04.06.15 by Jeff

Music Video: Jain “Come”


Director duo Lionel Hirlé & Grégory Ohrel (Greg & Lio) created this video for Paris-based musician, Jain. Even though I’ve seen pretty much all of these camera tricks done in other videos before the playful vibe makes it a fun watch. Watch “Come” below.

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04.06.15 by Prosthetic Knowledge

Music Video: Morning Sun

frame 00160 frame 00117 frame 00276 frame 00497

The fourth single taken from what can be safely said to be one of the most important album releases this year, Platform by Holly Herndon. Probably the most accessible track, the video features Holly in a spacesuit exploring a barren alien landscape – video embedded below:

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03.06.15 by Jeff

Dance Video of the Day: Seaweed Sisters “Water Fountain”

seaweedsisters-waterfountainseaweedsisters-waterfountain2 seaweedsisters-waterfountain3

Seaweed Sisters is a passion project by acclaimed dancers/choreographers Megan Lawson, Jillian Meyers and Dana Wilson. Prior to meeting my girlfriend I wasn’t at all familiar with the dance world, but these days my favourite thing to search on Youtube is urban dance camp, and I’ve become a huge fan of these three women. This film, set to Tuneyard’s “Water Fountain”, is a follow up to their last film choreographed to Major Lazer’s “Get Free”.

Watch both films below.

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03.06.15 by Jeff

Trippy Video of the Day: Dry Lights

drylights-01 drylights-02 drylights-03 drylights-04

This video by director Xavier Chassaing is pretty wild. To be honest I don’t even really know what I’m looking at. Watch “Dry Lights” below.

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03.06.15 by Jeff

Animation of the Day: “An Emo Nose” by Wong Ping

an-emo-nose-wong-ping an-emo-nose-wong-ping2 an-emo-nose-wong-ping3

Another wonderfully surreal animation from Wong Ping. I don’t know how he comes up with this stuff. Watch “An Emo Nose” below.

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03.06.15 by Staff

360 Degree x 220 Degree Immersive Video Installation




Cocoon is a 360 degree x 220 degree immersive video installation and the latest from London-based animation studio, Factory Fifteen. Exhibited at the SAT Immersion Experience Symposium back in May, Cocoon represents the first attempt at 360 degree film making. In the video below, participants are placed inside a transformative, spherical space that eventually peels away.

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02.06.15 by Staff

Best of Kickstarter and Video of the Day: The Cinder Cone



Around this time last year Foster Huntington decided to build the ultimate tree house and skate bowl. With the help of his friends (some professional carpenters/some not), Huntington was able to make his dream a reality. Having documented the project from start to finish, Huntington is now starting a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes of publishing a book that will inspire others. Watch the video of The Cinder Cone below.

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02.06.15 by Staff

Giraffe’s Eye


Hammerhead Studio in Yokohama, Japan closed in 2014 but this new interactive installation by Lens gives a unique take on what used to be. Shot from above in ultra high resolution video, Giraffe’s Eye allows you to see the daily routines of the artists who inhabited the building with a simple touch of a screen. Really cool idea! See more images and video below.

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02.06.15 by Staff

Keita Onishi



Japanese animator Keita Onishi matches the vibe and tempo of Julien Mier and Magical Mistakes’ track, “Divide, Multiple,” perfectly. More images and full video below.

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