08.10.15 by Staff

Music Video: Nosaj Thing ft. Chance the Rapper “Cold Stares”


Check out this experimental video for Nosaj Thing’s collaboration with Chance The Rapper, directed by Tokyo-based media artist, Daito Manabe (who we previously featured doing amazing things with electronic pulses back in 2008).

While CG effects are nothing new, the use of little drone cameras to capture the movements of the two dancers teetering on the edge of reality and illusion gives everything a very unique feel! Watch “Cold Stares” below and learn more about the making of here.

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07.10.15 by Staff

Music Video: Braids “Taste”


Beautiful video by Kevan Funk for art rock band Braids’ intimate track, “Taste.” Just a head’s up that there is quite a bit of nudity. Watch below!

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06.10.15 by Staff

Animation: Poetry of Perception

Perception1 Perception2 Perception3

Nice short animation of Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” by London-based animator, Sophie Koko Gate. Watch “Poetry of Perception” (part one of eight) below!

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06.10.15 by Jeff

Double Music Video: The Parrots “All My Loving” & Hinds “Davey Crockett”

parrots-hinds02 parrots-hinds01parrots-hinds03

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen two bands split a music video before? I’m sure someone will rattle off a whole bunch of bands who have done this in the comments below, but I can’t think of any for the life of me.

In any case this is a fun double video, directed by Marc Oller, featuring two Madrid-based garage rock bands covering tunes they normally end their shows with. The Parrots cover the Almighty Defenders followed by Hinds’ cover of Thee Headcoats. The two bands released a split 7″ record with both songs earlier this year.

Watch “All My Loving / Davey Crockett” in all its 16mm glory below.

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06.10.15 by Staff

Artist Profile: Geoff McFetridge


Wonderful portrait of artist, Geoff McFetridge, by Dress Code. The short video gives great insight into how McFetridge approaches his own work as well as a peek into some of the preparation that went into his current show, “It Looks Like it Says” (on view at Joshua Liner Gallery until October 10th). Watch the full video below!

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06.10.15 by Staff

Artist Profile: Andrew Schoultz


Another fantastically in-depth portrait from The Creative Lives series, this time featuring artist, Andrew Schoultz. Watch full video below!

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05.10.15 by Jeff

Music Video: Battles “The Yabba”


Battles always have such great videos! Roger Guàrdia directs this one (produced by CANADA) for their epic 7-minute long track “The Yabba”. I forgot how much I love this band. As soon as I finished this video I loaded up Timothy Saccenti’s video for their song “Atlas”, it’d been several years since I watched it, and it’s still a masterpiece.

Watch “The Yabba” (and “Atlas” if you’ve never seen it) below.

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02.10.15 by Jeff

Animation: Simpsons Pixels




I recently came across a whole bunch of these cool pixelated Simpsons characters on Tumblr and after clicking through several different pages I found Simpsons Pixels. Not sure how I completely missed this brilliant animation from way back in February (it’s unforgivable really).

All the looping animated gifs are characters from Ivan Dixon and Paul Robertson’s amazing pixelated Simpsons animation – watch it below! There’s so many great references.

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