23.03.17 by Jeff

Giveaway: QWSTION Weekender Bag

Switzerland-based QWSTION have teamed up with fashion designer Julian Zigerli to produce a special version of their Weekender bag and they sent us one. The iridescent surface displays an array of colours when light shines directly at it. Note: We shot the image above with a flash, and the colours have not been manipulated. Have a look below to see what the bag looks like with the lights on.

There’s also a second set of straps so the bag can be worn over the shoulder or as a backpack. We have one of these special bags to give away to our readers so if you wanna snag it, leave a comment below and tell us the first place you’ll travel with it.




Giveaway courtesy of QWSTION

QWSTION Instagram

(A winner will be selected April 5th 2017)


Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Masato Yamamoto

    Nice bag! I,II go to バンコク‼︎

  • leah

    I travel for work all the time! I need to kill my rolly-bag! Headed to Phoenix next month for a meeting then NYC for Design week in May!

  • patrick neville

    i love it,
    i would go to Toronto with it!

  • Vivien Wise

    Asheville for dancing and hiking!

  • Lasse Centio

    defenently Japan, tokyo!

    what else with that awesome bag!

  • M. Gordy

    Chicago to sip bourbon at the Green Mill jazz club; pack light and pack bright!


  • I’d head to Austin first to visit family :D And then… who knows!

  • Blake

    I think i would go back to Seoul. Skrtskrrrrt

  • Dillon

    I’d take it to the tiny city of Center, ND. They’d think I’m from the future!

  • dinonyc

    I would take this on my first return to New York City after moving away (okay, by way of Philly first). I’d be the coolest chick on NJ Transit.

  • John Vo

    NYC! Urban hiking!

  • Allie

    I will bring it with me to Chiang Mai, Thailand after my college graduation in June :)

  • Shelby Hipol

    Oof, yes. You. Me. This bag. Sossusvlei, Namibia. We’ll dress like the lovechild of a stormtrooper/Daft Punk threesome while sandboarding the dunes.

  • Guy Cross

    Beautiful, I love reflective and iridescent materials. I’d take it straight to Saturn. Just for the weekend of course. Nice one guys!

  • Alejandro Muchotrigo Minaya

    B O O O O O O O O O M! Amazing bag, first i’ll travel to Suite 357 – 2416 Main St.
    Vancouver, BC, V5T3E2 to claim the bag, of course!

  • Kaja Bang Meyer

    My sister and I moved to different countries the same day a year ago. Bag and I would go to Bergen (Norway) and visit her. No doubt.

  • Cool bag! Probably a weekend trip in Austin or Amarillo, TX. Need to see the fam :)

  • Lexis von Seggern

    What a sweet bag! I would definitely take that with me on my next destination to Vegas!

  • Danica Neral

    Berlin :~)

  • j0p3Y

    Sweden, ABBA – disco-style

  • stinky cookie


  • Hakodate, Hokkaido JAPAN

  • Guy Grimshaw

    To another world! Or space – seems appropriate for either.

  • Steph


  • Elliot Poole

    Wouldn’t mind bringing this bad boy to Montréal, s’il vous plait.

  • Natalie

    To the post office to pick it up.

  • Dustin Gaudin

    I’d be taking it to class, daily. The perfect bag for Toronto living.

  • This bag is so pretty omg. Personally I’d probably use it for my future holiday trip to Canada on June! It would be perfect for it!

  • – Köln, Germany if I can swing it … I love that city. –

  • Jordan Hourie


  • LeeDon Moore

    I’d head straight to Santa Fe, NM to celebrate MEOW WOLF’s 1 year anniversary. MAGIC!

  • Amanda Huynh

    Whaaaaat!! Obsessed. Would take this to work on the daily and feel safe walking home at night times / in the rain!

  • Súa García

    The perfect bag for traveling into my illustrations worlds. https://instagram.com/p/BB2iVAyzDHI/

  • Ploy Charoenpol

    I definitely taking the bag to the south of Thailand where full moon party is. I want all eyes on me or my bag!

  • Jermaine-Louise Boca

    I’d take it with me on a food tour to the tastiest cities on the east coast of the US! I’d stuff it with comfy chic clothes to hide my food baby :)

  • noisia

    Seoul then Berlin!

  • Brian Livingstone


  • LS

    The Scottish island of Arran followed very quickly by CPH. What could be better?

  • Abby Musial

    this is wild and awesome. would absolutely take this to stay at the beach on the east coast.

  • renata x

    I’m gonna go to Natal, a Brazilian northeastern city.

  • Hanna S

    I’ve never left the US before but I’m meant to visit Tokyo next year!!! That’s where I’d take it first

  • miguel angel


  • Sara

    I’ll take it To Amsterdam, where I’ll look at landscape architecture and ponder about the future.

  • Amanda McKnight

    Oh my word what a beauty creation! I would ever so grateful to head back to sunny Portugal with this slick sidekick :)

  • Melinda Laszczynski

    I’d take it on my trip to NYC to see the Whitney Biennial!

  • Edward Wong

    I would hop aboard a BC ferry with this sweet bag on an excursion to the islands and it would carry my film camera, a spare set of clothes, toiletries, and my e reader. Afterwards I will be using this to bring my textbooks in this bag and will answer any “QWSTION” to inquiries about where I got this eye catching bag from! Helpful at night on university grounds too where the campus has no street lights. Safety first :P In a fashionable way

  • jossbot

    Inside Edificio España in Madrid -still abandoned-, to flash it from across the street and photograph it

  • Josue

    I like how everyone says they’ll use it for travel. I’d use it as a diaper bag… what a rad bag to have as a diaper bag, especially in NYC.

  • Brad Kirkman

    i would just start walking and when people would say ‘hey man, what kind of bag is that?’ I would say it’s a good QWSTION

  • Elise

    The first place I’m taking this is to my ballet class. I’ve been dreaming of owning a bag exactly like it ever since I started dancing, so I’m actually a little bit astounded one actually exists.

  • Robinson Joye

    I could take this to the stars and back.

  • jj

    My favourite abandoned building for a drawing session.

  • Jay Woloshin

    This morning I booked a trip to London for my one year anniversary with my girlfriend. We’ll also be taking a train to Paris for a day. This bag will be the perfect carry-all for a week long excursion and looks like it will hold my T3i perfectly along with a few notebooks.This will be our first time in Europe. Can’t wait to carry this bag through Heathrow and around Westminster!

  • Taylor Schultek

    Looks like a sturdy bag I’d love to take to the studio! Would keep me safe at night in the hood :)

  • Kyle Chambers

    I would take this bag to a technicolor dystopia where I would spend my hours training tyrannosaurus rexii with my ragtag team of warthog punk marauders.

  • Dominick Mazuera


  • herbiederbie

    Melbourne. I’ve never been there before but Im planning on flying down for a week to get a tattoo with this artist (also, Jeff, check his work out on Instagram @_disinhibition)

  • Lasse Centio

    definitely Greenland, or Antarctic!

    perhaps Atlatis

  • Luke Wojciechowski

    A trip around Europe!

  • Charlis Foster

    Take it on my graduation celebration cruise! This bag is gorgeous ❤

  • Jana Park


  • Anna Deutsch


  • Oh Death

    I’d travel to Iceland and attempt to shoot the Northern lights while juxtaposing a flash of this bags’ rainbow skin in shot.

  • Haley Stavig

    I would take it on my first visit to NYC! and everywhere after that !

  • SighNoMore

    Iceland! This bag embodies it’s snowy mountain tops and the aurora borealis.

  • Erica Kunihisa

    Iʻd take it to Hogwarts, because this bag is so magical!

  • Lucia

    Guatemala! This magical bag only deserves to go to the most magical place

  • Makeda M.

    I would stunt on every street in Toronto before taking it with me to Jamaica, where I would continue to show it off, feeling extra swagger in the process.

  • I’d take the bag to Bitterfeld. Because it is a grey & industrial place. People there need some glimmer and glamour to feel hope, that there is more to life than the grey horizon. And so they would start telling stories about a bag, so colorful and so utterly iridescent. It’ll become a myth, a symbol for hope. Yupp, the bag could be something like this in Bitterfeld. Beautiful desolate place somewhere way deep in Germany…

  • Alison Kreitzberg

    I would take it to New Zealand, cuz a magical bag like this deserves to be in a magical land.

  • Erin Cecil


  • Nick Tan

    Travel around my own sunny country, Singapore! Pretty sure it’s going to blind some people with its colors!

  • Becky Nguyen

    I’m going to Japan in November! That’ll be the first place I’ll grace with this bag!

  • oejit

    isle of skye in june!

  • Nina

    Cool bag! I would take this bag to Chicago for a wedding!

  • Tarah Rhoda

    Why pick one color when you can have them all at once!!!

  • TS Pfeffer

    this would be an awesome flight bag. i would fly to vancouver and say what’s up!

  • Vicki

    Truth be told I probably wouldn’t travel anywhere with it… I’m trying to win a free bag on the internet, I clearly don’t have money to travel since I live in Vancouver and therefore have decided to be poor forever.

  • Itay Leibøvich

    Going to Amsterdam next month! I need this awesome cool bag!

  • nadiamargaret

    I’ll be going to Belgrade for Resonate!

  • sarahabein

    This is amazing. Wish I’d had it on my trip to LA recently, but somewhere like Missoula will have to do next.

  • Elliot Salazar

    First off, ooOOoOooooOo
    Anyway, I would use this when I travel to Bangkok, Thailand to visit my good friend!

  • David

    Eh, I’ll “travel” down the street with it? But this summer – plans for Assynt, Scotland and Graubunden, Switzerland in the autumn.

  • I will travel to Berlin for my Arttherapy MA.

  • cobakk1812

    I will take this to San Francisco!

  • finland probably

  • Sophie Hanke

    i would go to Amsterdam with that bag… it looks perfect for city trips. I am currently living in beautiful Vienna. :-)
    Best wishes,

  • instakay.

    I surely would go to Tokyo with this beauty. Then I would be as flashy as all the neon signs around Shibuya! :)

  • Charlotte Davis

    I’d put a camera insert inside and use it to hold my gear for a photographic trip around Bristol! The bright colours are the perfect complement for the vibrant houses of Totterdown :)

  • Laura Line

    Faroe Islands in May. Flashy hiking.

  • Natalia Badoocheo

    Round the streets of the remote indigenous community I live in, Indulkana, in Australia’s Red Central Desert. The juxtaposition of flash against raw arid nature will be a dream not be forgotten

  • Kelly Miller

    The first place I’d travel to with this? Across town for a sexy sleepover. Then I’d take it with me as I road trip down the east coast until I make it to Key West. I’d probably sit on the beach with it for hours letting its iridescence hypnotize me.

  • After I graduate I’m going on a road trip down the entire coast of California! Then it would come with me to school at The Art Institute of Chicago!!

  • Id take this wherever my body takes me. I would choose to go to Venice though, Ive always wanted to go. Or Iceland, the colours would shine off the green of the landscape and make me feel at home. There’s nowhere i’d say no to though, I’m an explorer and my mind is open at all times…

  • Lauren Lintvet

    I would travel to Paris to see my best friend. She sent this to me because she knows me so well. ❤️❤️. We haven’t seen each other and her thoughtfulness always continues to warm my heart. What a stunning piece .

  • Monica
  • Monica

    I’m immersing myself in language, research and food planing for my first trip to Japan in May. This has been a lifelong dream of mine and I’m beyond excited to get this opportunity. Nothing would look more chic or make any photo opportunity more fun. I am living my dreams and I feel so lucky; maybe I’ll get the bag of my dreams too. :]

  • I would take it with me to Botswana! And hope it doesn’t attract vultures my way haha

  • Hannes S.

    Somewhere… over the rainbow! That is for sure! And everywhere else.

  • Nccl Sclf

    Definitey Iceland! Boom!

  • Brooke Thoemke

    I’d love this amazing iridescent rainbow bag to accompany me to the most beautiful beach destination in the world, the Seychelles! All that sunshine would definitely make the bag shine bright :) I’m going the end of next month :)

  • saeros0l

    I love this, especially the fact that it’s so versatile with the extra straps to turn the weekender into a back pack. After this semester, I’m rewarding myself with a trip to Barcelona for my first time and would definitely love this funky piece to get me music-festival ready!

  • Omar4mara

    Istanbul will be the 1st place where I will travel with the Weekender, perfect for city trips !

  • Dieter Glauser

    Since it’s a Weekender, i’ll probably take it on a weekend to Kanton Glarus (AKA Zigerschlitz)

  • jaipur

    Weekender for many year with this beauty!

  • Sarah

    Visiting a lot of architecture/engineering firms in London this summer through a grad school architecture class, I’d wear it to our office visits!

  • Anni Katrin Elmer

    It doesn’t matter where to, just grab the beauty of a bag, rush out of the door and enjoy life to the fullest, anywhere. :)

  • HashRain

    I work in a Museum, so the first thing I will do is take it on the train to the Museum and answer questions about the design.

    Then, once I got to the Museum I will take it straight to the Decorative Arts department and talk to them about it.

    Then take a trip to the actual Museum (where the art is) and compare it with older designs.

    Then of course I will take it every where afterwards.

    The point is I’m taking it everywhere, yes, even the bathroom.

    I will clean it. I pwomise.


    I promise, I’ll keep my bag clean.

  • Natalie

    Whistler BC! Gorgeous!

    • Natalie

      Heading up for a friend’s stagette in April – this would be perfect!

  • Esspe Eff

    The perfect bag for blending in the work place in the day before cycling around the island of Singapore to explore in the night.

  • Carl Ohh

    I would take it with me when I am visiting Tel Aviv!

  • Alexander Vater

    this would be a perfekt berlin-summer accessoire..

  • Katherine T Mann

    It would stop my from getting hit by cars in Taipei on the way to the night market.

  • souza43

    To my state’s capital, Salvador. And back again to my hometown. And back and forth, every week.

  • Ursula Rösler

    I Would definitively Use it everyday in summer when i go swimming.

  • Chris Nolan

    I will definitely use it on my next trip to Taiwan.

  • Lindsay Petrick

    heading on a motorcycle trip in California this may, this will surely trip people out! and i’m gonna get my nails to match it!

  • Topher Knoll

    YAAAS! Check out other cool giveaways at https://culturehog.com/book-giveaways too!

  • Marian

    *Sparkle white* for a glitched-out upcoming summertime at “Keros Surf Club”.

  • spaced_bar

    gig bag to the show

  • George Javani

    Vancouver for Blend fest!

  • David Kim

    The first location I would travel to is university where I’m studying design!

  • Donna

    First, a small trip to Colorado for an epic Little Dragon concert. Then it’s coming with me to China and the Philippines. ;) (insert sunglasses and smiley face emoji)

  • Jay Pong

    Hong Kong, I would love to see how this bag would look under the neon lights.

  • Ashley Newton

    To Burning Man!!!

  • Edith Mika

    Strap it to the back of my Vespa and off we go_ day and night

  • Rox JC

    I would travel to Granada and sit in the sun so the light will reflect on my bag and everyone would come over to see what it was, ending up in a massive beach party!

  • Vincent Pan

    To the office, brighten up the floor, and then to lunch to scare away all the pigeons.

  • ntlk

    Shetland, for the Shetland Wool Week

  • JonathAn Cave

    Weekend adventure sweeping down to Storm King Art Center then up to the Clark Museum, MassMoCA, and on to Naumkeag in Stockbridge for a couple days of contemporary and surreal art, architecture, and landscape architecture.

  • Pia Plattner

    I`ll travel to London with this QWESTION weekend bag – would be super handy :)

  • Danny

    traveling the Caribbean on a motoconcho this summer :0

  • davidjcubberly

    I’m going to Iceland this year. This would be a great accessory to bring!

  • Laura Elizabeth Walter


    I would tote it around the islands of Hong Kong & Xiamen next month. I am so into the versatility of those straps.

  • Lisa Rosowsky

    New York to visit MoMa!

  • Katie Pretti

    the “clothing optional” beach at Hanlan’s Point, Toronto Island !!

  • Maya B

    I would take it to my office job everyday to brighten our drab soul sucking environment! helllpppp meeeee

  • You just have to look at it and you’ll be already tripping!

  • I’m a museum-goer and photographer and would love for it to accompany me on my journeys.

  • Christoph Bruns

    In my dreams i would travel to Venus first because its the brighest place from here on the sky. So the bag would fit perfectly :-) In real life i would travel from Berlin to Guatemala City to meet some friends there. The special light there would also be perfect for this bag to shine brightly.

  • Alicia

    I’m going to London this year to work on murals and Florida to visit friends! I would bring it along on both trips!

  • Mauricio Gomez

    I would go to visit United States for the first time and then will go all over Latin America and Europe.

  • Ethan Sherman

    Baltimore for the Prints and Multiples Fair!

  • Lulu Larche’

    I’m taking it to AfrikaBurn: desert rave/safari.

  • Janni Eisenberg

    If I had this bag I’d take it with me on a tour of Europe or Japan….or even travel the stars with it.

  • jammy

    The first place I’ll travel with this is back to New Jersey to see family, they’re going to love it.

  • Rebecca Chaperon

    Toronto island artist residency ! August : )

  • Connor Wiik

    Folly Beach in Charleston, SC

  • Se th

    Going to Disney World soon and this will definitely be an eye catching piece to walk around with.

  • I would use it for my dance gear to travel to the dance studio.

  • Anthony Rojas

    San Francisco or Iceland!

  • Ibarra

    Travelling to Paris hopefully!

  • Signe Pierce

    I’m going to Tokyo next month to do a multiple reality performances on the streets, which will be captured via a series of live streams. I’m interested in incorporating futuristic technology (wearable tech, LED lights, holographic and reflective materials) into my wardrobe for these performances, as a way of commenting on how we straddle real life and our newfound digital existence.

    I truly think this bag would be a perfect accessory for this performance and I would be honored to wear it and represent it during my trip.

  • stayearly

    A visit to Detroit, Michigan

  • Simon Basler

    Planning my next weekend trip! Probably going to be Copenhagen!

  • Kaushal La Bhakta

    To ride my bike through India, hopefully the bag helps me from being run over.

  • Summer road trip with friends through the US Southwest – the beach, the mountains, the desert. Everywhere after that!

  • Ali Uribe

    I’ll take it on a tour of west coast beaches this summer and let it glisten in the sun where it belongs.

  • E Smit

    Vegas baby!

  • Rylee Danielle

    Arches National Park. Something about that white iridescence surrounded by red rock and blue skies…

  • Anna Niestroj

    To Poland – to the old garden of my familyhouse where only my old grand aunt will see this bag. And I am sure she has never seen anything alike. I can only imagine her smlie..

  • Corinne Pearce

    Ahhh this is amazing! I’d bring it on my trip next month from Stockholm to Miami for a beach wedding. Then obviously use it on any given weekend trip around Stockholm after that, and even then I’d probably not be able to put it down so I’d use it for soccer practice gear. Living the dream with that piece!

  • Tourné Torres

    I would photoshop myself back-packing through Seoul for at least a month, really hamming it up on social media, then zip off to Florence, ultimately strapping this baby to the back of my rented Moped. Truthfully, the therapist, classmates, and baristas I interact with on a weekly basis will totally get their eye-full of this dang bag.

    I think it’s too big to use as a Spirit Airlines carry-on, so I won’t be photoshopping myself there. I’m not an idiot.

  • Nóra Lengyel

    I would love to take it for a countryside trip here, in Hungary.

  • Liam Clark

    I’d take it to Lithuania because my girlfriend wants me to meet her family, and she hasn’t been home from the UK to see her mum for 4 years

  • Mollie Burke

    I’m a painter and I’m going to Berlin, then Florence, and then Bruges. I would put my most cherished possession of notebooks, pens, camera, and paints in this amazing bag, as I go from street to museum to gallery, to wherever the next idea or inspiration takes me.

  • pinjamarina

    I would travel to the Hague, to visit my bestfriend and enjoy the blooming spring there!

  • Caroline Friesen

    Going to Amsterdam and would love to have a trippy time with this bag

  • The Future.

  • Sonia Petruse

    To an island where I can avoid the internet for a while, but then I guess I wouldn’t catch cool stuff like this on here. Looks like it can fit my kimonos and enough art supplies to last me a while.

  • Molly Mitchell

    Cannes Lions!

  • P.

    Planning a fun weekender to LA – this bag would definitely come along.

  • Benton Robertson

    I would walk around Vancouver rockin this swag

  • Chad Magnuson

    Black Light Bowling

  • Chad Magnuson

    Black Light Bowling

  • Iris

    I would use this bag for all my photography stuff and travel around my beautiful Yukon with it! Those trippy colours are gonna be awesome with our winter darkness!

  • Nicole Granese

    This bag wouldn’t always get to join me on vacation, but it would look great accompanying me to my new high school art position!

  • Pam

    I’ll be traveling with it from NYC up to Hudson, NY, where I’ll be giving a talk about the depiction of witches in throughout art history at SEPTEMBER Gallery. It looks like a bag that is full of magic, so very appropriate!

  • Ely Watson

    It’d travel with me everywhere! Specifically on a east-to-west coast US drive this summer :)

  • New every day book bag for teaching high school! (teacher of the year? possibly). Its inaugural trip would be to Ladew Gardens for a picnic in the yellow garden.


  • Emma Pena

    To the QWSTION headquarter who is based in my country apparently to ask them why I’ve never heard about theirs designs before (and to tell them how cool this bag is and how happy I am to know that swiss designers are having such good ideas) Thank you for the discovery! What a good surprise for the heart to realise there’s such amazing art in my area.

  • Taylor Bancroft

    I’ll take it to visit my grandmother in rural eastern Washington

  • GV

    To a Werner Herzog documentary location! I think an island with an erupting volcano would be most fitting with this bag

  • michelangelo

    Back To The Future—Prague is ready for you(!)

  • Ashito Wie

    London weekend!

  • David

    Definitely gonna take it to Old-Jaffa. I´d finally have a cool gadget to show off to the cool kids with their lasergun´s and hoverboards!! ;)

  • Inês Trabez

    can the answer be “anywhere / everywhere, pls give it to me”?

  • I’d take it to LA! Been craving a week in the sun, be directly in the art scene i love, and go to Disneyland (tradition with my old housemate). <3 I'd honestly scream, easier air travel and look awesome af.

  • Le0nardZelig


  • Eva Karl

    Art Basel. No Compromising.

  • Shannon Holliday

    I’m in love. I’d be over the moon (and take it with me) if I won it.

  • Janice Colbert

    Venice Biennale

  • Dane Goodwin

    BOY OH BOY. I am headed next month to LA and this bag would become my new best friend. We would go to the beach. We would go to brunch. It would be pleasing.

  • Laura Congia

    back to the future. gleaming.

  • Joe Cocklin

    Straight to the top of one of the edge-of-the-city mountains; in Nanchong, China. To where the drunks and non-uv-fearful go to escape the smog and watch high rises grow and the sun set and dogs bark.

  • Brittany Truex

    I would take this bag on my honeymoon! We are planing a road trip through some small towns on the west coast, so I’d love to look like I’m visiting from another planet. That bag is RAD!

  • Lucas

    I would travel to Rome and let the city’s sureal red light shine on the bag hanging oF my back in the backseat of a classic white Vespa.

  • Whitney Sage

    To the long anticipated opening of James Turrell’s Roden Crater…only there will it receive the appropriate appreciation for its colors as affected by light. Also…everywhere after that, because I will want everyone to see it.

  • Mikiyo

    Rainbow beach.

  • ClairePalmer

    I would sport it in San Francisco, no question.

  • Kayla Swinford

    A trip to New York is probably due

  • L H

    I would take this bag with me to Victoria, BC, this year for an overnight trip.

  • Jordan Nakamura

    To Hawaii to meet up with more rainbows.

  • Nicole Holmes

    Denmark to reunite with my grandmothers family.

  • MatthewTompkins

    Venus to go with my vermilion jacket and only this camera bag could do justice to the look.

  • Taking it to work everyday probably

  • Rust

    New Orleans in the spring, always a good time.

  • nevillee

    Taking it to my corporate office, people are gonna flip!

  • Brendan Baines

    Wearing it to work, along our city’s new bike paths

  • Nora M

    to NYC and then iceland under the northern lights

  • Maria

    I’d take it with me to the “Il cinema ritrovato” film festival in Bologna!

  • Dynamoth

    Harajuku in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. The only way to be seen is to raise eyebrows.

  • I would take this bag to school first, I suppose, and then to Vermont next time I go.

  • Scar

    To Oslo for the summer <3

  • E Smit


  • Davin Lama

    Travel back to the town of Darjeeling, in the foothills of the Himalayas, where my grandmother lives. Haven’t seen her in 4 years.

  • Aiman Omar Ali

    Around Borneo to do some astrophotography that I’ve been wanting to do

  • Kyle Parker

    The ISS

  • Tim Pettigrew

    Los Angeles

  • Hanna

    I would love to take this bag with me to Iceland! The white would match the color of the snow and ice during the day, and the iridescent colors would match the beautiful northern lights. The duality of this bag aligns so perfectly with Iceland—I’d take a million photos!!! (omg I am thirsty for this bag…!)

  • Bradley Walker

    Pictoplasma Berlin in May

  • Pablo

    I would take it to Oslo’s Opera House, whose beautiful architecture will match harmoniously with the bag’s modern design. The iridescent shine will remember the Norse mythology of the Aurora Borealis, where warriors were chosen for Valhalla or to live another day.

  • Jay

    Rue Saint-Laurent, Montréal. Guiness and bagels!

  • 8mismo

    I’d wipe my ass with it.

  • Emma Bracy

    It would take a staycation with me in Portland as I’m still in school and lack the funds to travel to the places I’d love to go

  • Carol Roberts clark

    id take it to houston with me or austin texas i love it

  • Rachelle Theophile

    Summer adventures!! :) I have a couple of exciting voyages mapped out for next season. This bag would get plenty of use and the versatile design sounds very appealing. First stop would be Washington DC to for a Skepta concert and to visit friends.. that would only be the beginning!

  • Patricia Estrella

    I’m an exchange student living in Paris right now. The best part about living abroad in Europe is that it’s easy to travel from one country to another, experiencing new cultures just a short plane ride away. The first place I’d go to with this bad boy is Lucerne. I have family there that I have seen only in pictures and once school is over, I’m hoping I can visit. It would be nice to meet them for the first time with a new Swiss(-made) friend in tow. In fact, the iridescent finish reminded me of the sunsets reflected on Lake Lucerne.

  • 제 사랑 거절하는거 거절합니다

    I’ll go to my sister’s graduation in France in june, she couldn’t attend mine and I haven’t seen her in a very long while.

  • Will

    The Sketch restaurant designed by David Shrigley, it has the same fitting combination of gaudy eccentricity and tasteful design

  • Maurice

    I will ride a unicorn and journey my way happy to my opalescent castle floating nearby an iridescent beach. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d8411cbd3e5114b15deb3437fbc35de5bbf4f69a5d5ce923ca6977784364908e.jpg

  • Sina Salvatore

    If I win this bag it’s gonna travel with me to Rio to visit my friend in the summer!

  • twallis

    Travel to Marty McFly’s future to pair up this bag with his hat and protest against Biff.


  • Levi

    Congrats to Lucy Alice W. on winning the bag! Check your email!

26.07.17 by Staff

“Copy Kitty” by Illustrator Kyung Me

Illustrator Kyung Me explores the various ways we construct false identities in romantic relationships with a series of drawings surrounding a character named Copy Kitty. Going to great lengths to be accepted and adored, Copy Kitty gradually descends into a vortex of fantasy and paranoia. Check out more images from Me’s elaborate narrative series below.

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Artist Spotlight: Vadis Turner

A selection of recent work by artist Vadis Turner (previously featured here). See more images courtesy of the artist and Geary Gallery in New York below or on display that The Frist Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville until September 10.

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Illustrator Spotlight: Vincent Giard + Singeon

I recently stumbled across this tumblr called Brousse, an older project by illustrators Vincent Giard and Singeon. If you’re looking for some drawing inspiration, the blog documents a game of visual ping pong between the two artists (they’ve also released a couple books). Check out some more images below.

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Photographer Spotlight: Mike Chalmers

A selection of work by photographer Mike Chalmers, who was born in Scotland and is currently based in London. More images below.

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Illustrator Spotlight: Alice Conisbee

A selection of work by illustrator Alice Conisbee. More images below.

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