17.08.15 by Staff

Animation of the Day: District 9 (8-Bit Version)


Ever wondered what Neill Blomkamp’s 2009 flick, District 9, would be like re-imagined as an arcade game? Well the creatives over at CineFix have made that happen for you! Enjoy below.

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14.08.15 by Jeff

Animation of the Day: Silkie “Love Affair”


Another flawless animation by London-based 2d and 3d animator Simon Landrein. This one for Silkie’s “Love Affair”. His style is so recognizable now, and he just knows how to pare down everything to just what’s necessary to tell a story. Fantastic work. Watch the animation below.

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13.08.15 by Jeff

Video of the Day: Japanese Band’s Google Street View Hyperlapse Music Video


Japanese band group inou used a popular Javascript hyperlapse utility for Google Street View to great effect in the music video for their song “Eye”. If you want to create your own Google Street View Hyperlapses, head over here.

Watch the music video below, I quite like the portion of the video where the images glitch and break apart.

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12.08.15 by Jeff

Short Documentary: Wizard Mode


I’ve been waiting for this since the day my friends, Vancouver-based filmmakers, Salazar told me about their project. Wizard Mode, follows champion pinballer, Robert Gagno, as he battles the international competitive pinball world and the day-to-day challenges of living with autism. There is so much in this little portrait, I love it.

Keep in mind this is the short film version of what Salazar hopes will become a feature-length documentary (crowdfunding campaign to start in September). Watch “Wizard Mode” below!

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12.08.15 by Staff

Short Documentary: The Tale of Ikiré Jones


Fantastic short by Brooklyn-based director and cinematographer, J.M. Harper. “The Tale of Ikiré Jones,” presents an inspiring portrait of two people (Walé Oyéjidé and Sam Hubler) passionate about African fashion and the personal history that goes into the stories we tell through the clothes we wear. Watch the full video below!

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11.08.15 by Staff

Illustrator Video Profile: Paul Pateman


Another great job by director/producer Bas Berkhout. The second instalment of the online documentary series, InFrame, features award-winning graphic artist, Pâté (a.k.a. Paul Pateman). Watch Pateman discuss what motivated him to quit his job as a creative director to pursue his passion as an independent illustrator, as well as his thoughts on his own work, and the allure of simplicity when surrounded by chaos. More images of Pateman’s work and full video below.

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11.08.15 by Jeff

Surf Video of the Day: “Light Therapy”


RED continues their REDirect series, last time they worked with The Berrics and a bunch of skateboard filmmakers, this time they’ve teamed up with Surfer Magazine and 11 directors to make a series of surf films.

This one by Riley Blakeway is a thing of beauty. Watch “Light Therapy” below.

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11.08.15 by Jeff

Trippy video of the Day: Ash Koosha “I Feel That”


Mind-melting video directed by Hirad Sab for Ash Koosha’s track “I Feel That,” features 3D figures in off-kilter poses. Definitely a song I would never listen to on its own, but the video is oddly captivating. Check it out below!

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