21.05.14 by Jeff

Bartkira: Exhibition Book


When I first wrote about the incredible Bartkira project (here), over 300 artists were already signed on to help recreate every page of Akira using Simpsons characters. By the end, it took 768 artists, each drawing five pages, to complete the entire six volumes of Katsuhiro Otomo’s comic masterpiece.

Floating World Comics has just released a 96-page exhibition book, including 80 pages from the project, as well as 16 full-coluor gallery pages. Order the book here.

Finger crossed that one day we see the release of the entire thing. More images below.

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20.05.14 by Jeff

Nathan Carter


Sculptures and collages by artist Nathan Carter. More below.

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20.05.14 by Jeff

Nathalie Du Pasquier


Paintings by Nathalie Du Pasquier. Previously featured here.

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19.05.14 by Jeff



Street paintings by SLICER. More below.

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16.05.14 by Jeff

Alan Reid


Paintings by artist Alan Reid. More below.

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16.05.14 by Jeff

Lucía Rodríguez


Paintings by artist Lucía Rodríguez. Santiago, Chile.

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15.05.14 by Jeff

Mathieu Wernert




Paintings by artist Mathieu Wernert. Strasbourg, France.

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