10.09.15 by Jeff

Video Profile: Artist Beth Cavener


An engaging video portrait of artist Beth Cavener by filmmaker Bas Berkhout. It’s really satisfying to watch her create her gestural sculptures as she talks about some really personal parts of her life. Watch the video below.

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09.09.15 by Staff

The Artist and Their City: Ai Weiwei on Beijing


The first instalment of the Guardian Cities/Tate special series, “The Artist and Their City,” features Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. The short video by British filmmaker, Max Duncan, follows Ai Weiwei as he discusses his complex relationship with Beijing and guides us through Caochangdi, a village of migrants and aspiring artists where he’s tried to establish spaces for creative freedom and artistic expression. Watch below!

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08.09.15 by Jeff

Video of the Day: Guy uses Dental Equipment to Cover The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face”


Youtube star Andrew Huang, known for his unorthodox covers of popular songs, takes The Weeknd’s recent hit “Can’t Feel My Face” and remakes it using dentist equipment! Watch the video below.

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08.09.15 by Staff

Music Video: Kelvin Jones “Call You Home” Featuring a Real Television Launched into Space


So Joe Connor just straight up sent a vintage television into space and filmed its descent for Kelvin Jones’ track “Call You Home”! Two separate televisions, attached to weather balloons, were sent from Snowdonia, Wales and eventually landed in Bury, Manchester. The television actually got 99.997% above the atmosphere. Watch the full video below!

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08.09.15 by Staff

Music Video: Wolf Alice “You’re a Germ”


Fantastic Groundhog Day-esque/B horror movie style video for Wolf Alice’s track “You’re a Germ.” Directed by Chris Grieder. Watch below!

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07.09.15 by Staff

Music Video: Coeur de Pirate “Crier Tout Bas”


Gorgeous video for “Crier Tout Bas” by Montréal musician Coeur de Pirate (aka Béatrice Martin). Directed by Kevin Calero, choreographed by Wynn Holmes and Nicolas Archambault, with visuals inspired by Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi. Watch below!

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07.09.15 by Jeff

Trippy Video of the Day: Dozens of Famous Film Characters Edited into one Action-Packed Club Scene

hells-club-01 hells-club-05hells-club-06hells-club-02 hells-club-07

This is brilliant and I’m kinda shocked it hasn’t been done before. Antonio Maria da Silva has taken scenes from dozens of famous films including Star Wars, Saturday Night Fever, Scarface, Robocop, Terminator, Cocktail, Blade, and edited them together into one long surreal night club scene. Hell’s Club is “a place where all fictional characters meet”, a place “outside of time, outside of all logic”.

I swear I’ve had dreams like this before! Watch “Hell’s Club” below and try to identify every movie!

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07.09.15 by Staff

Animation: Villagers “Hot Scary Summer”


Perfect for anybody still in denial that Summer is basically over. Villagers’ low-fi track pairs wonderfully with the hi-tech, abstract animation by Hi-Sim Studios. Watch “Hot Scary Summer” below!

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