19.05.17 by Jeff

5 Questions You Must Answer (or die)

If you missed them, the last two 5 Questions posts are HERE and HERE. Quite a variety of responses to the question about whether Instagram is helping or hindering your creativity. Here are this weeks questions for you to answer! Feel free to leave comments on other people’s answers! My answers are there too.


The Questions

1 – What is the number of unread emails currently in your inbox?

2 – Describe a piece of art in your home.

3 – Do you/Did you have a nickname? Explain it.

4 – Share a link to a video that cheers you up.

5 – Appetizer or dessert?




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Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • 1 – 10 unread emails (doin pretty good!)

    2 – Big photo by one of my favourite photographers Garry Trinh – in it a few people are lined up for an ice cream truck. One guy is wear a leather jacket and ass-less leather pants and the guy right next to him is only wearing a pair of small leather shorts.

    3 – It wasn’t a nickname but my last name is Haada so people used to always say “Whats Hamada?” like What the mattaa?

    4 – https://vtt.tumblr.com/tumblr_o3ucve6HC01slstjg_480.mp4#_=_

    5 – APPETIZER.

  • Toby Cameron Hooper

    1. 4! (just did a big cull)

    2. Large painting, mainly green. It’s a landscape, though only just readable as one. Broad graphic strokes and shapes make up the trees, hills, and what I read as a bridge and water passage. It’s fairly graphic, but applied with a roughness and muddiness in the colouring that leaves it feel more organic than it might otherwise.

    3. Tubs
    Toby -> Tubby -> Tubs (I’m a complete beanpole, so there’s a bit of irony in there)

    4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q37IAlsw8r8&feature=youtu.be&t=1033
    Whole vids great, but part I’ve timestamped is my fav. Andrew Bird playing to St. Vincent off the cuff, mucking it up a bit. There’s something so sweetly collaborative and warm about it.

    5. Dessert…

    • That video is one of my go-to listens as well !

  • 1 – 283
    2 – I have a small lithograph print of one of the first places I lived on my own. I happened to find a random artist in a random town who happened to choose my house to depict. I had to buy it.
    3 – Ira. When I was working in a kitchen, the other line cooks decided I was going to blow up the restaurant because I was a part of the Irish Republican Army. I’m not sure why, but it stuck for years to the point where people didn’t know my real name.
    4 – This kills me every time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtiQRk1Ju9c
    5 – Neither, usually.

  • BruceCanaFox

    1. Zero
    2. Fantastic mobile of steel and aluminum I finished two days ago
    3. Foxy, pretty simple
    4. http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2017/05/fun-typographic-metaphors-animated-on-a-vintage-typewriter-by-greg-condon/
    5.Apple Pie, works for either.

  • Elissa Gibb

    1 – Zero!
    2 – I have a pair of lovely B&W photographs made by my very talented friend Haley Jensen ( http://www.haley-jensen.com/ ) One is a double (maybe triple) exposure with a silhouette in front of an ethereal landscape – very nice light/dark contrast. The other is an interesting perspective of footprints in the sand at the edge of a pond of water. The contrast in the image makes it appear as if they are footprints on the moon or some other cosmic place, and the water looks like vast, empty space. Very cool!
    3 – Do you/Did you have a nickname? Gibby and/or Gibbel – self explanatory, but I’ll tell the anecdote. My two sisters and I all have the same initials – E. Gibb. We were supposed to write our last name and first initial on our gym clothes in middle school to tell them apart from everyone else’s. So my sisters and I respectively had Gibb E.R, Gibb E.M, and mine, Gibb E.L. So we were Gibber, Gibbem and Gibbel, and occasionally Gibby. And then all of the permutations of that – Gibbles n’ Bits, Gibblet, etc etc etc
    4 – Share a link to a video that cheers you up. Oldie but goodie! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP4abiHdQpc
    5 – Appetizer or dessert? DESSERT

    • that video lolll

  • Kim

    1 – What is the number of unread emails currently in your inbox?

    2 – Describe a piece of art in your home.
    small painted postcard of Sarah Vaughan painted to look like Lauryn Hill

    3 – Do you/Did you have a nickname? Explain it.
    My name is Kim so I have a lot of nicknames! the most common one nowadays is Kimbo… the weirdest one is Kimita which was my name in Spanish class in elementary school. family have called me Kimby since I was little. I’m interested in what other Kim’s nicknames are!!

    4 – Share a link to a video that cheers you up.
    *italian chef hand kiss*

    5 – Appetizer or dessert?

  • Things Better

    1. personal 6ish, work 0
    2. A velvet painting of myself from when I was 6
    3. Beatnik. It was given to me by my friend John rip on the first day of film School a long long time ago.
    4. https://youtu.be/IjeKw0B8PG8 for both the music and the imagery.
    5. Appetizers. Because there’s still more to come

    • enjoying this video

  • PJ

    Hi Jeff,

    1) number of unread email:

    2) art in my home:
    mom’s cross stitch work of a riverbank garden

    3) nickname:
    PJ, as an abbreviation of full name, but easily to remember, also come up with this idea by watching a Anime call Red Line, as the male lead is called JP

    4) cheerful video:

    5) a/d: appetizer

    • taryn

      i love that video!!

      • PJ

        XD Glad you like the video!

      • me too haha

  • Nico Glaude

    1 – I just logged onto my hotmail account from highschool because of this. Over 7000 unread emails. Still getting emails from Neopets….

    2 – Just got a Steve Powers print in the mail today. It’s the “I’m Up Waiting For You” re-release, really stoked on it…just gotta find a frame now.

    3 – Spicy Boy. My friend Andrew told me how there’s a petition to change the name of fire ants to spicy boys…it became a nickname…our mutual friend Ola Volo can attest to that.

    4 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RKbSi87J5Q

    5 – Appetizers…..like those frozen ones from the M&M meat stores, don’t know why, nostalgia I guess.

    • GT

      YES to any and all Nardwuar videos! Especially this one!

      • Things Better

        Bump just rewatched this the other day Pharrell looks so surprised. If you haven’t seen the Slayer one or the Melvin’s and jello do yourself a favor. The guy does his research.

      • Nico Glaude

        Thanks for the heads up, I’ll watch them now! Seeing people geek out is always so humbling! Nard makes me realize that anything/everything is possible, no matter the passion, it will carry you through!

  • Ben Clement

    1 – 121 unread emails. Trying to do better. Slack app has helped a lot.

    2 – I have this sculpture by a friend that acts as shelf. It’s made of discarded pieces of marble and put together with steel framing. It has an extended level which wobbles if you bump it but it can also withstand having something sit on it. It’s really hard to describe.

    3 – Some people call me Clemo. Not because it’s my last name shortened with an O. But there is a kebab spot called Flemington Kebabs and we called it Flemo Kebab and someone just said Clemo Kebab one day and it stuck. I’ve never eaten here btw.

    Also got called Ken. While on tour in Europe with a friends band they would always offer me weed but I kept saying no until one day at the end of the tour I smoked with everyone and they decided it was my alter ego coming out and I would be called Ken Blement.

    4 – https://youtu.be/c5h1oj5QArU

    5 – Depends on the situation. Desserts are exciting but appetizer is more a go to.

  • 1. 64 unread emails (gah)
    2. Woman holding a cat by constantine popov. All orange pink and silver. The cat is surprised O
    3. I was once Fruitybits
    4. Umm is there anytging better than this? https://g.co/kgs/O01myw
    5. The word “appetizer” makes me sad. In Australia, where i live, an appetiser is like an amuse bouche or an hors deuvre. But I’m a savoury girl all the way.

  • Mauricio Gomez

    1 – 0
    2 – Small painting I did of a Cube-Octahedron http://insanemoe.deviantart.com/art/Cube-Octahedron-600852538
    3 – people call me Moe, shortened version of my name.
    4 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CE8XKeN0zk4
    5 – both, why not

  • Morgan Whipple

    1 – Yeeeesh.. I’m at 2,581 but that includes junk email, personal and work.. if that makes it any better.

    2 – I live in a shared loft space in Brooklyn. My Ex used to live here and I helped her move in. After we broke up and she had moved on from the space I ended up moving into the same space. When I got here I noticed that there was a painting on the wall that I had done (which I didn’t know still existed). A portrait of a man which I had messed up on and in frustration smeared the paint palette all over his face, then wrote across the bottom “I don’t wanna talk about it”. I guess somehow it was mixed in with my Ex’s stuff when she moved in.
    The caption under the painting reads:

    “I don’t wanna talk about it” 2014
    Artist unknown (was it you?)
    paint on cardboard

    3 – My last name is Whipple and in 6th grade people called me Whipple Triple Nipple. Probably my favorite nickname I’ve been awarded.

    4 – https://youtu.be/u-rzxMFD9PM

    5 – Appetizer for sure. Chips & Guac to be exact.

    • Margotenenbaum

      I used to live in a shared loft space in Brooklyn, too. There was writing on the (very low) ceiling of my room that I would always look at before I fell asleep. I don’t remember what it said anymore but I mentioned it to a friend once. She surprised me when told me she used to live in that exact loft with her ex and during one of their fights where he left, she wrote that message on the ceiling. What a coincidence in this huge yet tiny world. Your story reminded me of that.

  • Bass

    1. 38
    2. a hideous painting of a small berber village….and a waterfall ?!
    3. many throughout my life; bita when younger (ikr) and bass now for cool friends
    4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jG7dSXcfVqE
    5. both (without the main )

  • Mike WALROND

    1 – What is the number of unread emails currently in your inbox?
    2,258 unread emails

    2 – Describe a piece of art in your home.
    I don’t have any art at home, but I have a ton in my art studio. Ranging from abstract black and white photographs to trippy psychedelic dreams.

    3 – Do you/Did you have a nickname? Explain it.
    Bubba, I’ve had big lips since forest gump… lol

    4 – Share a link to a video that cheers you up.

    5 – Appetizer or dessert?
    Dessert all the way, Blood Orange Ricotta from Extraordinary Desserts

  • katie woodin

    1. 0. I’m pretty good about my emails.
    2. I’ve got a print on wooden panel by Gustavo Rimada. It’s his piece “Dark Paradise” which is a skull made of roses with a sparrow for the brow bone.
    3. k80. My name is Katie, and back when Myspace was a thing, I used this as my nickname. Unfortunately, most people don’t get it and end up saying “K-eight-oh.” or some variation of that.
    4. https://youtu.be/18-xvIjH8T4
    5. Dessert, always.

  • GT

    1) 0 thankfully

    2) A page taken from a newspaper/zine done by David Shillinglaw a few years back that I have out in a frame. It’s a simple two colour graphic of a head featuring a brain, two eyes, and the word KAPOW where the mouth is. A simplified version of his usual style, which I really like.

    3) My nickname has evolved over the years. My name is Graham, which got shortened to Ham as a child, then grew to Hammer during my high school athletic career, and now, as an adult, it is simply my initials, GT.

    4) Currently it’s a song video, and despite the fact that I’m neither a girl, nor particularly lucky, this doesn’t fail to put a spring in my step… Lucky Girl by Fazerdaze… https://youtu.be/My4j3vgFxbE

    5) Appetizer, without fail. Preferably combined with a basket full of bread. In. My. Mouth!

  • Ivy Duval

    More emails than my fool ass is going to count.

    Jocelyn Cournoyer is not easy to describe

    ahh, I don’t have a nickname. Well my art teacher in H.S. called me slow hand because I sucked at getting notebook assignments done

    the 1981 SNL with Donald Pleasence introducing Fear is the only thing that makes me happy.

    I have a flip phone

  • taryn

    1 – What is the number of unread emails currently in your inbox? big fat zero.
    2 – Describe a piece of art in your home. it’s a monoprint of a jellyfish with its tentacles swirling so it looks like a zen circle – black ink on white paper.
    3 – Do you/Did you have a nickname? Explain it. Tavern…well…you see…i used to drink…a lot…
    4 – Share a link to a video that cheers you up. hahaha, so many to choose from! this is one of them https://vimeo.com/133022341
    5 – Appetizer or dessert? i never have the self-control to save room for dessert.

  • jessica vasquez

    1 – Just 4 unread emails!
    2 – Describe a piece of art in your home.
    I have just one thing on the wall since I’m moving soon and its a tin E.T. serving tray.
    3 – Do you/Did you have a nickname? Explain it.
    Googz with my good frands, in HS I was really into googlie eyes and created a bible of googz. Nickname for people that don’t really know me is Jess. I kinda hate it but w/e.
    4 – Share a link to a video that cheers you up.
    5 – Appetizer or dessert?
    App fo sho. GIMMIE cheese and salt or potatoes.

  • Eric Hosford

    1- NONE. I do have about 17 work emails for things that haven’t been finished / resolved, but I try to answer emails right away.

    2- We have a landscape painting my grandmother made. She used to teach oil painting out of her studio in the 50’s and 60’s.

    3- No real nicknames, but my last name is Hosford so I get called that or E-Hos.

    4- Shawn Wasabi- Marble Soda- This dude plays a custom made 64 button controller . Always fun to watch

    5- Desserts, use to be neither until I met my wife and she introduced my poor self to the wide world or tasty sugar slams.

  • Bashar Mahdawi

    1- 1 Unread Message
    2- A hand carved wooden tribal mask from Kenya
    3- “Bash” like the birthdays, short for Bashar my full name
    4- https://www.facebook.com/awkwardfamilyphotos/videos/10154693655275791/?pnref=story
    5- Appetizer

  • JD Streater

    1 – 28, I try to maintain that number so that I always know when a new one comes in.
    2 – An A3 poster of Toro Y Moi – It’s a modernist piece, with pictures placed in weird locations on the grid and all the type has to be read vertically. It’s also a misprint and all of the colours are way out, blacks are turquoise and reds and oranges are pink, it looks nuts but it’s perfect.
    3 – Never had a nickname, was never cool enough.
    4 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fMCb1tG9z0
    5 – Appetiser for sure.

    • haha someone posted that exact same video when someone mentioned Jake for a question last week

      • JD Streater

        It’s just such a fantastic mash up haha

    • Dorothyksanders

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  • Levi

    1. Only four!

    2. Series of photos taken in Israel/Egypt by my parents in the 70’s (or 80’s)

    3. “Unsy”. Somehow my last name turned into this in high school and people still call me it now

    4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFLAfVvWEBk

    5. Appetizer

    • hahah i forgot about that video

  • Margotenenbaum

    1 – Zero! Any number in that red bubble gives me anxiety to look at.

    2 – I returned home after a trying month volunteering in Nepal and India on a late night flight, walking into my apartment and slowly realized I had been robbed while away. I felt numb. Life became confusing with extreme jet lag, mixed emotion and police reports. The next night I went for a long walk in my neighbourhood and found a picture frame that was empty save for the backboard. A street artist named Loaf had walked by and drawn a sweet animal face with a heart thought bubble and looking at it made me h a p p y. It was the first time I felt good in awhile and I felt it had been placed there for a reason. And it has been on my wall since! ( Thanks Loaf! )

    3 – My sister calls me Wubbie…but we both don’t know why.

    4 –https://www.instagram.com/p/BSCdEgmhMkT/
    ((( still so so good )))

    5 – Hands down dessert! A lasting impression.

  • Gracey Zhang

    1 – 29 unread emails (from three accounts combined!)
    2 – a postcard of Marc Chagall’s ‘The Kiss’
    3 – It was a self imposed nickname as I wanted one so bad when I was 5 so I called myself by my favourite food at the time, ‘Potatoes’ but (un?)fortunately it never really stuck
    4 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFAK8Vj62WM
    5 – DESSERT

  • Charles Purdy

    1. 1,392 according to Outlook (I use Outlook to store things; I know this number would drive a lot of people crazy!).
    2. I have a print of a drawing of the Golden Gate Bridge, by the SF artist Fred Reisinger. Reisinger was a friend of my aunt’s, and this print hung in her guest bathroom for my entire life. I always loved it—it’s very simply rendered, with muted colors. As a child, I liked the cute, tiny cars on the bridge. The print came to live with me after my aunt died…I had it reframed, and it hangs in my living room, and I love it.
    3. “Chuckles,” ironically, because I can be kind of dour.
    4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgusCINe260
    5. Appetizer.

  • Cody Achter

    1 – Oh man prolly like 400+ but most of those are spam.

    2 – Ikea Fake Picasso! haha I need to invest more in this area.

    3 – Man I wish! Maybe Code short for Cody but that doesn’t count.

    4 – Gets me everytime! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulo6EC3It-E

    5 – Dessert all day.

    • Marybanderson

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    • haha love kyle

  • i like that he tried to give Nardwuar a Nardwuar interview later one, wasn’t on the same level but i just like how much a fan Pharrell is

  • 1 – ZERO because I’m obsessive about opening and categorizing and dealing with them immediately… or my anxiety levels rise quickly.
    2 – One of the little girls that I care for painted me her interpretation of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and I have it framed perched behind my succulents. It’s one of my favorites.
    3 – I’ve never been able to have a nickname… or at least a good one because my name is quite short already. One of my friends called me “car” because my initials are KAR… also happens to be my name minus the final A.
    4 – https://vimeo.com/groups/263701/videos/32967061
    5 – DESSERT. I think this question could start violent riots.

  • Alison Kreitzberg

    1 – What is the number of unread emails currently in your inbox? 154 unread, tho probably mostly spam, so they will just get deleted eventually and never actually read.

    2 – Describe a piece of art in your home.

    3 – Do you/Did you have a nickname? Explain it.

    I’ve had too many to explain them all. Al, Ali, Alleycat, Alibaba, Elephant, AK, AK47, A1, Ace, Pak, K-berg. I am sure there’s more, but that’s all I can think of. My brother started calling me Al when we were little and my parents didn’t like it, so it stuck, and I never liked Ali because it was too girly and I was a tom boy.

    4 – Share a link to a video that cheers you up.

    5 – Appetizer or dessert? Both! Does a margarita count as an appetizer?

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