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Giveaway: AND CO Gold Accounts

This week we are partnering with AND CO, a new platform built for freelancers to easily manage everything from contracts and time tracking to invoicing and payments. Their motto is “less hassle, more hustle,” aiming to provide freelancers with an all-in-one desktop and mobile dashboard that takes the headache out of the business side of freelancing.

They have also recently partnered with the Freelancers Union to create an extremely easy to use Freelance Contract. It’s designed to protect freelancers from non-payment and can be customized in a variety of ways depending on needs, usage rights, fees and other areas of protection. Check it out here.

We have 3 Gold Accounts (for 1 year) to giveaway, just tell us what you love most about freelancing in the comments below, and we’ll pick winners in 2 weeks!





Freelance Contract


Freelance Contract


Freelance Contract




AND CO Website

Freelance Contract

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  • Ben Hartwig

    My favorite thing about freelancing is the flexibility. I love being able to work with clients wherever I am. Freelancing allows me to work on projects while I’m at home, visiting family or even (sometimes) on vacation. Also, since I am not able to be as creative with my full-time job, freelancing allows me that outlet to keep my creative side active and up-to-date. Side-note: I love AND CO, they have made freelancing a lot easier!

    • AND CO

      Hey there Ben! We are ELATED to hear that you love AND CO. Keep up with your side hustles:)

  • Brent Jones

    I am with Ben, I love that I can focus on my work wherever I choose without the flyby distractions of working at a big agency or company. I feel that helps me produce better work for my clients. Also I enjoy the challenge of keeping my business organized even though it is not design. I haven’t used AND CO yet, but my advice to any freelancer is to choose a platform like this to help streamline your business and be diligent about using it and you will have more time to focus on your passion.

    • AND CO

      Hey Brent! That’s exactly why we created AND CO, to streamline your business and give you more time to do what you love, whatever it may be:) More time on our passions, less on silly business nuances. Hope you try it out sometime!

  • Joey Pearson

    Working across a variety of projects with a variety of clients constantly keeps me on my toes, whilst allowing me to express my creativity in different ways. I don’t freelance becuase I want to sell all of my work, or be the next big thing. I freelance becuase I want the ability and time to push my own work and creativity. I love freelancing- it doesn’t provide me a high-class life style, but I get to enjoy every aspect of life at my own pace, from taking some time off after a big project, to popping out on a Tuesday morning for a coffee on the beach…

  • Raylor Toy

    I love freelancing because of the freedom of exploration with clients and the art direction within working for the client. I’ve always enjoyed meeting new and exciting people that love to dive in a new direction. For me, the most rewarding thing about freelance is seeing a project through to completion that really helps a clients needs.

  • Raquel Casilda

    What I love about freelancing is that I can organise my workload and balance my life much better. I’ve always had an entrepreneur spirit. It is also very rewarding being able to work with clients and create projects that are really in line with yourself. The creative child we have within is at peace when feeling free! :)

    • AND CO

      Couldn’t agree more Raquel. That’s exactly why we created AND CO, to streamline your business and give you more time to do what you love, whatever it may be:) More time on our passions, less on silly business nuances. Hope you try it out sometime!

  • Elizabeth Solomon

    I am a freelance copywriter and web builder. What I love most about my work is making personal connections with the people I serve and helping them bring out and tell their story in a way that is authentic, creative and mirrors back to them the impact and importance of the work they do in the world. I work with some incredible artists, coaches, and individual entrepreneurs. I appreciate the autonomy I have to serve these people in the way that meets them, challenges them and grows their business.

  • E Smit

    I love having my own time schedule and that I am doing what I love doing. I can do what I want, when I want and work with my choice of people.

  • What I love about freelancing, more than having of course, flexibility and my own schedule, is that it constantly challenges me and forces me / teaches me to be a BOSS, my own BOSS and my own LEADER. It pushes me to go out of my comfort zone and be proactive, get sh1t done, go hustle and it makes me remind myself that I can’t sit and wait for things to happen if I wanna make it as a freelancer and as an artist, more than anything. I love it because it also teaches me to expand my skills, constantly, I have to know everything from basic laws (copyrights) to some 101 finance so I don’t fall behind and of course, updating my creative skill set 24/7 so I stay on the competition. It’s tough, but I wouldn’t trade it for an 8-5. ;)

    • AND CO

      that’s the spirit, Maria! looks like you’re in an awesome place. Check out our services if you need help managing your clients, work flow, invoices, time tracking, etc. we won’t let you down :)

  • The direct contact with the client, and the diversity of the projects. And of course that i can manage my times :).

  • My fave part about freelancing is the rush (yeah and stress sometimes) I get when I try to think of creative ways to use my skills and talents to make money. Whether it be a new offering for clients or some event, I love how I’m making my career off of my own noggin. Oh yeah, and the freedom of not having a boss and being able to travel and work – wouldn’t change this life for anything!

  • What i like about freelancing is that i love doing what i do. I can shedule my own time so i can do what i want, when i want and work with people i want to work for. So i can get the best out of myself and create something where the client is enthusiastic about. And of course de diversity of work. I need diversity to keep it challenging.

    • AND CO

      Hey Ciska – that’s what we’re allll about :) our app is super useful to help you manage your work, clients, and business needs. Hope you get to check us out! https://www.and.co/

  • Levi

    Congrats to Maria, Raquel Casilda and Joey! Check your emails!

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