07.12.16 by Jeff

Are the Similarities Between Trump and Hitler TIME Covers Purely Coincidental?


TIME Magazine has just announced their “Person of the Year” is Donald Trump. Twitter users were quick to point out the striking similarities between this cover, shot by photographer Nadav Kander, and the Adolf Hitler cover from April 1941. Hitler was also named “Person of the Year” in 1938.

In both images the subjects are seated in chairs, but as Fader points out, notice the ominous shadow on the wall, and the way the colour of the backdrop complements the suit. For reference you can look through the past “Person of the Year” covers here.

Many are also suggesting that the “M” in TIME gives Donald Trump the appearance of having devil horns. Are people reading too much into this or were these intentional decisions? Have a look at both cover images below.





Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Sergey Tarkhanov

    1941: President Franklin D. Roosevelt

    • Not exactly sure of your point but just to clarify Hitler was on the cover in ’41 just not for Person of the Year.

  • Jesse

    youre leaving out the fact that the chair trump is sitting in is a LOUIS XV chair deisgned during the reign of lousi the fifteenth!! as well the chair which represents aristocratic bro culture, is tattered! and the looming shadow is supposed to signify evil brewing. This is a subversive political art masterpiece! not just a ‘the coloured wall accents the coloured clothing’ one liner!

  • Shane

    The dishonesty and cowardice of the art community during this election cycle was shameful. “Art” has no businesses propagating establishment propaganda and shunning those who dare to express descent through whatever medium they choose. Those who did dare to attack Hillary are the radicals, the rebels, the brave ones. They will be the ones who are looked back on with admiration.

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