21.08.17 by Staff

“Heads” by Artist Ronald Gonzalez

Sculptures made from found objects, wax, wire, metal filings, glue, soot and welded steel by New York-based artist Ronald Gonzalez. See more “Heads” below.

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15.08.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Mark Ollinger

Vancouver-based artist Mark Ollinger’s maze-like sculptures are equal parts op art and graffiti. When we last featured his work he was hiding his large foam sculptures on the underside of bridges, now he’s laser cutting his designs out of wood. His new process is quite labor-intensive and requires tools and techniques Mark has developed himself. See more images below.

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11.08.17 by Staff

“From Ripe to Rot” by Artist AJ Fosik

A dramatic new series of work by Portland-based artist AJ Fosik (click here for previous posts). See more images below or on display at Library Street Gallery in Fosik’s hometown of Detroit, Michigan August 19 – October 7.

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11.08.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Aya Kakeda

Sculptures and paintings by artist Aya Kakeda, who was born and raised in Tokyo and now lives in Brooklyn, New York. More images below.

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01.08.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Nick Makanna

Ceramic sculptures by San Francisco-based artist Nick Makanna. More images below.

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30.06.17 by Jeff

A Non-Functional Car Made From Over 12,000 Reflective Stainless Steel Parts

I had seen this first image floating around on Tumblr and assumed it was computer-generated! This is actually a life-sized replica of a smashed car composed of nearly 12,000 pieces of reflective stainless steel by New York-based artist Jordan Griska. While non-functioning, the sculpture is modelled after a Mercedes Benz S550 and is intended to highlight both the aspiration (luxury) and reality (mortality) of American culture. See more images of “Wreck” below.

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21.06.17 by Staff

Incredibly Detailed Sculptures Made From Old Amazon Boxes

Japanese artist Monami Ohno transforms discarded Amazon boxes into elaborate cardboard sculptures! Formally trained in 3-D animation but lacking the resources to animate as often as she’d like, Ohno began experimenting with some old Amazon boxes she had lying around. Using nothing but a pair of scissors, standard box cutter, ruler, glue and masking tape, Ohno has made detailed replicas from popular movies, food, drinks and even shoes! Check out more images below.

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01.06.17 by Staff

Large Sculptures Photographed to Appear Small by Artist Michael John Hunter

Artist Michael John Hunter continues to experiment with scale through traditional camera optics and strategically-sized sculptures. We previously featured his brilliant series involving real places made to look like miniatures, this time around he has recreated small objects as extremely large sculptures but photographed them to appear normal sized. Confused? See more images and video from “Doll,” as well as shots from Hunter’s other series, “Fly,” below. Read More