14.12.16 by Staff

Giveaway: ISLANDS Game


Carl Burton is an artist and animator based out of New York City. We featured his award-winning animated short “Shelter” a while back and now he’s just released a new game called “ISLANDS”!

Described as a “surreal trip through the mundane”, familiar scenes become strange as you work to unlock hidden ecosystems within 10 different environments. Perhaps more art than game, it’s definitely a unique experience! Check out more images below.

We also have 4 promo codes to download the app for free! Just leave a comment with your current favourite iPhone game and we’ll pick 4 commenters on Friday!















Carl Burton on Tumblr

Carl Burton on Twitter

Carl Burton on Instagram

If you have work to share, please send us a tweet or post it to our monthly submission posts.

  • Ash Kayser

    Monument Valley: I’ve got 2 plush toys from the game, a framed print and I’ve been to the studio that made it. I hope this game too can touch my life

    • you win the award for biggest monument valley fan i think (great game)

  • Sino Alizoda

    Limbo and Shadowmatic

  • drtchock

    Dots & Co. Also, Duolingo. I think that counts as a game.

  • vknipper

    The Forever Lost series by Glitch Games. They have a few fun spinoffs, as well. Really engaging games!

  • avery

    definitely the game where I try to unlock with touch id but that doesn’t work. then I try to swipe and enter the code but that doesn’t work. so I wonder if I’m real.

  • At the moment my favorite iPhone game has got to be Deus Ex GO. Can’t wait to see what Islands is all about. Looks gorgeous.

  • Max Walker

    i really think sky burger is one of the better games out there.

    but thats just me.

  • tom

    I am on level 326 on dots. I need a new game.

  • I like the cat piano app. It bridges the gap between real life and tech. I usually have my co-workers unknowingly play, “did you hear that cat?”

  • Domen Ožbot

    Still obsessed with Tiny Bird. I just want to make that bird jump higher and go faster!

  • Matthew Terrell

    Wizards with Limousine Dreams. Unfortunately, the game was outlawed in North America several months back.

  • Lady Mary

    Monument Valley <3

  • Congrats to Ash, Matthew T, John S and Tom! Check your emails!

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