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Booooooom Giveaway: Pictoplasma Berlin Tickets!

Pictoplasma is going to be in Berlin May 10-14th! Once again hosting a slew of inspirational lectures and workshops on contemporary character design and art with leading artists, illustrators, designers and filmmakers from around the world. While the complete lineup won’t be finalized until March, you can see a selection of the speakers and their work below!

The event will also feature wider festivities open to the public, including screenings of animations and exhibitions of original character work pushing the limits of traditional storytelling, animation and gaming.

Book your tickets here! We’ve also got a pair to give away. If you can get yourself to Berlin (or already live in the area) simply hit the “Read More” button below and leave a comment telling us which of the conference speakers you’d be most excited to see! We’ll pick two winners on February 24th!


Speaker Eran Hilleli



Speaker Jack Sachs



Speaker Kirsten Lepore



Speaker Louise Rosenkrands



Speaker Sean Charmatz



Speaker Sophie Koko Gate



Speaker Sophie Koko Gate



Pictoplasma Conference Website

If you have work to share, please send us a tweet or post it to our monthly submission posts.

  • Elisa Gatzka

    Hard decision. Saschka Unseld or Kirsten Lepore? I think, I’m excited too see both :D

  • Ben Boothman

    Jack Sachs! I love his renders ❤

  • nat2day

    Sophie Koko Gate. I love her short “Half wet” and it would be great to hear her talking about her work :)

  • Sean charmatz… Love how he makes everyday objects into characters.. very cool!
    But who i realy wanna see is bas kosters, i think he’s an amazing artist and i absolutely love love his characters!

  • Kirsten S

    Yess! I really need to see Sean Charmatz. I see characters now éverywhere. Because of him I can’t eat cupcakes anymore without feeling like a murderer, or taking a sticky note from his note block without feeling sorry I am separating him from his brother- and sister-sticky notes. Maybe Sean can explain to me how to deal with this character-syndrome! :-D

  • Coen Rens

    Wow, a free ticket would be crazy amazing! I’m looking forward to Kirsten Lapore’s talk. I love the diversity of the work that she’s involved in; I have a hunch that hearing her views would inspire me a lot! ^_^

  • favati

    Eran Hilleli, it’s going to be awesome!

  • Razvan Hogea

    I really like the way Sophie Koko Gate employs abstraction because it’s refined yet playful, I think her talk is going to be very interesting. Though, I wouldn’t miss any of the talks, of course! I was looking into travelling around that time, so this is going to be a sweet opportunity. Thanks for the contest!

  • Moncho Massé

    Wow! It’s hard to decide but I would love to see Eran Hilleli!

  • Graham Johnson

    I’m pretty sure it would be Eran Hilleli: his approach to character is just really interesting and personal.

  • Karo Lu

    Sophie Koko Gate seems really cool

  • Patricia Beckmann

    Every single one – but

    Kirsten Lepore speaks to me . . .

  • nbufr

    It’s haaaaard to choose between Sean Charmatz and Kristen Lepore ! Damn !

  • Polly Cheung

    Kirsten Lepore! Great characterisation and love the use of both 2d and 3d in her work

  • Kristin Pärn

    I am interseted in listening to Sophie Koko Gate

  • Julia Müller

    Hyped for Eran Hilleli and Jack Sachs ❤

  • Dave Hill

    Sean Charmatz has worked on some really great stuff, so I’d love to here him, and Jack Sachs. So many inspiring artists in here to get the juices flowing. I’d love to be a part of the workhops too, they do great stuff during Pictoplasma here in Berlin!

  • Siv N

    Sean Charmatz! His small, hilarious films makes my every day. And Chris Haughton, most wonderful books! And Louise Rosenkrands, LOVE her style!!! :D

  • Randi Schmidt

    Eran Hilleli – that could be very interesting.

  • Daphne DuMarron

    It would be amazing to see the illustrator Louise Rosenkrands because I can relate to her chubby-faced girls just too much and would love to hear her talk about the stories behind those characters! So in love!

  • fatal1ty

    I’d be excited to see Louise Rosenkrands and Sean Charmatz and Sophie Koko Gate and Eran Hilleli and … oh come on I can’t choose just one :'(

  • :O

    Would be crazy to see Jack Sachs!!! :D

  • Claire Paquier

    Peter Millar to see the crazy face behind the crazy non-sens-animations, and Eran Hilleli, for the beautiful characters!

  • JennyPenny

    Kirsten Lepore! Oh, i love the love and humor in all her work! The sand! The clay! The snow!

  • Krista Kreišmane

    Sean Charmatz!

  • Daniel Weinraub

    Mate Steinforth. I know him from Moderat’s “Reminder” and I am just simply drawn to it.

  • Gergely Nagy

    Sophie Kokokokokokokokokoko!!

  • Gloria Ciceri

    Can I just say Everyone? :D
    But most of all I would like to see Louise Rosenkrands!

    // Ah, yes, I live in Berlin :)

  • pablo

    I reallly want to see Sean Charmatz and his characters. Always makes me laugh.

  • Francesca Cattaneo

    I’m pretty sure Louise Rosenkrands is my spirit animal.

  • Noshed

    Would like to hear Eran Hilleli & Sophie Koko Gate!!

  • Dominique Seutin

    I’m really curious to hear what Peter Millard has to say to the audience. Do we really care if he is happy or not? Are we really strong enough for that? .-)

  • Louise Rosenkrands! <3

  • Tigra Tigrowna

    i would be most excited to see and hear sophie koko gate and sean charmatz.

  • Hristina Papadopulos

    Jack Sachs rocks!

    I live in Berlin

  • Eran Hilleli is the reason I got into 3D, I wanna know how he does what he does!

  • Eran Hilleli, love his style!

  • Ivana Strukelj

    Sean Charmatz because he seems to have a great sense of humour and magically turns EVERYTHING into characters. <3

  • Ντι Μπάρμπα

    Kirsten Lepor ftw, if you let mrwin I’ll go everyday dressed as Lumpy princess

  • Rob Barrett

    I’d love to see Sean Charmatz. I feel like he must live in a real life version of Beauty and the Beast, with everything coming to life around him, and I want to steal some of his magic!

  • Colin Reid

    Seán charmatz. Gonna get drunk and put googly eyes on Berlin with him. It is Destiny.

  • Bianca Looijen

    Sean Charmatz! It would be great to learn how to tell a story with so little ‘extra drawn’ things.

  • Irina Radtke

    Sean Charmatz!!!

  • Cleva

    Every single artist AND Peter&Lars!!

  • Anikó Takács

    Hard decision, but maybe Kirsten Lepore and Eran Hilleli.

  • Frl. Mü

    Mate Steinforth!

  • Kirsten Lepore! :)

  • shinmay


  • jack sachs

  • Len Ma

    Kirsten Lepore and her Adventure Time work!

  • Itay Leibøvich

    Eran Hilleli

  • Ale Rearte

    Louise Rosenkrands or Peter Millard

  • Michael

    I’m looking forward to hearing Louise Rosenkrands’ lecture!

  • Matt Boyce

    I’d love to see Peter Millard & Kirsten Lepore, but the joy of Pictoplasma is seeing talks by people that you haven’t heard of!

  • sombrillasdeverano

    DXTR and Peter Millard!!! <3

  • kost

    Kirsten Lepore inspired and impressed me during my very early study time so much, with her charming, cute works. And of course then i had to try those animation techniques myself. Studies… such a lovely time in life. Miss you, ‘youth’;)

  • Love to see Jack Sachs!

  • Miklós Felvidéki

    I’d love to see Louise Rosenkrands aka Miss Lotion’s lecture! But they’re all pretty cool :)

  • Rodrigo Rebelo

    I love Eran Hilleli low-poly high-empaty characters!
    Kirsten Lepore charmming touch!
    and Sean Charmatz hillarious parallel universes!

    Should I go on…?

  • Kirsten S

    So…who won the tickets? :-D

  • Levi

    Congrats to Kirsten S and Rob Barrett! Check your inboxes!

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