07.02.17 by Staff

“Weeknight Dinners” by Photographer Lois Bielefeld

Wednesday: Emilio, Rhonda, Benedetto, Skylrae, Jacomo. 2014


Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based photographer Lois Bielefeld captures dinnertime in different homes across the United States. While doing her best to catch people sitting down to the kinds of meals they would have when juggling their regular commitments throughout the workweek, some participants still prepared meals they likely wouldn’t have time to normally. Nevertheless, as Bielefeld’s series shows, how people choose to present themselves is often just as fascinating. See more images from “Weeknight Dinners” below.


Wednesday: Leo and Michael. 2014



Wednesday: Colin and Makeal. 2014



Wednesday: Bruce, Heather and Wyatt. 2013



Wednesday: Willie Mae. 2013



Tuesday: Juanita and John. 2014



Monday: Nuco. 2014



Monday: Zoe, Dave, Emma, and Karen. 2013



Wednesday: Kathy. 2013



Wednesday: Ernesto. 2014



Monday: Steven and Jomo. 2013



Tuesday: Alex, Sophia, Kathy, David, Claudia, Eva, and Ana. 2015



Monday: David, Felix, and Dani. 2015



Wednesday: Norbert and Marie-Josée. 2015



Wednesday: Summer. 2014



Tuesday: Seynabou, Rui James and Marie. 2014



Lois Bielefeld’s Website

Lois Bielefeld on Instagram

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  • Emily

    I love this series, it’s so genuine!

  • Laurie Olson

    The best kind of photographs, people doing routine things and finding the beauty in it! Well done!!

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