29.10.15 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Ben Horton


I spent the last week and a half out in Tokyo for Pow! Wow! Japan and was thrilled to get to hang with the guy who painted this mural, Ben Horton. I’ll be posting a recap of the event but in the meantime enjoy a selection of his paintings below.

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27.10.15 by Staff

Ai Weiwei Wants Your Legos!


When Lego refused to sell Ai Weiwei a bulk order for a new project, fans started offering up their own. The contemporary artist/activist will now use these lego donations for a piece specifically related to issues of free speech and “political art.” Check out his latest Instagram posts and the first Lego-collection point (a parked car with an open sunroof for easy Lego depositing) below!

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26.10.15 by Staff

Hilarious Street Art by Michael Pederson


Clever interventions by Sydney-based street artist Michael Pederson add a sense of humour and playfulness to the kinds of things we walk by everyday and never give a second thought. More images below!

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25.10.15 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Teppei Kaneuji

Kaneuji 2

Quirky yet thoughtful sculptures by Tokyo-based artist, Teppei Kaneuji, currently on display at Jane Lombard Gallery in New York until October 17th. Deep Fried Ghost is Kaneuji’s first solo exhibition in the United States. More images below!

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23.10.15 by Staff

Comfort Foods Knit To Perfection by Jessica Dance


There’s something so satisfying about this collaboration by knitting genius, Jessica Dance, and food photographer, David Sykes, for Stylist magazine. Enjoy more insanely cozy comfort foods (including shots of previous work) below!

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23.10.15 by Staff

XGen Portaits by Digital Sculptor Lee Griggs


Madrid-based artist, Lee Griggs, embellishes 3D scans with various shapes, colours, and abstract growths. See more highly detailed portraits below!

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23.10.15 by Staff

Van Gogh’s Starry Night Made of Bacteria


The American Society for Microbiology challenged microbiologists to create art using the materials they know best and the results included this amazing recreation of Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night.

“The brown color is Proteus mirabilis, a bacterium known for its swarming motility that is a common cause of urinary tract infections. The white color is Acinetobacter baumanii, an opportunistic bacterium that can cause infection in people with weakened immune systems. It is often resistant to multiple antibiotics and can be spread around hospital environments. The blue-green color is Enterococcus faecalis, a bacterium that colonizes the GI tract and is a common cause of lower urinary tract infections as well as more invasive infections in immunocompromised hosts. It is a hardy organism that can acquire resistance to multiple antibiotics and spread around the hospital environment. The dark blue color is Klebsiella pneumonia, a bacterium found in the normal flora of the mouth, skin and intestines. It can cause different types of healthcare-associated infections including pneumonia, bloodstream infections, wound or surgical site infections and meningitis.”

Out of 85 submissions, 3 winners were selected. Check out a few images from this unique mix of art and science below!

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22.10.15 by Staff

Video of the Day: Youtube Sensation Stefan Pabst’s Mind-Bending 3D Drawings

You may have seen these drawing videos circulating the Internet! Stefan’s 3D drawings are so striking it’s hard to fathom how he’s been able to master this technique and make it look so simple. We created a little compilation of some of his most mind-bending drawings and asked him a few questions about creating them. Watch the video above and read the short interview below!

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