12.10.14 by Jeff

Kid With No Money Makes His Own Action Figures Out Of Twist Ties


This was posted last year on Reddit but I only just saw it today (thanks to my friend Andrew Turner). This guy’s family didn’t have a lot of money when he was growing up so he took it upon himself to make his own action figures out of twist ties. I love this kind of thing! I used to spend hours making complex tunnels and forts out of old refrigerator boxes and when I see things like this I get a little worried about kids growing up in this iPad generation.

Lots more images below.

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10.10.14 by Jeff

Matan Ben Tolila


Paintings by Jerusalem-based artist Matan Ben Tolila.  More below.

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09.10.14 by Jeff

Roos van Dijk


Paintings by artist Roos van Dijk. More below.

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09.10.14 by Jeff

Justin Webb


Paintings by artist Justin Webb. Love the weird little snake that appears throughout. More below.

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09.10.14 by Jeff

Benjamin Gardner


Paintings by artist Benjamin Gardner. Des Moines, Iowa. More below.

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09.10.14 by Jeff

Tom Polo


Paintings by Sydney-based artist Tom Polo. More below.

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08.10.14 by Jeff

Anti-Selfie Mirror by Chloé Curé and Bertrand Lanthiez


“We are Narcisses” by Chloé Curé and Bertrand Lanthiez is an anti-selfie mirror, created with the help of some water and a speaker. The longer the viewers look at themselves, the more distorted their image becomes. Watch the video below.

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07.10.14 by Jeff

Uli Knörzer


Illustrations by Uli Knörzer for Highsnobiety. Found via our October Submissions. More below.

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