26.05.17 by Staff

“Solo Together” by Artist Paula Crown

Artist Paula Crown creates 150 ceramic replicas of those iconically cheap disposable red cups for her latest sculptural installation, inviting us to consider the complexity of the mundane and the temporality of togetherness. See more images from “Solo Together” below or on display at 10 Hanover gallery in London until June 8.

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19.05.17 by Staff

“Shoe-shi” Edible Sushi Sneakers by Artist Yujia Hu

Milan-based chef and artist Yujia Hu makes sushi in the form of miniature athletic footwear. Check out more “shoe-shi” art below!

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09.05.17 by Staff

Delicately Crocheted Leaves by Artist Susanna Bauer

Artist Susanna Bauer adds threaded embellishments to dried leaves, creating miniature sculptures that explore the hidden beauty and connectedness of all things. See more images from “Connections” below or on display at Le Salon Vert gallery in Switzerland until June 10.

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04.05.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Johnson Tsang

A selection of sculptures by Hong Kong artist Johnson Tsang. More images below.

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03.05.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Joakim Ojanen

A selection of paintings and sculptures by Stockholm-based artist Joakim Ojanen. More images below.

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02.05.17 by Jeff

Artist Julien Berthier Adds Bronze Pigeons to Existing Public Sculptures

“Pigeonner” – bronze, pigeon scale 1:1 (2014)


I think I’m going to eventually feature every single thing artist Julien Berthier has made; I’ve already share his work nine separate times (you might remember “A Lost”, “Love Love”, “Left-Handed Chair”). For his work “Pigeonner”, Berthier appended bronze pigeons to existing public sculptures with matching patina. The Paris-based artist refers to these interventions as “plus-products” or “classical post-production”.

Here his works are seen grafted onto sculptures by Auguste Cain, Marino di Teana, and Volti. See more images below.

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01.05.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Sean Weisgerber

A selection of work from Toronto-based artist Sean Weisgerber’s “Dipped” series. See more images below. Read More

01.05.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Michael Beitz

Brilliant (semi-) functional sculptures by artist Michael Beitz (previously featured here). See more images below.

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