04.08.17 by Jeff

Giveaway: Dan Climan “Flash” Towel by Slowtide

We’ve got a great giveaway this week courtesy of the folks at Slowtide. They’ve teamed up with Montreal-based artist Dan Climan to make a towel featuring some of his flash artwork.

I’m a big fan of Dan’s work (you may recall the best tattoo design of all time, and the best sign in Vancouver) and I’m stoked on his art space focused on screen prints called The Ladder Place. What I’m trying to say is I love this towel.

If you want to snag the towel leave a comment and describe a tattoo you would love to get from Dan. We’ll pick a winner in two weeks. More images of the towel and a video clip about the project below!












Dan Climan’s Website

Dan Climan on Instagram


Giveaway courtesy of SLOWTIDE

SLOWTIDE towels are crafted with form & function in mind. Soft-hand, sheared cotton velour face plays host to our vibrant prints, while equally complemented by the plush and absorbent looped terry back. Eye-catching designs, fast drying and the ideal travel accessory for any adventure.



Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • xcranberry

    The tattoo I want is 2 cobras. Maybe three colors in total, black, white, red. I picture them as somehow intertwined, but with their heads far apart, in 3/4 view. They each have a red sigil on their hood that is visible because they are in 3/4 view.
    Man, that would be sweet!

    Since I can’t afford that, I’ll just hope to win the towel.

  • Steve St. Pierre

    I would love a tattoo like the cobra fighting the panther – except it’s me and I would be fighting the leftover bread from a subway sandwich. WHY SO MUCH BREAD, SUBWAY?!

    I’d rather eat a fresh towel.

  • Jose Fatkinson

    I’d get a raccoon. They’re what I say when my girlfriend asks me what animal I think she’d be. They’re cute, but sometimes annoying and always hungry. I don’t want to get her name tatooed on me because that might be bad luck, so I’d go for the raccoon. Maybe riding a motorcycle or weilding a knife to make it seem more cool.

  • Daniel Kashkett

    I want an owl and a toad staring at each other. Trying to trance each other with their trance eyes.

  • I want a snake on my thigh — classic flash styling, but I want it to be oversized (I’m about 5’8″ so I have plenty of thigh to work with). I want it to be classic, spooky and threatening, like my cat with a knife tattoo. Like my other work, it’d be black, no color. And it would be rad af like the towel!

  • Cole Ellis

    I would get a large iguana or komodo dragon on my shoulder blade. Like curled around taking up as much space as possible without being visible from the front. Nothing says sneaky like a sneaky reptile hiding from everybody.

  • Nina

    cool towel! i would like to see dan design something with my puppy with a cool spin on it.

  • michelangelo

    I’d take snake and skull. They are always nearby treasures generally. So next to my own body treasure. Defending and looking after it, I guess ))

  • Lasse Centio

    I would probably just give him my body as a canvas, i’ve looked at his things for a while now, so i would trust his artistic abilities!

    or maybe i’d get a giant horse on my stomach :)

  • Davin Lama

    Im crazy about insects. One of favorites is the cicada, so I’d get a nice cicada on my leg somewhere :)

  • Alicia

    I would get a fern. I just like the way the leaves look.

  • Morgan Whipple

    I want a tattoo of a horse giving a tattoo to another horse

  • Se th

    I would like to see Dan’s take on a geometric design with natural elements mixed in. For example a 3d diamond with vines hanging off of it.

  • Jana

    I would like a can of Nova Scotia’s most prized beer (Olands of course, anyone who says otherwise is right full of er) next to a pack of my fav smokes (25 pack of Belmonts, regulars) tattooed by Dan on the side of my thigh. Two of my all time favourite things. Would put them over my heart but I don’t think my mother wouldn’t be too pleased.

    Yeah. That’d be pretty neat.

  • Erica

    a goddess with an open door to her heart. I don’t have any tattoos but I think I’d like that one.

  • Rhianne Boa

    A nude woman holding an apple in the air riding a giant hawk. For sure.

  • Zmac

    I’d get a tattoo of our president (Duterte), being eaten by a snake

  • cosmasko

    I’d get just a tiny goat.

  • CenBlem

    I just want a wolf with it’s tongue out jumping over a black cat :)

  • Vanessa Tam

    I got a 4 eyed tiger head and 2 offset roses on my right thigh by Dan a few years ago in Van, I’d love to add to it! Maybe a snake with a couple more roses or something :)

  • Andrew Sexton

    I would want a hand holding a pair of lips with writing around it saying “Loose Lips Sink Ships”

  • L H

    I wouldn’t mind a unicorn tattoo.

    • Violatkincaid


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  • Izzy Bulling

    A tattoo I would love from Dan: an ouroboros (a circular symbol of a snake eating its own tail, representing infinity) around my navel or on my upper back.

  • JenniferJeckles

    Ooh yes a unicorn!

  • Guillermo Traibel

    A tattoo I would love from Dan is a maze on my left forearm. I wait to be noticed. When I am not, I disappear home.

  • Nicole
  • Kaylee Kean

    I think a tattoo of a tree would be cool.

  • Dylan Morang

    I’d take a mermaid riding a seahorse. ;)

  • Dozens

    I would get a flamingo wrestling with a tiger, for sure.

    • Kimberlyasierra


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  • ZZache

    I’d get an old-school wrench with my family name across it, on my wrist.

  • Mariela Nunez

    I would get a hand ripping through my skin to offer a flower :-)
    I want it on my forearm.

  • Bumblebee! (Not the robot)

  • Deanna Diaz

    I don’t have any tattoo, yet… but one of my first tattoos would have to be something dedicated to my dad or mom… A sequoia tree, bonsai, or rose.

  • An Dee

    I would love to have a circle with sailing boat on the sea and waves and a gecko lizard on the top of the circle like a guardian of that circle :)

  • Estela M

    I think in a Gipsy Flamenca dancer bust with a knife inside her head
    while She is look upside (almost blank eyes) and the sign “¡Me tienes

  • Paula Collins

    I would ask for a bouquet of cats, like a small bunch of wild flowers but with cat faces/skulls coming out of the centre of the flowers.

  • Scott Aguayo


  • Mauricio Gomez

    I am in Montreal so,
    I would go to his tattoo shop and get a half sleeve of a dragon and/or tiger, chinese style. maybe one or 2 colors, but I’ll make it BW first.

  • Those lines are dope! Id like to get a tattoo of a rocket ship being sent from earth on one arm, and then an astronaut helmet with the reflection (on the helmet) of that spaceship coming towards him from earth. Its just an idea ive had for ages! :)

  • Chris Santone

    I would love to get a native american woman chef riding a buffalo with that lie work – I’m from buffalo ny and have always wanted a super unique buffalo tattoo! Oh and also i need that dope towel

  • Dozens

    A buffalo and crocodile wrestling in a creek!

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