15.08.17 by Staff

Jaune’s Miniature Murals Chronicle the Adventures of Tiny City Workers

Located in his home town of Brussels, Belgian artist Jonathan Pauwels (aka Jaune) creates a series of small-scale street interventions featuring the antics of mini sanitation workers that ingeniously incorporate their immediate surroundings. See more images below.

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14.08.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Swoon

Tunisia, 2014

Caledonia Curry aka Swoon is having her first retrospective (1999 – 2017) this September at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati. The show will cover Swoon’s progression from early street works to her large sculptures and installations and will be presented as a direct response to the museum’s Zaha Hadid architecture. You can check out works from each year since 1999 here, and there’s a bunch more images below.

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30.06.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Emmanuel Jarus

Gothenburg Sweden 2016


A selection of murals by Regina-born, Toronto-based artist Emmanuel Jarus. See more images below.

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27.06.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Hula

A long overdue selection of spectacular work by Hawaiian artist Sean Yoro aka Hula, whose water murals have become his signature over the past couple years. More images below.

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24.05.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Jeroen Erosie

Recent work by Dutch artist Jeroen Erosie (previously featured here). See more images below.

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12.05.17 by Staff

Street Artist Escif Offers Free Painting to Shops in Panjim

In an effort to connect with the Panjim community in Goa and help combat the negative stigma of street art, Spanish muralist Escif decided to get a job there, offering to work for free and paint “whatever you want.” Check out more images below, along with Escif’s descriptions of each piece!

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08.05.17 by Staff

New Mural by Artist Andrew Schoultz

Andrew Schoultz’s new mural outside Fabien Castanier Gallery in Culver City coincides with the opening of the exhibition, “LA Intersections,” which Schoultz curated and runs until July 31st. See more photos, taken by Brent Broza, below!

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19.04.17 by Jeff

Artist Nikita Golubev Draws Animals on Dirty Cars

We’ve all used our fingers to write “Wash Me” on a dirty car, but artist Nikita Golubev takes it to another level.

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