24.09.15 by Staff

Homemade Pacifist Bombs by Petros Efstathiadis


Undermining the very concept of bombs, Greek photographer, Petros Efstathiadis, created his own out of various innocuous items like soap, flowers, lightbulbs, and sponges. He then photographed them for a series intended to reflect on real world issues like Greece’s economic crisis and our general global confusion in a playful, absurdist, and child-like way. Check out more images below!

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23.09.15 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Steven Chapman


Beautifully detailed paintings by San Francisco, California-based artist, Steven Chapman. Check out more images of Chapman’s recent work below!

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23.09.15 by Kimi Hamada

Giant Sound-Amplifying Megaphones in Estonian Forest


Estonian Academy of Arts architecture students have placed giant wooden megaphones in the forest near Tallinn. Inspired by traditional bandstands, the installation draws attention to the natural rhythms and musicality of the forest. See more images below!

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23.09.15 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Richard Colman


New work by San Francisco-based artist, Richard Colman. His solo exhibition, Faces, Figures, Places and Things, will be on display at the Chandran Gallery from September 25 to November 6. More images below!

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23.09.15 by Staff

13-ft Flower Bouquet in the Middle of the Ocean


Part of his ongoing project, “In Bloom” (which aims to create giant bouquets of flowers in places where they wouldn’t naturally occur), flower artist Azuma Makoto and his team constructed a 13-foot flower bouquet in the middle of the Hinoba-an Sea in the Philippines.

Made from 10,000 heliconia flowers and 100 banana leaves, the making-of images are almost as beautiful as the final piece. See more images below! You can also check out a short documentary of the project here.

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23.09.15 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Melissa Cooke


Wonderful series of photorealistic drawings by Minneapolis, Minnesota-based artist Melissa Cooke. Based on photographs Cooke took of herself, the closely cropped images are an experiment in traditional portraiture and personal reflections on feeling overwhelmed in a new place. More images from Plunge below.

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22.09.15 by Staff

An Interview with Anders Nilsen & Book Giveaway


“What does it feel like being you?” is a question Poetry Is Useless both asks and addresses, offering a unique meditation on the very idea of uselessness and self-reflection. That’s not to say there isn’t also a whole lot of fun/poking fun!

See more images and our interview with Nilsen below. Also enter for a chance to get your very own copy of Poetry Is Useless by sharing your favourite poem in the comments section below. We have two copies to give away!

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22.09.15 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Kanghoon Kang


A selection of hyperreal paintings by Korean artist Kanghoon Kang. More images below.

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