17.12.12 by Jeff

Risograph Calendar Giveaway

Risograph Calendar Giveaway
I’ve got 5 Risograph Calendars to giveaway! They were designed by JP King and printed by Paper Pusher Printworks. Who wants one of them?

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06.12.12 by Jeff

“Fast Track” by Salto Architects

Fast Track trampoline by Salto Architects
A road made of trampoline? YES, please.

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05.12.12 by Jeff

Plugg by Skrekkøgle

Plugg by Skrekkøgle
When you’re done listening to this little radio, you put a cork in it. Watch below!

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04.12.12 by Jeff

Lukas Peet

Designer Lukas Peet
Beautiful lights, stools, and clocks by Lukas Peet. Vancouver.

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21.11.12 by Jeff

“Profile Chair” by Knauf and Brown

Profile Chair by designers Calen Knauf and Conrad Brown

“Profile Chair” by Calen Knauf and Conrad Brown. Brilliant design work from a couple guys operating just down the street from me. Watch the video below, so good!

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20.11.12 by Jeff

Corey Holms

Designer Corey Holms
Type explorations by Corey Holms (that insanely talented designer who created the iconic Sopranos logo and roughly 99,000 other things).

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16.10.12 by Jeff

Eamo Donnelly

Eamo Donnelly the island continent
“Studies in Broadcast Colour” designed by Eamo Donnelly.

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11.10.12 by Jeff

Anna Hrachovec

Artist Anna Hrachovec
Anna Hrachovec is a toy designer known for her ever-expanding imaginary world, Mochimochi Land, and she’ll be speaking at this year’s Pictoplasma NYC conference! I’m still giving away that pair of tickets so if you’d like ’em, jump over here.

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02.10.12 by Jeff

Christos Kourtoglou

Designer illustrator Christos Kourtoglou
Book covers designed by Christos Kourtoglou.

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