30.04.15 by Jeff

Music Video: Death From Above 1979 “Virgins”


Death From Above 1979’s first album was a classic but for whatever reason I completely slept on their follow up to it in September. “Virgins” is their third single off of The Physical World and it makes me wanna go back and give it a listen.

Sebastien Grainger’s voice sounds as good as it did ten years ago and this video directed by his wife, Eva Michon, is an instant-classic. Check out the other videos on her site and her magazine, Bad Day. Watch some Amish kids get wild, eat flowers, and sniff ashes in the video below.

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29.04.15 by Jeff

Video of the Day: Akira Kurosawa and the Art of Composing Movement


Filmmaker Tony Zhou continues his terrific series of film dissections, “Every Frame a Painting”, with a look at director Akira Kurosawa and his ability to effectively use movement. Watch the video below.

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29.04.15 by Prosthetic Knowledge

Music Video: Django Django “Reflections”

Django-1 Django-2 Django-3 Django-4

Net Art music video for Scottish band Django Django turns the performers into various objects. Rendered in 3D and employing motion capture of the band, the video was animated by Eva Papamargariti and directed by Natalia Stuyk (both very talented people in the field). You can watch the video below:

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27.04.15 by Jeff

Animation of the Day: Joshua Davis Texture Mapping “See” by Tycho


Designer Joshua Davis has been creating some really cool visuals lately, experimenting with texture mapping (2D image wrapped onto a 3D object). Here he uses Tycho’s “See” video as the source and the results are way more interesting than the original Tycho video. Watch the experiment below.

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27.04.15 by Jeff

Music Video: Howling “Stole The Night”


A gorgeous video for Howling’s “Stole The Night”, directed by Ry X and Dugan O’Neal.

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24.04.15 by Jeff

Film Trailer of the Day: The Birth of Saké


New York-based filmmaker Erik Shirai successfully funded his documentary, The Birth of Saké, through Kickstarter and it recently screened at Tribeca (Variety gave it a great review here). The film explores how saké is made at a family-owned Japanese brewery named Tedorigawa. It looks beautiful and sad. Watch the official trailer below.

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23.04.15 by Jeff

Studio Visit: Artist Hiro Kurata


Ryosuke Tanzawa visits New York-based artist Hiro Kurata, watch the video below.

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22.04.15 by Jeff

Music Video: Wake Owl “Buffalo”


Here’s another beautifully shot video for Wake Owl (following this one) from director Kevan Funk and cinematographer Benjamin Loeb. Watch “Buffalo” below.

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