24.09.15 by Jeff

Trippy Video of the Day: The Simpsons Intro Re-drawn

weird-simpsonsdream01 weird-simpsonsdream02

This is so awesome! “Weird Simpsons VHS” is a reimagining of The Simpsons’ intro sequence, directed and animated by Paris-based artist Yoann Hervo (who may or may not have been really high at the time). Love the spaced out sound design by Florian Calmer. Watch the animation below!

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23.09.15 by Jeff

Video of the Day: Memorable Phone Calls in Movies Combined into One Hilarious Conversation


The guys at Burger Fiction created a highly entertaining supercut combining dozens of memorable phone calls from various films into one perfectly nonsensical conversation. Bonus points if you can recognize all the films (there’s lots)! Watch “Movie Phone Super Call” below.

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21.09.15 by Staff

Trippy Animation of the Day: Alice in Wonderland as Animated by Van Gogh, Picasso


Ever wondered what Alice in Wonderland would’ve looked like if it were animated by Pablo Picasso or Frida Kahlo? Well artist and programmer Gene Kogan has saved you the trouble by using a neural-style algorithm. Check out Kogan’s reanimation of the tea party scene (in 17 different iconic styles) below!

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21.09.15 by Jeff

Animation: Prefuse 73 “Still Pretending”


Animator Adam Fuchs aka Lilfuchs channels a little M.C. Escher in this animation for Prefuse 73’s track “Still Pretending”. I feel like the wavy ramp may be a little nod to the classic pinball animation from Sesame Street. Watch the video below.

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18.09.15 by Jeff

Music Video: The Shoes “Drifted”


The Shoes latest video, directed by Montreal-based directors Dent de Cuir, is a celebration of GIF culture. The whole video is a mouse dragging various pre-edited animated gifs around a desktop but the results are a lot more entertaining than they sound (it was just awarded a Vimeo Staff Pick).

Not sure how James Van Der Beek feels about being the star of this video. Watch “Drifted” below.

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18.09.15 by Jeff

Video of the Day: Cold Specks “Neuroplasticity”

Cold-Specks-Neuroplasticity Cold-Specks-Neuroplasticity2

This is a stunner of a video, maybe the best music video I’ve seen all year. It actually feels more like a short film than a music video clocking in around 8 minutes. Gorgeous cinematography, perfect casting, this really is as good as it gets. More flawless work by Canadian born, Los Angeles-based, director Alex Takacs aka Young Replicant.

Watch the video for “Neuroplasticity” below!

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17.09.15 by Jeff

Animation of the Day: “Made In China”


Love the simplistic style of this animation by Vincent Tsui, as a student at Gobelins in Paris. Pretty melancholic vibe as toys attempt to act like humans, kinda reminds me of parts of Truman Show when Truman starts to realise his world is fake. Watch “Made In China” below.

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17.09.15 by Jeff

Video of the Day: Huge Nerds Build Beautiful Scale Model of Solar System in Desert

scale-solar-system01 scale-solar-system02 scale-solar-system03 scale-solar-system04

This is incredible (and incredibly nerdy). Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh have built the first scale model of the solar system in the form of a beautiful time-lapse. They used an Earth the size of a marble, and a sun the size of a big reflector disc, measuring out the various planetary orbits in the middle of Black Rock Desert in Nevada. At night, they used their cars to drive the orbits of each planet with a different colour lightbulb.

I’m just gonna stop trying to explain it and just let you watch it. It’s more beautiful than I’m making it sound! Trust me! Watch “To Scale: The Solar System” below!

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