18.07.14 by Jeff

Kyle Staver




Paintings by artist Kyle Staver. More below.

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17.07.14 by Jeff

Embroideries Using Hair by Artist Sula Fay


“Hair Embroideries” by artist Sula Fay, found via our July Submissions. She says this about the work:

“As an adolescent, I struggled with my hair. Being of half African and Puerto Rican descent I inherited very naturally curly hair. Alongside my white skinned, long straight haired friends, I felt different and unattractive. I went through many gruelling hours brushing, combing, and straightening. That process was very difficult and tedious, just like the process of my embroideries. To embroider with my hair I have to straighten each piece separately.”

More work below.

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16.07.14 by Jeff



Illustrations by Romanian artist Saddo. See more below.

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15.07.14 by Jeff

Martine Johanna


Paintings by Martine Johanna. More below.

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15.07.14 by Jeff

Ante Timmermans


Drawings by Belgium-based artist Ante Timmermans. More below.

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14.07.14 by Jeff

Anton Velichko


Drawings by artist Anton Velichko. More below.

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14.07.14 by Jeff

Akino Kondoh


Drawings by Japanese artist Akino Kondoh. More below.

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11.07.14 by Jeff

“Strange Plants” book by Zio Baritaux


“Strange Plants” is a celebration of plants in contemporary art. The book was edited by Zio Baritaux and features the work of 25 artists. Artists were either selected because their work centered around plants or they were invited to make new works about the subject matter. The artists include: Paul Wackers, Lee Kwang-Ho, Taylor McKimens, Stephen Eichhorn, Aiyana Udesen, Richard Colman, Mark Mulroney, Patrick Martinez, Matt Furie, and many others.

Have a look inside the book below!

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