me, and then she complains about that very lively.

  • Oskar Hasiuk

    I would like to give this book to my girlfriend Rhiannon Alderson, who suffers from severe anxiety. We met four years ago in college, when I sat next to her on a coach during a trip to an art gallery in London.

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