02.11.16 by Staff

Powerful Portraits of Ex-Gang Members With Their Tattoos Digitally Removed


In “Skin Deep” photographer Steven Burton digitally removes the tattoos of ex-gang members, creating dramatic before-and-after style portraits that offer many subjects a glimpse of themselves they haven’t seen for decades. Not only do the images elicit strong emotional responses and personal reflections, the transformative series raises broader questions about social stigma and how we perceive others.

Burton has launched a Kickstarter to turn the photographs into a book. Check out more incredible portraits below.







steveburton-skindeep22 steveburton-skindeep21



steveburton-skindeep24 steveburton-skindeep23



steveburton-skindeep28 steveburton-skindeep27



steveburton-skindeep30 steveburton-skindeep29



steveburton-skindeep32 steveburton-skindeep31









































Steven Burton’s Website

Steven Burton’s Kickstarter

Steven Burton in Instagram

via PetaPixel + designboom

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  • Seelvana

    those tattoos look absolutely fake.

  • adub

    This is very interesting. Couldn’t help but think that even with the tattoo removal, people will still look at these men sideways b/c they are brown. Kudos to the artist for sharing their stories.

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