14.07.15 by Kimi Hamada

Fiona Roberts “Intimate Vestiges”


Australian artist Fiona Roberts’ recent exhibition at KickArts Contemporary Arts in Cairns featured bizarre, beautiful, and bodily home furnishings. See more images from “Intimate Vestiges” below!

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13.07.15 by Jeff

“The Study of Life as Things” Drawings by Artist Edwin Ushiro


Ballpoint pen, marker, and colored pencil drawings by artist Edwin Ushiro. The show entitled “The Study of Life as Things” references Wailuku, the town he grew up in on the Hawaiian island of Maui. It opens at Giant Robot 2 on July 18th. Check out lots more images below.

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13.07.15 by Staff

Ian Francis “The Chosen Form of Your Destroyer”


New work by Bristol-based artist Ian Francis up at Lazarides in London until August 1st. “The Chosen Form of Your Destroyer” highlights Francis’ modern yet supernatural aesthetic. More images below!

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13.07.15 by Jeff

“Acid Eaters” Handmade Psychedelic Marbles by Artist Mike Gong


Don’t know how I didn’t stumble upon these sooner. Insanely detailed, hand-crafted marbles by Mike Gong distort as you turn them in your hand. See more of Gong’s designs below.
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13.07.15 by Zach Tutor

Artist Spotlight: David Imlay


These paintings of San Francisco by David Imlay remind me of slightly foggy memories, lit by light that could only inhabit dreams.  You can continue below to see more.

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13.07.15 by Jeff

Pow! Wow! Long Beach Recap

powwowlongbeach04Fafi @ Pow! Wow! Long Beach

In June, a handful of artists from around the world descended on California for Pow! Wow! Long Beach. I took a few photos of the artists in action, and Brandon Shigeta documented the finished walls. Have a look below.

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12.07.15 by Staff

Tomás Saraceno’s Air-Balloon Made out of Thousands of Plastic Bags


“Becoming Aerosolar” by Argentinian artist, Tomás Saraceno, is currently on view at the 21er Haus art museum in Vienna through August 30th. The installation is basically a giant plastic bag made up of thousands of recycled plastic bags that floats into the sky, air-balloon style, when heated by the sun. Like much of Saraceno’s work, this piece draws attention to human ingenuity as well as our ability to impact the environment and atmosphere that surrounds us. More images below!

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10.07.15 by Zach Tutor

Artist Spotlight: Jennybird Alcantara


Lovely anthropomorphic paintings by Jennybird Alcantara that encompass a beautiful dream world full of surprises.  You can see more of the wonderful work below.

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